How to Become an Accomplished Article Writer

Article writers are in great demand. As fresh and unique content is necessary for blogs, websites, newsletters, and business e-mails, the Internet offers immense opportunities for the article writers.

If you have an ability to research and compose your ideas into crisp and readable articles, you can think of article writing. It’s a decent source of income generation. To become a successful article composer, you need to understand your market and figure out where your writing abilities fit well.

How to be an Author and Make Money

Professional Writers

These people are skilled and highly efficient. They write for newspapers, magazines, and various other sorts of formal publications.  Professional writers are required to have a high level of aptitude and knowledge, earning more than $0.10 per word. They possess skills – writing about a particular topic and have plenty of years of writing experience about a particular subject.

Web optimization Writers or SEO Writers

Web optimization authors are at the base of the quality food chain. Search engine optimization includes utilizing specific words in a site’s content to help the site rank better in the search engines for that keyword. This type of content generation is focused more on the search engine indexing as compared to readers’ engagement. These articles are frequently slapped together and are deficient in quality, may contain poor sentence structure, and are regularly composed by somebody whose first language is not English.

How to Become a Successful writer onlineArticle Writers

These are the folks who fall right in the center between professional writers and SEO writers. Better writers will request rates that are higher, while the individuals who are naïve and building up their abilities will earn comparatively less. Rates will fluctuate anywhere from around $0.02 to $0.10 per word depending upon the subject and the skill quotient of the writer.

How to Become a Successful Writer Online

In the event that you want to become an article composer you have to find your customers, then you can begin. These customers can be found on various sites where website administrators go to search for services, as well as various online forums. Some of the most prominent websites to discover article composing work are:


You can even check and if you’re quite new at writing and want to make some money as you hone your writing skills.

Once you have acquired the job, you are supposed to compose an article in light of the criteria set out by the customer. You should ensure the article is of high quality, unique, and free of any spelling and grammar mistakes. Obviously, each one of your articles must be your own write-up. Plagiarism or stealing someone else’s content is a criminal offense. Also, spinning someone else’s work will earn you bad reputations, so be original and honest. Complete your task, send it off to the customer, and get paid. As your skills and knowledge increase and as you become recognized your business will also increase.

Happy Writing!



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