When You Truly Love Someone… Do their Career Choices Matter?

“I want to pursue my career in singing. Enough of being a hobby singer. I want to take up singing seriously. Perhaps, I will work somewhere part-time, but I want to focus on honing my classical singing skills.”

“Singing? Please, Sania.”

As soon as I expressed my desires of becoming a full-fledged singer, Zayn jerked back in his chair. His nose scrunched, jaw clenched as if I had said something very mean.

“What’s wrong with singing, Zayn?”

“Everything is wrong with it. Girls of respected families don’t perform for an audience. It’s something…” His words trailed.

“Done by the prostitutes?”

I couldn’t speak after that. My gaze dipped to the table. Eyes got watery as reality began to surface on its own. Zayn very well knew my mother and khala both were the courtesans of Awadh. In fact, I told this to him in the very beginning of our relationship. And I also told him how much I wanted to be like my mom and Khala. I wanted to sing and dance and sing even more gracefully than my mom ever sang.

“OK, so you want to be a singer then why did you join MBA? You should have taken up a singing course. Why Business Management?” He snapped.

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Again a tiny snippet from The Wedding Singer. And again, it raises a couple of open-ended questions.

Why it is difficult to make a right career choice at the right time? And what’s the right time. Is there a time fixed that this month and this day of the year, wisdom would dawn upon you. That you will realize your purpose in life. That you will be able to hear your inner voice. That you listen to your inner calling and make a right and meaningful decision.

Is there a time limit or age limit set after which you can’t pursue your passion and end up being nothing but a cog in the wheel.

Are education, degree, and job enough to ignore your inner voice of pursuing your passion, your dream?

And where love stands in all these.

What is Love? What is the true meaning of love?

Is love all about texting, chatting, long phone calls, and hanging out with each other. Or is it about helping you transform into a more responsible human being? Someone who can defy ages-old convention and beliefs and follow their heart.

Find out your answers as The Wedding Singer addresses the complex realities of today’s young generation. Their aspirations, goals, dilemmas, dreams and their understanding of love and life.

The book portrays the life of three young folks– Sania, Zayn, and Farhaan. It’s a journey these young college graduates embark upon. A journey which goes through constricted pathways of guilt, apprehensions, dread, and dilemmas. A journey which helps them find the true purpose of their lives. And a journey which teaches them overcoming obstacles, meeting expectations, and knowing the true meaning of love.

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