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Okay, so this book has performed really well, beyond my expectations. Thanks to my dear readers who showered so much love and warmth on Esha and Arjun and of course Priya – The lead characters.

I sketched these characters on a whim but it took me three months to weave them together into a heartwarming tale of love and sacrifice and friendship.

And Guess what! during those three months I learned a lot about the lives of flight attendants and the effort they put into their job.

It was abstract and to some extent energy-consuming, but I enjoyed every bit of research involved in penning down the story of beautiful, stunning and vivacious Esha Diwan and her equally stunning sister Priya.

And then, there was Arjun. Though his image was of a boy next door but he wasn’t just any other neighborhood boy, ***grins. He has got all the charisma and hotness to make the Diwan sisters go weak in their knees and wet in their pants.

The Love Flight,

Not only the main characters but the secondary characters also played major roles in taking the plot forward. Mrs. Diwan, Muniamma (Diwan’s ages old housemaid), Sheetal (Esha’s colleague) and Sara (Esha’s best friend). Everybody has a role to play and thus important.

I think if I write a little more, I will giveaway the plot which I don’t want right now because there’s something else for a giveaway today. So I’ll stop it here as I want you all to go ahead and enjoy the ride. The Love Flight is FREE in kindle unlimited for a limited time. That means KU readers can read it for FREE!

To celebrate the success of The Love Flight, there’s a Rafflecopter Giveaway, just a small gesture to show my love to y’all! Go ahead, click the link below, stalk me around a bit, and enter the giveaway.

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