She Likes Me…she likes me not

Hey Guys! I’m writing this article particularly to help all single guys out there. So, all guys who are searching for a sweetheart or a casual fling should pay close attention to what I’m telling you now.

Most of the times, it’s quite confusing for guys to understand girls, but if you pay close attention to the way they act or respond, you can easily find out if they’re interested in you or not.

So, if you find it difficult to read a girl’s heart and looking for indications a young lady attempts to let you know – without really letting you know, obviously that she’s intrigued, this write up is for you.

The following pointers are the result of my years of extensive research on reading and understanding male and female body language, signs, and gestures. And, I’m sure this guide will help you knowing if a girl is interested in you.

Speech and Language

How about we begin with something simple? – the way a lady talks. In case you’re attempting to flirt with a young lady, you unquestionably need to focus on what she’s saying and how she’s expressing it. Each girl is different, and there’s a quite a possibility that the one you’re dealing with is equally apprehensive as you are. Her voice can communicate that edgy feeling – If she sounds nervous, her voice wobbles, there is a huge probability that she in for the game.

On the off chance if you’ve made a mistake of cracking a stupid joke, and she laughs, you’re gaining ground with her. A lady keen on you will chuckle and grin a lot while you’re talking. Try to pilot the conversation to her, not away from her. Girls love if you talk about them and they like guys who tune in. Ask simple questions about her to make her talk.

If she herself pilots the conversation to you and asks you about your exes and compliments you greatly, there’s a huge chance that she is into you. A lady who tries to gather information about your future plans and hobbies is basically trying to find out if you two have anything in common. At last, telling you she’s single is a major sign your crush is searching for some romance.

How to tell if a girl likes youEye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul. If a girl makes an eye contact and smiles it means she is bold enough to express her interest. If she is nervous or exited, she might look away after meeting your eyes for a moment or two. A decent sign of attraction is that she gazes at you when you’re not looking at her and busy with other things.

If a young lady gives you an inquisitive, curious look when you approach, it’s a surefire sign she’s not interested in you. It’s better you try your luck with other females.

Body Language

Non-verbal communication is maybe the most vital class. The way a lady sits, stands, and moves while you’re around can be the greatest giveaway to what she’s on. Next time you’re at the pub or in the college talking with that adorable young lady you’ve seen a couple times, search for these clues that she’s into you:

  • She inclines in towards you
  • Her legs are not crossed
  • She grins when you begin chatting with her
  • She embraces you randomly
  • She “unintentionally” bumps into you
  • She find reasons to touch you
  • She turns her middle/hips towards you
  • She nibbles or touches her lips
  • She gets truly dressed up when she knows she will see you and then acts amazed if you say something about her appearance.
  • She plays with her hair while chatting with you

Digital Flirting

This comes very handy when trying to find out a girl’s behavior. Look for the digital signs and signal that she texts or messages you unintentionally.

  • Sending you a link to a video or article you discussed once
  • Liking the pages on FB that you’ve liked with the expectation that you’ll take note
  • Tagging you regularly in her posts
  • Messaging you something randomly just to begin a discussion
  • Sending you loads of winky faces and smiley faces

Common Mistakes

In spite of the fact that this won’t matter if you’ve just met, but it’s important to COUPLEunderstand how your girl behaves around other boys. Certain young ladies will play with folks they have no expectation of being romantic with. They will even play with their close male friends. Girls like these are somewhat harder to read.

Have you ever played “hard to get” by flirting with numerous young ladies at once? This is a terrible idea. If your girl sees you getting cozy with other girls, she’ll quickly come to a conclusion that you’re no more than a jerk, a douche bag. “Hard to get” thing never works with ladies.

If you like a girl don’t pretend you’re least bothered about her presence. Instead, grab the opportunity – make her feel special by opening doors for her, pulling a chair for her in a restaurant, or covering her with your jacket if she feels cold. If you see her friends are giggling looking at you, perhaps she’s told them about you. If you approach a group of her friends and they suddenly stop talking, there’s a huge chance that they might be talking about you. Once in a group of her friends, remain polite and friendly to other girls but beware of flirting with any other girl.

Gallantry is not dead but is getting old fashioned. Despite the fact that I mentioned before opening the door is a smart thought, don’t do this sort of thing always. An excessive amount of help can make her feel like she is being babied

Don’t over-analyze a lady’s conduct. Yes, there are unobtrusive clues and signs, yet don’t accept that every little detail implies something! Did you expect her frown was because she didn’t care for your joke? Possibly her stomach was aching. Did she cancel a date? Perhaps she has to take her mother shopping. Remember to be cool and confident. Displaying a calm and casual attitude is one of the most ideal approaches to pull in a young lady’s attention.


Next time you’re trying to figure out if a girl is interested in you, focus on her eyes, what she says and how she says it, the way she moves, and the way she treats you by means of messaging and web-based social networking. By keeping the above information in your mind, I hope you can better understand a girl’s interest and make advances by asking her out on a date, a movie, or a stroll on the beach.


Mariyam Hasnain lives in the Garden City of Bangalore, India with her husband and son. She writes both sweet and clean contemporary romance as well as dark and steamy passionate romance. Her engaging plots portray strong independent women and rugged alpha men who beat the predictable, display deep emotions and courageously overcome extraordinary circumstances. Discover the intriguing and unusual side of romance with her bestselling books! (You will always want to read more...)

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