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The Miss Fortune Series: Fortune and Fame (Kindle Worlds Novella) – Book Review

The Miss Fortune Series: Fortune and Fame Fortune and Fame is a story of Sandy aka Fortune an undercover CIA agent and Georgia Fame, an attractive looking female who seems to hide not only her age but a lot more behind her flirting gestures and etiquette.
The story begins on an interesting note with Fortune driving around her two elderly friends Ida Bella and Gertie. The conversations between the trio were humorous and lively.
I liked the book as it gave me a real treat of description – the settings, sight, sounds, and smell of the small town of Sinful.
The next thing that I really appreciate is the construction of characters and dialogues. The author has done an amazing job in creating believable characters that are live and complex. The dialogues flow smoothly with the narrative and are entertaining and realistic.
The plot is interesting but I can’t say the story is fast paced. At some places it even loses its steady rhythm and kind of a drag with overdoses of description and dialogues, but the fact is that unlike other detective stories it is comparatively shorter and an easier read.
I liked this book and looking forward to reading some more slow burn detective stories like this by the author.


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