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20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture

Just in case you didn’t know, Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations in the Southeast Asia. People come here from different parts of the world eager to experience the “Complex Thai Charm” that they have only heard of before…  Something that has drawn them for a long time and then they get fascinated by the hospitality, beauty, and friendliness of this amazing exotic country. So much so that they keep coming back if not making the Land of Smiles their permanent abode some day. Besides the picturesque beaches, hospitality, and affordability, it’s the Thailand nightlife that attracts visitors from across the world.To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a visit to the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that will warm you up before you visit amazing Thailand.

To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a visit to the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that will warm you up before you visit amazing Thailand.

Living in Thailand is an exotic dream for many westerners which they can live without even burning a hole in their pockets or breaking their banks.

To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a long stay in the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that can help you not just have a great time but also minimize the culture shock.

20 Interesting Facts about Siam, its people, and culture

  • In the Thai language, the country is named as Prathet Thai. The English meaning of the term Prathet Thai is the land of the free which exactly defines the origination and history of the country. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that had never been colonized by any of the European nation.
  • The highly practiced religion in Siam is Buddhism with 94.6% of the population following the teachings attributed to Lord Buddha.

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  • Thai is the national and widely spoken language of the region. Like Chinese and Vietnamese, Thai is also a very tonal language with 32 vowels and 44 consonants.
  • Millions of tourists visit the land of smile every year and their number approximates to around 16 million. Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations among people from developed countries across UK, US, and Europe.
  • Sex tourism was at its peak in the country during the 1960 and 70s when Vietnam War American troops were directed to R&R site, not attached to military bases.
  • The country was first time hit by the human immunodeficiency virus in 1984. Today, Thailand has the highest occurrences of AIDS cases than any other Asian country.
  • Child sex trafficking incidents are the common occurrence here, and the country has one of the worst child sex trafficking records in the world.
  • Siam is known for its sexual tolerance and is a safe place for same-sex couples and transgenders – famous with a street name of ladyboys, seen commonly in the mainstream society.
  • Thais are humble, polite, and fun loving people, so raising your voice is completely unacceptable in Thai culture. One should never lose his or her cool in public. The best way is to avoid confrontation and let things go.
  • Thais always seem so happy and relaxed. Happiness is in their attitude and comes from within. This explains the hospitable and carefree nature of the land of smile.
  • Thai people are really obsessed with two things. The first is white skin and the second is taking selfies.
    20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture,
    Thai way of Greeting People
  • Thailand is a constitutional monarchy much like England where the King is considered to be the head of the country. Thai people are seriously sensitive about their king and can’t accept any rude behavior or remarks towards the dignity of their king.
  • Putting feet or stepping on Thai currency is considered equivalent to disrespecting the monarch because it carries the king’s image on it.
  • Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the country, and the penalty of the crime is as severe as death or life imprisonment if the accused is found guilty in the court of law.
  • The national and official symbol of Thailand is Garuda, a half man and half eagle, from the Indian epic Ramayana.
  • Thailand’s culture is highly influenced by China’s traditional and Indian religious values and teachings.
  • The country’s capital city Bangkok is the highly populated city of the country and stands atop the list of world’s most visited cities.
20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture,
Buddhist Monks Walking the Streets of Bangkok
  • Siam has always been the hotbed for world trade and had ancient business links to Asia, Middle East, and Europe. In the past, the ancient city of Ayutthaya was the most powerful city in terms of economic stability and international trade.
  • Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of orchids and the second largest exporter of rice.
  • Thailand’s tourism industry that suffered some minor setbacks after the recent bombing at a shrine in central Bangkok has started to pick up and the country hopes that it will bounce back.

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