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The Beastly Billionaire
A Dragon-Shifter Adult Paranormal Romance Short Story
By Mariyam Posted in Adult Paranormal Stories, Shifter Romance on January 2, 2022 0 Comments 13 min read
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“I have to do this to save my business. There’s no other way,” Kate murmured under her breath as she stepped out of her antique shop and waited for the cab.

Six months ago, Kate was a virgin and didn’t know that she was heading to uncharted territory. A night full of passion and Kate ended up losing her V-card to Dave. Turned out Dave belonged to a pack of shifters.

An unexpected pregnancy compelled Kate to think and rethink her marriage of convenience with sexy yet beastly billionaire Dave Hunt.

The cab stopped in front of the huge building of The Kingstone Group. Kate stepped out of the vehicle and darted to the entry. Her heels clanked against the marble as she rushed to the elevator.

Within minutes, she was on the thirtieth floor. The territory belonged to Dave Hunt, the owner of the Kingstone Hotels Corporation. No one else except Kate, his wife, was allowed to venture into his territory. And since Kate had yet not terminated the contract of being Dave’s fake wife, she still was very much his wife in the public eye.

Not even bothering to knock, Kate pushed the door and stormed into Dave’s cabin.

“Oh, so you’re back.” An evil smirk surfaced on Dave’s lips the moment his eyes landed on Kate’s nervous face.

“Yeah, I need funds to pay the bills.”

“Transferred.” Dave smacked a thumb on the keyboard of his laptop and gazed at Kate with his mischievous eyes.

“What do you want in return?” She smacked her lips in anticipation.

“Your…” Dave let his words trail off as he pinned Kate with his domineering gaze. Crimson painted Kate’s cheeks as she tried to avoid Dave’s piercing stare. It was like he was undressing her with his eyes.

Wiping the evil grin from his face, Dave spoke, “Nothing new. The same act which you have been performing for the past couple of months. Now, you have to perform it in front of my parents. They’ll stay with us for a week, and you have to behave like an obedient daughter-in-law.”

“Obedient?” Her eyes narrowed as anger boiled within her.

“Yeah, no more late nights at your old goods shop downtown. You would rather be finishing your work as early as five and be home at six to have a family dinner with us.”

“But this was not in the contract.” She shot an angry stare at him.

“You know what, Kate, I never had any trouble with getting girls. Women throw themselves at me. I just have to stand and wait for them to come to me.” Dave rose and swaggered around the table reaching Kate. “Except that you know my secret, there’s nothing special about you,” he whispered against her ear, his warm breath skated across Kate’s cheek and she felt her body responding.

adult paranormal romance stories

“I have already told you, I would never spill your secret. Trust me. I will never tell anybody that you’re human by day and dragon by night.” Her voice wobbled as she tried to avoid the hormones surging inside her body. Dave’s presence was intoxicating, and Kate was having a hard time controlling her burning needs. What the hell had gone wrong with her? Since when she had started behaving like this. Like he’s a master of lust, and she’s nothing but a mere minion to him.

“You should thank your god that I picked you. I still have options. If you…” His angular jaw clenched as he edged closer and nuzzled her hair.

When Kate wanted to stop Dave from getting closer to her, stop him from brushing his lips against her cold cheeks, she let the lust take control of her body. Kate’s lips parted on their own as Dave cupped her face in his big and warm hands. A lecherous grin decorated his face as his eyes studied the expressions carving on Kate’s face. He knew she wanted to be kissed. He knew she was at his mercy. Not only that she needed money to save her crumbling family business of buying and selling antiques. She also needed Dave to quench her twisted desires. Needs that only an alpha shifter like Dave could fulfill.

“Okay, fine. I’ll be home at six and will have dinner with your parents. But after that can I get back to work?” Kate’s lips fumbled as Dave pulled back. He never kissed her. What a bastard shifter he was?

“Sure. You can use my car.” Dave wiped a drop of saliva that dripped from the corner of his mouth. It’s hard to resist a human female, especially when she’d got all her holes yearning for you.

A week later…

“Where the hell are you, Kate?” Dave tossed his smartphone on the dashboard of his DB11.

Rain lashed the car’s top. Bolts of lightning sliced the sky. But the outside storm was a mere show in comparison to the brutal dilemmatic storm that raged inside Dave’s heart.

How could he miss someone so much? Human females were nothing but mere paper cups for him that he used and threw away. What had Kate done to her stony heart? How the hell had it begun to pound and race with a mere thought of hers?

“It’s six. She should be home,” he muttered as he drove through the overpass to reach downtown. His car halted in front of Tories’ Antique Store. He climbed out of the car and darted to the entryway. Pushing the glass door, he entered the store.

Kate stood on the other side of the counter showing some antique pieces of jewelry to an old couple.

