How to Find Out If Someone Loves You

Finding out whether your crush loves you or not is more than just plucking the flower petals.

Now, the question is how to find out if someone loves you are not.

Is it a rocket science? No, not at all. It’s very easy to find out if the person is really in love with you are not.

All you got to do is to observe the person carefully for the following signs and body gestures.

  • Touch: Touch is the least difficult gesture of expressing fondness. This could be as basic as holding hands or as protective and close as a kiss. A casual arm on your shoulder while strolling or even when you guys sit together, either alone or in a group is yet another indication that the person is falling for you.
  • Whisper: Whispering, cherishing, complimenting or other positive words in your ear. This activity is unquestionably one that delineates closeness and love. Telling you how much you are missed when you were apart is also an indirect way of communicating fondness.
  • Getting things done for you even when you haven’t requested for them is also a beautiful indication that your crush is also crushing on you. You will feel loved and special when these things happen to you with no prior intimation or say come as a surprize.
  • Are you receiving gifts that don’t imply a specific event? It’s not your birthday or any special day but you get a bouquet of flower or your favorite piece of music or a book from your favorite author. People do these things to unintentionally express their love and warmth. These gifts are not necessarily costly but rather essentially insightful and true.
  • If someone starts spending quite a lot of time with you, willing to try new things with you, takes interest in your hobbies and activities, compliments you not just on your looks and dress but also on your achievements and the person you are, there are high probabilities that he or she is in love with you.

Now, take a step back and review things that someone does for you. This will definitely help you find out if a person is truly in love with and is willing to take their relationship to a next level.

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