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Once Upon a Time...

I Write Mushy Romance...

Once Upon a Time

…a sweet little girl who grew up in the lanes of Lucknow, India cherished the dream of being “somebody.” She grew up playing with dolls, kitchen set and hosting mock dinners for guests. (Her favorite pastime).

But there was something more…she used to be silent. More silent than kids of her age. She appeared to be in the state of thinking. Unusual of her age, many noticed it and marked about she being a thinker 🙂

Mariyam Kid
Mariyam Contemplation

Silent Dreamer

Nobody knew but she was a silent dreamer…making picture of herself grown up. Confident, assertive and going places. She dreamed of being a model, an actor, traveler…living her life to the hilt.

She was unsure how this will all happen but never doubtful.

And then, she was always serious about her studies and well with the grades. Fast forward she graduated in chemistry 1st division( 75% marks). What that means you ask…? In her time this meant a good candidate to qualify for medicals and become a Doctor. (Phew)

But guess what? She was not excited about this at all…she hardly prepared for it and sat in the exam. No marks for guessing her fate. She did not qualify!

Game over… No, not quite!

She was still dreaming...

However this time it was different. Grown up as a beautiful young girl she was thinking of her “man in the shiny Armour”.

Things moved fast and she did actually find one…fell in love and got married. A typical Love story ends there. Right?

But not this one…Well, she now had a lot of independence and her hubby was supportive. (Against the stereotype, I know) She tried almost everything she could.

She built a career in medical transcription. She even drifted on painting, drawing, sketching, cooking, baking and fashion design.

But never found her calling!

Around this time, she brought her “bundle of joy” into this world. And the story ends!

No, not quite again… 🙂

Mariyam Rainy Day

One rainy day...

As you would expect…This event did bring a lot of change in her life. As she shouldered motherhood and watched her son grow…she still wanted to be “somebody”.

One rainy day in Bangalore…she sat contemplating. And laughed at what all she had been dreaming. Strange but true, still her mind never stops creating those pictures, while her life keeps moving forward.

Is there a meaning in this exercise? Or this is just a waste of time?

And then the unexpected happened…

Writing it down...

This time she grabbed a notebook and penned it down. From there on to her surprise she always found a way for everything.

  • Writing is difficult- She wrote it already!
  • Writing is one thing publishing is another- Let’s go for indie-publishing.
  • What about formatting, editing, and proofing- learn and do it.
  • Who will read or buy it?- Let’s write and publish, must we?
  • Pro contemporary romance is a difficult ballgame- Who is giving up anyways?

Writing down her first story made all the difference. Being staunch and relentless as she was…now she made a deep connection within her.

…She found her purpose…She found her calling.

Yes! she became a writer and an author.

Mariyam Camouflage

She now stands tall with 4 BESTSELLER novels to her credit and numerous short stories. ( Times Write India Award Included)
Her work regularly features “Best Seller on Amazon”.  She gets kudos from all over the world and readers impatiently await her next release.
So who is this… we have been talking about?

Well…That’s my story and it’s REAL!
Worth mentioning I am still dreaming. And a stream of contemporary romance is coming your way.

Scroll down and click on the Romantic Delight that appeals you…


Get the Sweet Mush...

Heart of Matter - A mother's Love

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"Brings a fresh innocence and engaging spirit to the romance novella. And what is mood without wallpaper? Pastoral scenes are richly painted but the details don’t stop there. My favorite, a smile flashing to show “all of her stained teeth dyed red from years of chewing areca nuts and tobacco wrapped in betel leaves.” Now that’s life. "
Cowtown Clown
"Lovely Story" (The Wedding Planner)
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