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Her Fallen Angel
A Fallen Angel Adult Paranormal Romance Short Story
By Mariyam Posted in Adult Paranormal Stories, Angels & Demons, Love and Romance, Love Stories on April 23, 2022 0 Comments 24 min read
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Trigger Warning: The content of this post is strictly for 18+ readers.

Vishous was no longer an angel. He was banished from Heaven and fallen on earth like a dry, drifting leaf of autumn.

For Vishous it was an honor to work as a cardiac surgeon in the small hospital of Petersville. Vishous still possessed his healing abilities. God had not taken his powers of healing the sick and suffering people. Probably, God had purposely banished him from heaven to look after his sick and dying children.

However, it was altogether a different thing as to why he landed in Petersville.

“Suture it down.” Vishous barked an order as he distanced himself from the operation table.

Vishous wondered if humans could do better with animal hearts. 

Removing his gloves, he threw them into the trashcan and exited the operation theater.

“He’s doing fine, Miss Martha. You need not worry.” Vishous reached the frail woman who sat on one of the several metalled chairs in the waiting lobby.

“Oh, thank you so much, doc.” The old woman’s face began glowing the moment she heard the news of her husband doing fine after a crucial heart replacement surgery.

“Take care of yourself and your husband too, once he’s discharged.”

“I will. Thanks again, doc.”

“So how do you want it tonight?” Monica asked as she unbuttoned her blue nurse’s uniform and tossed it on the table. Her milky breasts bounced behind the lacy black bra and Vishous felt his dick twitch. It took him every ounce of energy to not rip apart the lacy black thong that barely covered her triangle, tossed her down on the table, and fucked her hard.

Not bothering that they were on night duties.

Vishous shifted his eyes away from Monica and rasped. “Let’s get back to work.” He rose to his feet and brushed past Monica, trying to act as if her naked show of lust didn’t bother him at all. When in reality, he wanted to rip apart every single shred of cloth that covered her body and fucked her as he had never fucked a woman before.

Vishous wondered why men fall in love when they have all the liberties of fucking a woman the way they want, especially, when you’re a fallen angel and own the looks of a Greek god. Women could do anything for you.

Sometimes, he felt that it was good that he was cursed. That he was thrown on the earth. He no longer wanted to go back to heaven. Rather, if he would ever be granted a wish and had to choose between heaven and hell, he would prefer hell.

Ha! Vishous laughed thinking about his angelic life of misery and restrictions. As a human, he had no restrictions. He could do whatever he wanted. He could feel the twitch, the urge, the chill.

Vishous had begun to love his new life as each day was a new day for him. With Monica by his side, who every session offered something new, Vishous no longer wanted to go back to heaven. He had loved the way his life was shaping up until recently when someone tossed it upside down.

Few days later…

“Where are you going? It’s still time to shift. We can utilize this time….” Monica let her words trail off as she grabbed Vishous from behind. Her long artistic fingers traced the curves of Vishous’s chiseled abs before moving down and setting at the bulge of his pants.

Vishous grabbed her hand there. “Don’t you dare!” He growled.

“And why not. Aren’t we doing this for ages?”

Yes, they’d been sleeping together for the past ten years since Vishous joined duty. Then what’s there that’s not allowing Vishous to let go of everything and wallow in the depths of sheer pleasure and bliss.

Probably, it was the sight of the patient who was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. The girl was severely injured in an MVA and had been in coma since her admission to the ER.

“Not tonight.” Despite feeling horny, Vishous didn’t want to indulge in the insane sex he’d had every night since he had come in contact with Monica. Their secret affair wasn’t secret any longer and the entire hospital knew that they were a couple. Yet, Vishous and Monica both knew that they were there to vent out their fatigue. Their passionate encounters were nothing more than a mere way to add some spice in their dull and monotonous routine.

