How to Become More Social and Outgoing – Tips for Introverts

I’d been a secluded child since my early childhood days. As time passed, I became more and more private, always confined in my room. Parties and crowded events became my constant enemies. However, as I grew older it didn’t take much time for me to realize that my introvert characteristics are dominating my personal growth and overshadowing a major part of my personality.

How to Overcome an Introverted Personality

Social interactions are essential for overall self-growth and self-development. You can’t speak in public and a public-speaking fear will overtake you and mask all your inner abilities and worthiness if you haven’t interacted with people before.

It’s clear now that even though if you’re an introvert, you need to inculcate the extrovert characteristics to gain authority and reputation in your area of expertise.

Being introvert or extrovert is someone’s personality trait and it’s just a part of a wide range of strengths and weaknesses collectively. This means that none of us is either completely extrovert or introvert. However, there are fair chances that one characteristic is constantly commanding over the other giving you an overall impression of a social or an unsocial person.

So, how do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert? Well, it’s fairly easy – by identifying your general behavior and characteristics in public and personal spaces.

Characteristics of an Extrovert:

  • Social people are outgoing in nature and behavior
  • They hate the idea of being alone
  • They don’t like doing lonesome jobs, something that involves constant attention
  • They prefer dealing people and love doing things like planning an event, organizing a party or a get-together
  • Last but not the least they have lots of friends. In fact, they are friends to everyone.

Characteristics of an Introvert

  • They are loners. They live in the world of their own and prefer being alone
  • They hate going out. Their favorite activities are reading, sketching, painting, writing, watching television, curling up in the bed, catching sleep, cooking, baking
  • They avoid getting involved in group activities such as debates, planning an event or going out in groups
  • Things that introverts really like to do and are undoubtedly good at are painting, writing, sculpting, gardening etc.
  • Introverts tend to avoid people they randomly meet on streets, coffee shops, or at school or college
  • Introverts generally feel anxious and fearful when making public appearances. They often have to deal with stage fear and social anxiety

How to Overcome an Introverted PersonalityYou see the difference here. Studies suggested that many prolific authors, painters, and artists were introvert. Although networking is quite a task for introverts, they are masters in their own skills. Because of their serious nature, they can focus more constructively. They are more creative. They are thinkers and have the charisma of achieving invincible things.

But there are certain scenarios when introverts need to balance things. They need to mingle up, socialize, network with others to showcase their talents and let the world know about them.

If you’re an introvert, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take the charge.


 Can You Change from Introvert to Extrovert

Being an introvert, social interaction doesn’t come as a god’s gift to you but you have to develop qualities that can make you tackle certain of your unsocial behavior flawlessly.

Read the following points carefully. And, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand how introverts can become more extrovert and turn the tide in their favor by utilizing their inner strengths.

  • Find out your inner strengths. Find out what you are good at
  • Keep in mind you live in a free country. Exercise your powers of freedom of expression and speech. You’re free to agree or disagree. Avoid anxiety and give yourself a fair chance of being heard
  • Introspect yourself in non-public hours. Analyze your behavior and practice speaking as you stand in front of a mirror. Focus on your facial expression and body language. It should be pleasing and friendly. Imagine you’re not talking to your reflection but someone whom you’ve just met
  • Utilize mental clarity when required to be assertive in public than to avoid the situation. Speak up if you think you have something that people should know
  • Create opportunities to work with people and engage with them. Talk less, hear more, and simply score when the opportunity arises (beat where the extroverts miss)
  • When in groups – appreciate the difference of opinion, heterogeneity, and chaos before making your point and taking a stand
  • Research and contemplate on what people think and say – learn things as soon as you exit from your thought process

These are a few quick tips that introverts need to practice on an every day basis to gain confidence, improve their networking skill, and overcome the fear of public speaking.




Mariyam Hasnain lives in the Garden City of Bangalore, India with her husband and son. She writes both sweet and clean contemporary romance as well as dark and steamy passionate romance. Her engaging plots portray strong independent women and rugged alpha men who beat the predictable, display deep emotions and courageously overcome extraordinary circumstances. Discover the intriguing and unusual side of romance with her bestselling books! (You will always want to read more...)

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