What is Friendship? In the light of Philosophy

There was a line in John Donne’s famous prose Meditation 17.

“No man is an island.”

This line truly expresses the need of a friend in a man’s life. Indeed, there is no one who can live alone on this planet. That is the reason God has made different types of relationships, for instance, friendship. Friendship is one of the best types of relationships that a person can have.

If you want to know the true meaning of friendship, you should look at its definition and think about the significance and virtues of a true friend.  Many philosophers of the bygone era such as Aristotle had talked about friendship in detail.

As indicated by Aristotle, nobody will ever pick to live without a friend. This thought from Aristotle throws light on the fact that why people with all the power and wealth are, most of all in need of a true companion.

He even included that what might be the use of those possessions when you don’t have anybody to share the joy of being prosperous. Apart from being your well-wisher, a true friend will also help you guard and protect your prosperity. Friends are more commendable to men in their hard times, in times of poverty and despair, for they can see their friends as their only place of refuge.

“Friendship is as important as life itself.” ~As quoted by Aristotle, intense and strong.

Friendship covers everyone, old and young, poor and wealthy. It covers the breath of the kinds of individuals you find within the society.

What is Friendship? In the light of Philosophy, www.mariyamhasnain.comTruth be told, rich men require friends the most as they will become the loneliest souls on earth without a true friend. Friendship reduces the risk of destructive behavior, depression, anxiety and other common ailments that a person can suffer when he is alone.

This can be proven because in hard times you will simply look for some help from your true friend.

With this thought, you can already imagine that friendship enhances your life since it improves you as a person. In you endeavor to help or serve your friends, you grow and achieve mental strength and maturity as a human being. This makes you a better and kind individual.

These facts of philosophy are good enough to explain you the importance of true friends in your life.

And it is said, “A girl without a friend is a like a fish without water, a bird without feathers.”

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What is Online Dating

Internet Dating Finding Love Online

The very idea of web dating frightens a few people. While some of the folks look at it as a potential danger, others think that a person who can’t get a date elsewhere would ultimately end up looking for partners online. But, there’s a lot more behind these superficial assumptions and myths that perhaps scare any individual to seek partners online.

Today, since individuals are finding reality: these presumptions are false and can shield you from discovering affection and profound fellowship on the web. As web dating turns out to be phenomenally famous, it’s getting quite difficult for people to maintain a distance from it, regardless whether they trust the concept of finding love online or simply want to explore the truth.

What is Online DatingDiscover the Truth

If you don’t know much about seeking partners online because it has scared you a lot in the past and you didn’t find it trustworthy, the truth is that you’re not the only one on this planet.  However, if you’ve no success finding a dating partner through traditional ways, you can rethink your decision to avoid dating on the web.

Before you confer yourself to any one decision, it is better you assess the assumptions you have about dating on the Internet. If you think that web dating is unsafe, dispassionate, or just for the socially uncouth, examine these thoughts to figure out if they are actually true or mere speculations.

Converse with People

The most ideal approach to discover reality about web dating is to ask individuals who have attempted it. No doubt, you know more than one individual who has set up a profile on a web dating web page and spoke with a few people that way. You perhaps even know somebody who met a dating partner or even a life partner on the web. These are the individuals you’ll need to converse with.

It’s better and highly recommended that you get to talk to more than one or in fact quite a number of people and gather their opinion about web dating. This will not only help you debunking the myths associated with it but will also help in making your own decision.

One great or terrible experience can perhaps overshadow your perspective of web dating in a way that isn’t precise. You need to get a clear and concise view which is only possible when you talk to a number of people who’ve tried finding partners on the web.

Do Your Research

There’s nothing like getting viewpoints of people who are experienced but it’s always good that you do your own research as well. There are some extraordinary articles on the Internet, and books that can be particularly useful. Ensure that the data you collect should come from a balanced outlook, and that it relates to the particular kind of web dating you’re currently looking at.

Take a Bold Decision

Once you have studied and collected all the general and basic information, it’s decision time. Make your own decision and stand firmly on it. At last, it doesn’t make any difference what others think about your choice as far as you are content with it.

In the scenario that you zero in on online dating and explore the options available including online dating sites and matchmaking web portals as well as famous dating apps like Tinder and OKcupid, there’s a high likelihood you can meet your special someone on the web.

Investigate and assess Internet Dating pros and cons irrespective of what your friends and family members perhaps think. You may need to endure a few comments here and there, but people who question your decision will reconsider their opinions after they see you finding love online.