“What’s there in tonight?” Monica whispered against Vishous’s ears as she glued herself to him, her body clinging to Vishous’s like a plastic wrap, her lips brushing Vishous’s earlobes. And this was intoxicating for the fallen angel. Although he wanted to avoid Monica at all costs and rushed to the ER to know more about the newly admitted patient, Vishous couldn’t do much more than to succumb to his temptation. Temptation of having a human female writhing in pleasure underneath him.

“So, you won’t deter.” A sexy growl escaped his lips as he lifted Monica as if she was a feather and threw her on his shoulder like a caveman. His other hand slapped Monica’s fleshy ass cheeks.

He tossed her on the sofa and began undressing. Within a breath or two, he was on top of her, feasting on her. Her pillow lips, her perky breasts, her fragrant pussy. The moment his tongue delved deep inside Monica’s intoxicating heat; he felt his manhood grow insanely large. He felt the need to bury himself inside her slick folds. He massaged her nub, swallowed her juices like they were nothing, but an elixir of life, and Vishous was a desert wanderer. Once his tongue was done with fucking the nurse, he directed his attention toward his dick. He stroked his dick as he raised himself on his knees accommodating himself in between Monica’s milky thighs.

“Come on. I can’t wait.” Monica wailed as her hand roamed to her pussy which was still not done with leaking juices. Her twin fingers massaged her aching cunt as she spasmed on the couch. Her sleepy eyes gazed at Vishous and Vishous’s member grew insane. Vishous pushed himself deep inside the nurse’s body, traversing deep into her aching core, reaching the depths of her womanhood, moving back and forth, giving her immense pleasure as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, reaching the heights of sheer ecstasy.

Vishous felt his orgasm building as he touched the center of the woman’s spiraling needs. He began moving back and forth, pushing her harder, hardest than ever before. So much so that at one point Monica screamed. “No. You’re a monster. Stop!”

And just as she screamed, an innocent face flashed inside Vishous’s eyes. Cum spurted out of his twitching dick and filled the entire condom.

  • Patient’s Name: Olia Chumowsky
  • Reason For Admission: Motor vehicle accident injury. The patient was high on drugs.
  • Illness: Cardiac arrest induced coma.

Vishous read the patient’s report and shifted his eyes from the white paper scribbled with various lab results to the face that had been haunting him for days.

It’s been days since Vishous took the charge of treating Olia. The girl with golden-brown hair and freckled cheeks. The girl with the face of an angel. For the first time since Vishous had thrown on earth, he had seen a face that could take his breath away.

Vishous felt the pulse of his patient and Olia’s eyelids fluttered, but she never opened her eyes. Vishous’s fingers traced the purplish veins on Olia’s arms and Olia’s lips quivered. Though in a deep coma, Olia responded to Vishous’s touches. She could sense his presence around him. Was there a divine angelic force that was making Olia aware of the presence of a fallen angel around her?

“You don’t look good.” Monica glided into the cabin and twirled around Vishous’s chair. “I miss the old you. What has gone wrong with you.” Her fingers roamed across Vishous’s chest, but he felt nothing. Monica could no longer ignite the burning passion inside the fallen angel. The way Vishous behaved around Olia was far different from the way he behaved around any other woman. Mesmerized by his angelic looks and his raw appeal, women threw themselves at Vishous. It was he who was a magnet. A woman magnet. Then why the hell did he feel drawn toward Olia. The intense magnetism he began to feel toward Olia was incomprehensible to him.

“Stop!” Vishous grabbed Monica’s hand as she tried to unzip his pants. At once, he swiveled the chair and now was face to face with Monica.

“Stay away from me!” he growled. “It’s over.”

“I know what you feel for your new patient,” Monica whispered against his ear, her breath warm yet bitter. “Falling in love with Miss Olia?”

“Love, Ha.” Vishous laughed. Love was a human emotion. Vishous had no plans of falling in love with a human. He was there on earth for a limited period. As soon as his banishment term expired, he would be back to either heaven or hell. He would most likely get a demonship since his behavior on earth hadn’t been very promising. Even Vishous wanted to embrace demonship. He was tired of living the life of an angel. Angels were bound by so many restrictions. They had to exercise a lot of self-control. Demons were free roamers. Like humans, God had granted them free will. They could do whatever they wanted and there was no one to question them.

