How To Write a Book – The First Step, Choosing Your Genre

How easier it is to say that I want to write a book and how difficult it is to implement. You only know.

Months of procrastination, research, sitting in front of the computer without making any real progress.

The mental inertia of penning down something almost stops you from realizing your dreams of writing your first book when you are almost there.

So what is the best tried and tested approach of becoming a writer.

It is to break down the entire process into several smaller chunks.

Your one step taken towards your dream of writing a book gets you only closer to your goal and there’s nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for.

Let’s discuss the First Step – How To Write a Book 

The first step towards writing your first book is to know your genre.  The one rule of writing is that you should write what you know.  If you have a specific genre that you read, chances are that this is what you will want to write about.

Take a look at your interests and the type of books that you read before you decide on your genre.  Your book should never be just about making money – it should be about something for which you have a passion.  There are many different genres available in both fiction and non-fiction.  Before you start your book, have a plan of what it will be about and the genre it will fill.

You need to have a specific genre when you are writing a book so that you will be able to market it properly.  It should be clear what the book is about to the reader so that they will be interested in what you have written enough to buy the book.  Most readers have types of books that they like to read and tend to stick with one or two genres.

If you are writing a non-fiction book, there are also genres.  You need to make your book stand out from the rest in a way that will set it apart from other books of the same genre.  If you are writing an Indian Cookbook, for example, how do you make it stand out from the other Indian cookbooks that are on the market already?

how to write a book - choosing your genre

Once you find your genre and know what you are writing about, you should start to think of marketing your book.  Make it something that readers will choose when they see it in bookstores or online.  This will set it apart from other books of its kind and entice readers to buy it.

After you have figured out what you are going to write about and what will make your book stand out among others, you can then start to outline your book. You should write down a synopsis of the book and the point that you are trying to make.  Good books carry a message, make sure that your book has a message to the readers that they can take away from the book at the end.

While you may like free-form writing, which is writing without doing any sort of outline, you should still have an idea of the ending of the book in your head.  When you are writing fiction, characters tend to come to life as you write.  Your ending may change as you rewrite, it is important to be flexible.   The way that you write depends on the type of person that you are.  If you prefer to have everything ironed out for your book, then you should do an outline that will tell you where you are going.  This is like having a roadmap on a car trip.

There are some people, however, who do not want to use a roadmap on a trip, they just want to go.  If this sounds better, then don’t think anything, just sit and right and let your thoughts flow. You can anyway edit the write-up later. Each one of us has a unique writing style when it comes to writing books. The more you think and spend time on planning, the more you get drifted away from your actual goal.

Too little thought can also keep your book from reaching a conclusion.  You need to maintain a fine balance between writing and research.

It takes a lot of creativity as well as some structure in order to write a successful book that people will want to read.

You should read books in the genre that you are interested in so that you get the feel for this type of writing.  Reading is a good way to improve your writing skills.  Before you start writing your book, read the genre that you like and have a good idea of what you want to say in your book.

We have covered the first step of book writing and that is Choosing the Genre for Your Book. Next post will discuss – How to Research for Your First Book.

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Keep Writing!



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