How to Write a Book – The Fourth Step, Editing and Proofreading

The 3 steps of revision:

  • Read your manuscript aloud. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and read from their perspective. Forget that you are the writer of the book. Check for redundancies, vagueness, writing flow, smoothness of the prose, confusion, drag, transition and the writer’s expertise on the topic as well as on the language.
  • Checks for coherency between the paragraphs as well as between the chapters. Find out if any of the chapters ended or started abruptly.
  • Check if you are communicating with the readers the way you wanted to. Check the tone and style of your writing. Check for the inconsistencies. It shouldn’t be that you write that the heroine of your novel has black hair first and a couple chapters later you describe it as honey brown.

Read your draft 5 times, before stepping into your editing shoes.

Tips for Editing Your Book – Types of Editing

Developmental Editing: In this phase of editing, you will look at the big picture.

Check for overlooked or neglected areas in your book. Check if you want to expand certain scenes or a chapters. Check if there’s drag or fluff, delete unnecessary dialogues and information. Check if you need to explain anything more clearly or in detail. Check if you need to make changes in the structure of the book. Moving a scene or a chapter up and down.

Copyediting: Check for grammatical errors, wordiness, paragraph structure, sentence structure. Do check for misused and misspelled words. Check for run-on sentences. Check for similar sounding words or homonyms. For eg. Accept and except.

Proofreading: Check for capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, typos and spelling mistakes. Check for other grammar errors.

How to Write a Book - The Fourth Step, Editing and Proofreading,

Once you’re done with self-editing, distribute your manuscript to beta readers.

You can find both free as well as paid beta readers on Goodreads. Wait for the beta report.

Once you receive the beta report from the beta readers, make changes in your manuscript based on their suggestions. Read through your manuscript once again and see if it sounds natural and smooth.

Now, is the time to hand over your manuscript to a professional editor. If not for all types of editing, it’s recommended that you at least hire a professional copyeditor.

You can find professional editors on Upwork or Freelancer.

Believe me, this is the best investment a writer does for himself.

Once you’ve given your manuscript to the editor, start working on your author’s platform and also begin writing your next book. The one universal truth of writing world is that nothing sells book 1 than book 2 and nothing sells book 2 than book 3. You need to have at least 5 published works out there in the market before you start investing money in marketing or opt for paid marketing. Have at least 5 published books on Amazon. No worries if they belong to short fiction/nonfiction category (short stories or small self-help booklets), keep producing content and keep building your author’s platform and reaching your target readers organically (Free) through Social Media, Blogging, and E-mail marketing.

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Till then, Keep Writing!



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