“The way you look at her, touch her, kiss…”

“Damn! So you stalk me all the time.” Vishous swallowed his anger, cutting Monica. How could a human spy on him? He pushed his chair and at once rose to his feet, his eyes shooting daggers at Monica.

“Only when you are with her.”

“Don’t behave like a nagging girlfriend.” Vishous drifted his stare away from Monica as he pivoted on his heels.

“Am I not?”

“What?” Vishous’s eyes constricted. He threw a sweeping glance at Monica and bolted to the door.

“Your girlfriend?”

Vishous never responded as he dashed out of the door banging it so hard it felt as if it would fall off its hinges.

Fury of an angel. Only God could stand in front of it.

But what’s the reason for this anger, this rage. Monica’s possessiveness? Nah. Something else. Something heavier, deeper, darker. Something that’s making the angel yearn like a parched desert wanderer.

Vishous longed for Olia to open her eyes. He wanted to look deep inside those puddles. What would be the color of her eyes? He wanted to know all about her. He wanted to peep inside her soul and knew the secrets of her life. What made her drive so rashly while she was insanely high on drugs? Was she running away from life? Did she try to commit suicide? Or was it just a mishap, an accident that banished her from life and thrust her into a pool of darkness? She was struggling between life and death and Vishous just couldn’t see this happening. He wanted to breathe life into Olia even if it required ripping open his chest, plucking out his heart, and transplanting it into Olia’s body.

Yes, he’s ready to do that. He would sacrifice his life for Olia. Was it love? The fallen angel didn’t know. He didn’t know when he began to feel so strongly for Olia. 

Vishous gazed at the sleeping beauty lying on the bed. Unaware of the storm that raged inside the angel’s heart, she was sleeping like a kid.

Gosh! When this suffering would end. When would she open her eyes? When would that beautiful mouth of hers speak his name. Vishous was eager to hear her voice. He was desperate to stare inside those beautiful eyes.

The moment Vishous’s finger traced those perky pert lips, Olia’s eyelids fluttered. It felt as if she wanted to open her eyes. It felt as if she was waiting for her prince charming to wake her up from her endless sleep. Vishous knelt and planted his lips on Olia’s, his fingers forking through the satin of her golden locks. She was blessed with the most beautiful lips in the entire universe. Lips that had the power of taking an angel’s breath away every time Vishous kissed her.

Vishous feasted on Olia’s lips and didn’t realize when his fingers began to fondle her breasts. His hands roamed to her belly and then to the juncture of her thighs. Her pussy was hot with passion. Vishous desperately needed to taste her. He couldn’t live without the divine nectars Olia released in the wake of his touches.

Olia’s head tilted back on the pillow and a pleasure murmur escaped her lips. She couldn’t resist responding as Vishous’s hand went inside her blanket and then her gown.

For Vishous, this wasn’t enough. Today, he wanted to suck all her juices and satiate his hunger. He wanted to do this not only because he was feeling hot and horny for Olia but also because he was on the verge of taking a crucial decision.

A decision of life and death. A decision that would change the entire course of their relationship. A relationship between a comatose patient and her doctor.

Vishous’s fingers traced the lining of Olia’s panties and then he drifted his hand toward the hot triangle.

Fuck! Her pussy was hot like scalding iron. Her panty was soaking wet, hot juices gushing out of her body. No matter how deep she was in her sleep, she was all set to enjoy the ride. Fucks that she was used to getting from her doctor. But today, Vishous wanted to satiate his own thirst. The quench he felt all along while treating Olia. And though there wasn’t any hope left for her, Vishous wanted to try one last thing. This would be his last chance to save Olia, his love, his life. Yes! Monica was right. Vishous had fallen in love with Olia. He knew he and Olia would never unite on earth after he replaced her lifeless heart with his, that he would perish, die, might be taken away from earth, and thrown into hell to become one of those deadly demons, he was happy. Happy that his angelic heart would help Olia survive and enjoy life. That his heart would beat inside Olia’s body.