Dave’s presence was commanding, his cologne even stronger. Kate lifted her head and saw him shooting daggers at her from across the shop. His gaze scalded her heart. So intense. She begged an excuse from the couple and gestured for Dave to meet her in the guests’ lobby.

“You here? What’s wrong? You don’t look good. Is everything okay?” Her mouth twisted, eyes widening. She couldn’t believe that Dave Hunt would ever visit her small rustic shop.

“How can you be so irresponsible?” Dave chewed the distance and grabbed her arm. His grip grew stronger as his strong fingers tightened around Kate’s squirming arm. His eyes burned. He bared his teeth as his whole face flared with an untamed passion. And not all of it came from anger. Most of it came from the pent-up lust that the shifter began to feel for the mortal.

The same heat began to burn Kate’s insides, flushing her cheeks, putting her whole body on fire. “You don’t have any decency. You are a beast. And I’m done with you.” Kate gritted her teeth but she didn’t know what she was saying. What she spoke was in stark contrast to what was there in her head. When she desperately needed this shifter on top of her with her legs spread wide, and his huge phallus buried deep inside her slick cores, she had to behave as if he was her most hateful enemy. And that she needed to get rid of him.

How could he tell him that she wanted him like anything? Could he ever accept her as his true wife? He’s a dragon shifter. She’s a human. Could there be any sort of union between them? Could Dave ever understand that the child growing in her womb was equally his as it was hers?

“What are you doing here? Entertaining your customers? How could you do this? At least, you could have called me but no, you were so busy. And the best part is that you’re not picking up your damn phone.” His grasp tightened as his eyes emitted heat of anger, desperation, restlessness, all mixed.

“Why do you want me now, Mister Dave? Our contract was valid only till your parents were here. And, if I’m not wrong, Missus and Mister Hunt left the town last night. We both saw them off at the airport.”

Sky fell on him. Ground shifted beneath his feet. How could he forget that Kate was no longer his wife? That their fake marriage was over.

“Shit. How can I…” His hand slipped off her arm. He stepped back, his eyes casting downward. For a moment, none of them spoke. A calming silence sprawled like the storm had subsided somewhere nearby.

Massaging his forehead, Dave glanced her way. “Anyway… by what time you’ll be free.” Emotions choked his throat as he spoke. He searched for the right words. He had never faced this kind of trouble before where he had to express his heart to a woman. All his life, he’d been busy enjoying the company of lusty females. But when it came to having a wife, no matter how fake their relationship was, he couldn’t think of any woman except Kate.

Kate was the only human in the small town of Pikesville who knew that Dave was a dragon shifter. For years, Dave and his pack of shifters had been living in Pikesville, hiding their identities from humans. It was dangerous not only for Dave’s reputation but for the entire pack of dragons inhabiting the town of Pikesville to unravel their identity in front of humans.

Kate accidentally saw Dave shifting from one form to another after she had untamed sex with him on the terrace of a hotel that he owned.

After a rough day at her antique store, Kate was looking for some solitude and probably a warm male company. It had been raining and she was standing outside her store waiting for a cab. When Dave offered her a ride, she hesitantly agreed. Dave took her to one of the restaurants he owned in the town. After a couple of rounds of drinks, the two ended up having insane sex on the rooftop. Kate was in her primes and needed some solace. Dave was a seductive shifter and was eager to satiate the thirst of the mortal female. A woman who made his cold heart pound. For the first time in his life, Dave felt the need for having a companion, a soulmate.

After that night, Dave followed Kate everywhere. Like a shadow, he got himself glued to her, though virtually. Kate could never realize that a shifter’s eyes were on her all the time. And when Dave realized that Kate had been finding it hard to make ends meet, he offered her a solution. All Kate had to do was to keep Dave’s secret locked in her heart, and in return, she would get an enormous amount of money to save her family business.

When Kate’s self-esteem didn’t allow her to accept Dave’s offer, Dave gave things a little dragonish twist. He offered Kate a deal which she couldn’t resist.

“Just this couple and I’m closing the store.” Kate gestured toward the old husband and wife who were busy admiring the collectibles and other paraphernalia for home decoration.

“Cool. I’ll be waiting for you.” He inched closer and held her hands, his eyes reading her thoughts.

“And why will you wait for me, Mister Hunt.”

“Because I don’t want my pregnant wife to return home all alone in the stormy night.”

“So, you still think I’m your wife even when the contract is over.”

“What proof do you want, Kate? Do you want me to show you my heart? Can’t you just understand?”

“Understand what?” Kate’s eyes twinkled like two shining stars as a mischievous smile curved her lips

“That I want you back in my life. And this time, without a contract.” Dave lifted her hands to his lips and planted a kiss on her fingers. Kate cast her eyes downward, dreaming for an adventurous future with the dragon shifter.

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