How To Get Your Book Published Within Next 30-90 Days!

Do you want to write a book but have no idea how to go about? Have you already written a few paragraphs and even a few pages and got stuck up with? Read this before you find yourself trapped in a maze of procrastination and self-doubt.

Writing is a mode of self-discovery and book writing requires a lot of discipline, patience, and self-motivation. It’s a lonely job. You got to come out of your comfort zone. You got to free yourself. You got to push yourself hard to reach a stage where thoughts flow freely.

Now, who the heck wants to do that much of hard work? Who wants to spend days (if you’re a homemaker) or nights (if you are in a day job) writing and writing and only writing?

Make no mistake writing is a tough job…But, if you are one of those aspiring authors who has got everything—the patience, the discipline, and the self-motivation but struggles with penning down your first book, I have got you covered.

Now, you must question who I am and what makes me qualified to give you this gyaan? Well, it’s my multiple years of writing and indie publishing in varied space in both fiction and non-fiction.

I recently secured a position in top 50 writers in an All India Level Competition (Times of India – Write India, Season 2). From experience and successfully indie publishing almost 50 books in different pen names, you can be assured that you are in good hands and that you will learn from someone who has been there and done that!

I was a naïve when I wrote my first book. I didn’t know there was so much needed to be done to make the book a product. A pretty package your audience can’t overlook.

After spending hours in front of my computer, writing, and revising endlessly, I couldn’t work out what lacks in my work, where do I lag behind…This took me into a vicious circle of poor progress, want of motivation to write and ever increasing self-doubt that ultimately pushed me away from writing and making excuses for not doing it…

The wisdom dawned upon me when I got some severe criticism about my first work. I went into a mode of more self-doubt. Thinking about whether I would ever be able to write again or not. But, instead of going back into the comforting cocoon, I preferred challenging myself. I became my own self-critique and started assessing my work from a reader’s eye.

This indeed helped me a lot. I took it up as a challenge. I went through a number of online resources, read books on writing, attended creative writing workshops, and took writing coaching. And, then after gathering all the information I wrote one more book. And the package that came out after months of hard work was indeed the one I was proud of.

But it took me three years to reach this stage. For an author their best book is always the one that’s getting published next! So watch out for this one that is being released this October…I digress…

Anyways coming back to the point, you see how long my writing journey was. Three years of hard work. And that is the time most of the people will take if they do things on their own…But I’m not telling you all this to scare you about the entire “writing process”. I am telling you all this because you don’t have to wait that long as I am here to help you.

I will teach you how you can cut short the three years of the learning process to just 30 – 60 days. (Depending on what you choose to write)

This is your chance to learn how to write a book from the scratch…

In this introductory session you will learn:

1. How to choose what to write.
2. How to beat the “writers block”
3. Outlining your work for sure shot progress
4. How to write 500 words per day
5. Sticking to your schedule and finishing your first manuscript on time.

The focus is to help you complete your first work and did I mention this is absolutely FREE till October 15th 2017.

So all you gotta do is sign up by entering your details below and save the slot to book your seat in the next step. Don’t miss this chance or be left behind…

Take action now and click the button below to start your sure shot journey as an author.

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