Vishous’s finger entered Olia’s wet pussy, and a shudder of excitement rushed through his body. He went deep, deeper inside the nectary heaven of her beloved. And though God would never grant him heaven given his poor track record on earth, he was enjoying all the pleasures of heaven right in the hospital of Petersville. Right through the warmth of Olia’s slick folds. Through the hot passionate juices that gushed out of her body.

Vishous felt Olia spasm around his finger. Her folds grew tighter. Vishous kept on fingering going deeper and deeper, moving back and forth, awakening all the nerve endings. Olia’s nerves began to dance in response to Vishous’s finger assault. She couldn’t tolerate it any longer. Hot blood filled the walls of her juicy triangle. Passionate liquid oozed out of her aching cunt. Her pussy swelled and when it became intolerable, her pussy exploded on Vishous’s finger like a volcano. Hot lava erupted out of her juicy folds. Vishous never stopped. He kept on finger fucking her until the last drop of her cum coated his finger. He drained her altogether. Peace etched on her face. Vishous felt her muscles going back to their relaxed state as he withdrew his finger from her body. Vishous couldn’t waste a single drop of her divine, life-saving nectar. Without wasting any moment, he gulped all the juices not only that coated his finger but also those that painted Olia’s thighs.

Vishous’s tongue licked all the nectary sweetness gushing out of Olia’s body. Vishous slurped the divine juices like a thirsty desert wanderer. His tongue worked on Olia’s bushy triangle before making its way deep inside her pleasure island. Vishous moved his tongue back and forth and Olia couldn’t stop herself from once again climbing the walls. Within minutes, she was on the precipice of sheer ecstasy and bliss and Vishous left no stone unturned in taking her along on a pleasure ride. Together they reached the heights of eternal bliss. Making Olia cum on his tongue was altogether a different experience. It was like gulping a bottle of aphrodisiac and burying himself inside the slick and juicy core of a human female. But Olia was no other human female. She was different. She was innocent. And though she was in deep sleep and could barely feel anything, she responded to Vishous’s touches. The orgasms that built inside her body and traveled all across her nerves and brains were keeping her alive.

But that’s not enough. Vishous could no longer see her lying, motionless. He wanted Olia to enjoy life, to have a boyfriend, get married, have kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, and die happy, peaceful, and content.

Monica crumpled the newspaper into a ball and tossed it into the trashcan. Entire hospital buzzed with the sacrificial act Dr. Vishous had performed on his patient.

He replaced his patient’s dead heart with his. That’s something unbelievable. It’s an act of martyrdom. His sacrificial act had placed him on the pedestal of fame, glory, renown, and repute. He was no longer an ordinary heart surgeon or a Casanova but a doctor who would be remembered all along.

Blah! Blah! A disgusting grunt laced with hopelessness escaped Monica’s mouth. “Fuck! How could he do this! I mean it’s insane!” She bit her lips in frustration arranging the documents that littered her table.

“He never loved me!” A painful grunt emitted out of her mouth and then she sighed coldly, parking herself on her chair. She grabbed the coffee that tasted stale and slammed it back on the table. She had to fetch herself some fresh coffee before beginning her day. Dr. Vishous was a thing of the past. She had many more admirers in the small hospital. However, it was a different thing that she would never feel the way she felt around Vishous. Was it love? Monica didn’t know.

Having been discharged from the hospital, Olia ran. She knew there was someone who was breathing life into her, day and night, morning and evening, every passing moment while she lay motionless on the hospital bed. She could feel him around her, inside of her.

