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Wolves' Moon Lust
Exclusive Preview
By Mariyam Posted in Uncategorized on November 19, 2023 0 Comments 5 min read
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Wolves’ Moon Lust – Exclusive Preview

Thank you for your keen interest in the Howling Hearts Series, a narrative sparked by the unconventional life of Draupadi, the Ancient Hindu queen from the epic of Mahabharata, and her unique connection with five spouses.

I’m genuinely thrilled that you’ve chosen to embark on this one-of-a-kind journey; your decision means a lot. Your enthusiasm is sincerely appreciated, and I hope the story unfolds moments of wonder for you.

Before you delve into the narrative, a word of caution—brace yourself for a steamy and magical twist. If you’re ready for a fusion of heat and supernatural elements, consider yourself in for a treat. If not, no worries; there’s a myriad of alternative adventures waiting for your discovery.

For those intrigued by the roots of this series, the first installment, “Wolves’ Moon Desire,” is available for FREE on Amazon. Feel free to explore the first book at no cost if you’re intrigued by this unique blend of werewolf romance.

Your company on this imaginative journey is sincerely appreciated. I’m truly excited that you’re here, and I’m hopeful that the Howling Hearts Series will spark unexpected thrills in your life.

Warm regards,


Chapter One

The sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the ancient trees of the serene forest. In the heart of this enchanted haven, a modest cottage nestled, its wooden walls echoing with the laughter of a family deeply connected by bonds both magical and mundane.
Sonora, with her golden hair cascading like a waterfall down her shoulders, moved gracefully around the kitchen, the scent of herbs and hearth in the air. Jethro, her werewolf companion with kind eyes and a rugged charm, lounged by the fireplace, his massive frame comfortably sprawled across a rug.
“Jethro, dear, could you pass me the thyme?” Sonora asked, a playful smile gracing her lips.
Jethro’s eyes twinkled with love as he reached for the herb jar. “Here you go, my love. Cooking up another masterpiece?”
Sonora chuckled, her fingers dancing through the ingredients. “Perhaps. With a dash of love and a sprinkle of magic.”
Their laughter harmonized with the rustling leaves outside, evidence of the tranquility that surrounded them.
At the table, Nathan, the adventurous soul of the family, regaled the others with tales of his day’s explorations. Dev, the quiet one with a heart full of wisdom, listened intently, occasionally interjecting with profound observations. Shams, the mischievous trickster with a glint in his eye, added humor to the conversation, while Verco, the wise elder with fur as gray as the ancient trees, observed with a contented smile.
Amid this lively symphony, their gifted child, Whisper, played on the floor, tiny hands creating gentle ripples in the air. Whisper’s eyes held galaxies of secrets, a reflection of the supernatural powers that concealed within.
As Sonora and Jethro exchanged a glance, a silent understanding passed between them.
Happiness swelled their hearts as they pondered over the uniqueness of their family, bound not only by blood but by the magic of the otherworld.
“Whisper, come here, little one,” Sonora called, and the child, a bundle of curiosity and innocence, toddled over. Whisper’s tiny fingers reached for a wooden spoon on the table, and with a mere touch, the spoon levitated in the air.
Gasps of delight filled the room as the family watched in awe. Nathan nodded sagely. “The gift is strong in this one, a connection to the heart of the forest.”
Sonora embraced Whisper, a swell of maternal pride in her chest. “Our little enchantment, you are destined for remarkable things.”
The family shared a moment, the warmth of their connection surpassing the magical displays. It was a tableau of contentment, a snapshot frozen in time.
Days passed in blissful routine, with the family finding joy in the simplest of moments. As the moon bathed the forest in silver, Sonora and Jethro stole a quiet moment on the cottage porch. The night air was filled with the symphony of crickets and the rustle of leaves.
Jethro pulled Sonora close, the moonlight accentuating the love in his eyes. “Sonora, do you ever think about the life we have here? How did we get so lucky?”
Sonora rested her head on Jethro’s shoulder, her fingers tracing invisible patterns on his chest. “Luck, fate, magic—call it what you will. All I know is that our family, this forest, they are our home. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”
Their moment of quiet intimacy was interrupted by a sudden rustle in the bushes. Dev emerged, his eyes carrying a weight of unspoken concern. “Sonora, Jethro, something feels amiss in the woods. Verco sensed a disturbance.”
The tranquil night shattered, replaced by a sense of foreboding. The family exchanged wary glances, and Sonora cradled Whisper protectively.
As dawn painted the sky in hues of pink and gold, the family gathered outside, faces etched with determination. Verco signaled as if communicating. “There’s a balance in the forest that has been disrupted. Something dark stirs in the shadows.”
Sonora’s eyes flickered with concern, and her protective instincts heightened. “What do we do?”
Dev’s gaze lingered on Whisper, the child whose magic resonated with the heartbeat of the forest. “We face it together. As a family.”
The family, bound by love, magic, and an unspoken understanding, stepped into the heart of the forest, ready to confront the unknown.
As they ventured into the trees, a distant howl echoed, carrying with it a whisper of impending danger. The tranquil haven that had cradled them for so long seemed to hold its breath, waiting for the storm that lurked on the horizon.
And in the shadows, a pair of wicked eyes watched, the evil that had disturbed the peace now preparing to reveal itself…..

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