Why Muhammad Ali Jr. was Detained Again?

Will religiously profiling the son of “The Greatest” make America safe?

A month after, Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained by immigration officials at Florida Airport, the son of the boxing legend was held and questioned again at Washington, D.C’s Reagan National Airport. He was boarding a domestic flight.

The first time Muhammad Ali Jr. and his mother were held at the airport in the month of February this year. After arriving from Jamaica, both Muhammad Ali Jr. and his mother Khalilah Ali (Muhammad Ali’s second wife) were pulled aside. They were the only two who had been detained of all the arriving passengers.

Ali Jr. is one of the nine kids of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Ali Jr. was born in 1972 in Philadelphia. He has a US passport, and he lives in Florida. According to the family lawyer, Ali Jr was never detained before.

Muhammad Ali Jr.It is obvious that this detention occurred in the aftermath of Trump’s travel ban. Ali was held and questioned about his name, his origin, and his religious beliefs. What comes shockingly is even though Ali is a US citizen and carries a legal US passport, he is being treated like an outsider and questioned like a non-US citizen traveling to the United States.

Why does this happen? Why the citizens of the same country are treated indifferently depending on their names and religion. Why so much of segregation? When its time to unite and stand high against fundamental issues, democratically elected representatives are playing petty politics. It’s high time folks, instead of imposing your shaky policies and assaulting the general public in name of caste, creed, religion, and origin, do something in favor of the country’s whole population.

It is important to understand the ethical significance of democracy. Just by going to polls and having a democratic election doesn’t make any country democratic.

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