She knew Vishous was a divine creature. The way he touched her soul, touched her dead heart, only an angel could touch. So, she ran in the lap of nature with hopes of finding Vishous dwelling in the woods like an elf. She ran away from the hustle and bustle of the town to the serenity of hills, ice-capped mountains, divine lakes, and oceans in search of Vishous. How could she live without him? And though his heart pounded inside her chest, she wanted him alive. Why did he do this? Had he done any good to Olia by ripping apart his chest, plucking his heart out, and transplanting it into Olia’s body? Olia was happy lying alone on the hospital bed. She survived for so long, lying deep in sleep because Vishous was there. Because he was around. Now with Vishous gone never to come back, Olia couldn’t imagine her existence. Didn’t he know that Olia would die without him? Why the hell did he replace her heart with his?

Olia recalled how hopeless she was when she tried to kill herself. She was betrayed in love. She wanted to die. Better she would have died in that accident. At least, then she wouldn’t have to suffer this heartache that she’s suffering from now.

“Please come back!” Olia murmured slumping on the hot sandbed. The sun was harsh. Her feet burned. Her head spun. She could no longer get a hold of herself and drifted into sleep. A blissful slumber took over her from which she never wanted to rise.

“Open your eyes, Olia.”

“Hey, baby, open your eyes.”

It was like clouds whispering around her as her back felt cushioned on the silkiest of the silk. Her eyelids stopped blinking when a charming face materialized in front of her.

“Vishous!” A surprised murmur escaped Olia’s lips that were no longer parched and dry but soft and juicy. It felt like she was kissed. Kissed by the most beautiful man on earth.


Was she on earth?

“Vishous!” she exclaimed, her heart thrumming hard against her chest.

“Yes baby, I’m here.” The angel edged closer and offered his hand to Olia. He then lifted her off the carpet of clouds.

“You’re alive, my angel!” Emotions made Olia’s eyes blurry, but she could see Vishous from the eyes of her soul.


Was she dead?

Only death could unite Vishous and Olia. Tears glazed Olia’s eyes. Tears of happiness. She was happy that she was dead. Now, she and Vishous could have their happily ever after.

“I’m so happy that I’m dead.” Olia’s lips quivered. Emotions choked her throat. She was grateful to God that He had granted her wish. She was happy that she was with Vishous and now no one could stop them from mingling into one.

“Kiss me, Vishous!” Olia closed her eyes. Her lips parted and just as she did that, a divine mouth came crashing down at hers. Vishous kissed her softly yet passionately. Their tongues danced together, lips passionately enmeshed, never wanting to grow apart.

Olia’s eyelids fluttered. A flash of light bedazzled her for a moment and then it vanished high up in the sky. Olia gazed at the thin lining of silver appearing in the sky. A brief smile curved her lips. She had promgised Vishous that she would live a happy and fulfilling life and would die old with a bunch of naughty grandkids.

Moon peeked in through the window blinds. Olia lifted her wrinkled hand off her lap. Her aging eyes gazed at the solitaire shining on her ring finger. She missed William and their years of togetherness. And though William left her for his heavenly abode five years ago, for Olia, he was still alive. In her memories, in her dreams. She could never forget William, her beloved husband. Nor could she ever forget Vishous, the fallen angel, whose heart still beats inside Olia’s chest. She was a lucky woman. She had two lovers in her life. She loved them both. On earth, she devoted herself to loving her husband, nurturing their kids, and grandkids. And now, it’s time for Olia to meet her first love, Vishous.

Olia closed her eyes and her soul departed to a different plane. To the land of bliss and ecstasy. To the land of angels. And there she saw Vishous standing right at the doors of heaven.

“How are you, darling?” Vishous smiled, and Olia couldn’t resist her eyes devouring that dimpled smile. He was still the same. Long golden hair, chiseled jaw, sexy full lips.

“As if you don’t know.” Olia mocked, giving her hand in Vishous’s, which he grabbed with desperation and lifted to his lips. He planted a kiss on the top of Olia’s hand before pulling her in his arms.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Olia’s lips parted and Vishous didn’t miss a beat in sealing them with his, promising her a happy and fulfilling afterlife.

Copyright 2022 ©Mariyam Hasnain

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