How to Use Kindle Create: Kindle Create Download, What to do Next?

I still remember when I self-published my first book. It was a daunting task to format the Microsoft Word manuscript into a publishable ebook.

I used to write on Microsoft Word. And at the time of Kindle Direct Publishing, the MS file had to be converted into HTML Web page and so on.

Keeping all the formatting intact during publishing was indeed a tiresome job back then. And even though .doc and .docx are now acceptable formats for KDP, authors still face formatting issues during the file upload.

As the saying goes, writing is just a part. The actual journey of a writer starts after publishing. A journey which involves reaching out to your readers.

But what a writer would do, if he or she finds themselves stuck at the formatting phase. How would they plunge into the promotion phase when their book is not properly formatted for Kindle Direct Publishing.

What an author would do, if formatting alone eats up all of their energy, let alone reaching out to their readers and promoting their books.

So to help you, me and all other authors out there. Those who want to self-publish their books, Amazon has come up with its own kindle formatting service. And the name of this formatting service or in fact software is Kindle Create.

I came across Amazon’s formatting software back in February 2018. When I was gearing up for publishing my short story collection, Love & Lust.

At that time, I thought why should I waste time learning the intricacies of a new formatting software. I was using Scrivener back then. I’m still using Scrivener, but Amazon’s new formatting software has its own class when it comes to formatting a Kindle e-book.

Okay, so we were talking about publishing Love & Lust. As I said, I was a bit reluctant in trying out a new formatting software for my short story collection back then.

But then I thought why not give it a try. So I went for Kindle Create download.

And believe me it was a breeze.

Yes, formatting your ebook and making it publishable is no more an arduous task. With Amazon’s formatting app, you can do things with a snap of a finger. The formatting software helps you beautifully format your book.

How to Use Kindle Create: Kindle Create Download, What to do Next?,
Kindle Create User Interface

What Aspects of Formatting does Amazon Ebook Publishing Software Covers:

  1. Formatting the front matter, including Title Page, Dedication, and Copyrights
  2. Formatting the back matter.
  3. Formatting the book body, including Chapter Titles, Chapter Subtitles, and the rest of the text.

With kindle creator software, you can format the first paragraph of each chapter with a Big and Bold first letter. Something which isn’t possible with Microsoft Word.

How to Use Kindle Create: How to Format Your ebook for Amazon and Kindle

  1. Download the Free Kindle Create Software from Amazon site. Simply Google it and get the download link or click here to download the software.
  2. Once the download completes, open the application.
  3. Click the bottom button – Create New Project. Select your MS Word manuscript and click open. This will start importing your word document into Kindle Create.
  4. Once done, your manuscript will open in Kindle Create.
  5. You can check the chapters on the left side of your computer. On the right side of your computer, you can navigate through different formatting options. You can format your Title Page, Dedication Page, Copyrights Page as well as the back pages of your book.
  6. In kindle creator, you can easily format your Chapter Title, Chapter Subtitle, and first paragraph with just a click.
  7. Beside this, the software also offers 3 formatting templates. Classic, Cosmos, and Amour. Choose any of these and transform your book from a bland looking manuscript to a beautiful looking publishable Kindle e-book.
  8. Once done with formatting, you can preview your book before publishing it. Kindle Create software allows you to see your manuscript as it will appear on Tablet, Phone, and Kindle reader.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the appearance and formatting of your e-book, go to save. This saves your e-book in KC format. After this, Kindle Create prompts you to save your book in publishable .KPF format.
  10. Now you can upload this KPF file directly to your Kindle Direct Publishing account and publish it as a Kindle e-book.

If you get stuck up at any step, watch the YouTube video shared above and do your own formatting.

So you see how easy formatting and KDP publishing are. In just a few clicks you can publish your book on Amazon and make it available for sale on all Amazon marketplaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Go… Go… Go…

Want to know more about writing and learn the intricacies of editing, proofreading, formatting, cover creation, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Promoting your Kindle Book, don’t hesitate in checking out my latest non-fiction release – How To Write A Book – A 12-Week Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Challenge

That’s it for now. See you next week!



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