Goa – How to Have a Fun-Filled Romantic Holiday on the Beach

A couple of years ago we were in Goa. That was the first time when I was so close to the ocean. I got to spend a lot of time with the beautiful and alluring Arabian Sea, gazing at it sitting on the shore.

I enjoyed each and every moment of my time spent there. It’s such a beautiful and romantic place, and I think every couple should visit the sea city once in a lifetime.

There’s something so peculiar about the rustic towns and villages of the state. The Konkani culture, the flavor bursting coastal cuisine, tourists flooded bright and charming streets, roadside restaurants serving all kinds of mouthwatering delicacies, both Indian and continental are the main Goa tourist attractions that shouldn’t be missed, not if you’re living in or visiting India.

So, guys if you love traveling and exploring the new culture, food, and lifestyle, I bet you won’t regret. In fact, you would be amazed seeing people drunk with the sheer spirit of fun and loads and loads of it. It’s in the air.

Goa – Lover’s Paradise, the Best Holiday Destination

Though the union territory is a hub spot of all sorts of fun activities and a romantic holiday destination for tourists from across the world, if you’re visiting the place for the first time, you need to do your homework and check for hotels in Goa. There is quite a lot of information available on the Internet. You can browse through any Goa travel guide.  You can even google – Goa tourist places or Goa trip package or something like Goa sightseeing or Goa tourism hotels for more information about lodging and boarding.

It’s better you plan your holidays in advance and keep things easy. It’s good if you make a hotel reservation in advance if you’re planning a trip during the peak season, i.e., somewhere from November to January. There are many affordable and luxurious resorts in Goa. You can check their packages and deals and any complimentary offers like breakfast in bed or ferry tour before making any reservations.

Goa hotelsGoa tourism industry has seen a tremendous boom in the recent years because the city serves as an affordable yet luxurious holiday destination for backpackers, honeymoon couples, families, and folks looking for some water sports.

The climate of the sea city is a year-round temperate climate, and days get really hot during summer months of April and May, so better you plan accordingly and pack your baggage depending on the season.

Since the state is known for its picturesque white sand beaches, the best thing to do once you’re in the coastal city is to spend as much time as you can near the ocean, soaking in the sun.

In my opinion, the best month to visit the romantic hot spot is December when there’s a little chill in the sea breeze. The two benefits of visiting the city in December is that you can leisurely spend plenty of time on the beach without getting sunburned plus you can be a part of the festive activities of Christmas and New Year that bustle every year during the months of December and January.

I visited the tiny town of Varca during the month of December, just after Christmas. We celebrated New Year there. Though it’s a different thing that instead of partying hard all night, we preferred to go for a candlelit dinner.

A few memories of my days spent in the tiny coastal state of India are still fresh in my mind, especially those I spent along the coast. And, now since I’ve started writing a blog, there wouldn’t be any better place to share those cherished reminiscences with my friends. So, here goes the poem that really makes me nostalgic about my visit to lover’s paradise.

The sun is going down. The sea is shimmering brown

If there’s any light – Your eyes shine so bright.

The depth of the ocean is great. The waves try to communicate.

If there’s any sound – Your heartbeat profound.

I hear it amidst the murmuring, collapsing waves

The dancing waves, the singing waves.

I hear it amidst the chirps of the birds and insects

The chattering sparrows and the serenading crickets

Soon, The wind blows hard and the sky turns red

But, I stand still on the wet sand bed

The trees kiss each other. The moonlight spreads its milky glow

Oh! dear wind please blow slow

For I want to freeze the moments in my eyes as the sea’s song is sung,

A salty taste lingers on my tongue as my day at the sea is done

But, with you baby – I’m still undone.



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