COVER REVEAL – “The Naked Desire – A Rockstar Romance”

Do you think love is irrational, illogical, or absurd?


Do you think it is divine, pious, or heavenly?

What if you decide not to fall in love but then fall for it, unknowingly and unconditionally?

Will you be able to debunk the notions of practicality and logical thinking by falling for a person who you just don’t know anything about?

What happens when top Rockstar Ritika Patel falls for a sophisticated lawyer, Rehan Khan, without even knowing a thing about him?

And what destiny has in store for Rehan who thinks love is just a mirage. A beautiful illusion that veils the cruel reality of compromised and failed relationships.

Enjoy the drizzles of love as The Naked Desire is all set to warm up your heart this monsoon season.



Release Date- July 20, 2018



Now hold your breaths tight for the Cover Reveal of The Naked Desire





















COVER REVEAL - “The Naked Desire – A Rockstar Romance”




Who knew the rock diva would fall for a conservative attorney?

Ritika Patel is the heartthrob of millions of young Indians. Catapulted to fame, the singing sensation is learning to adapt to the rock star lifestyle… including insane dependence on sex, drugs, and alcohol, when she meets Rehan Khan.

Ending each night with a different man in bed, Ritika’s hookup with Rehan was just a sweet little one nighter until she finds out she can’t get over the sophisticated lawyer.

As for Rehan, commitment and relationships have no place in his life. His one-night fling with the rock diva is nothing more than a beautiful distraction and a way to exercise his desires. Yet, he finds himself lost in thoughts of her.

Will the two poles-apart individuals fight off their inner demons and let the cupid rule?


Will they stand together to face off love?

The Naked Desire is a Standalone Rockstar Romance Story that will set you on fire…


Exclusive Excerpt


With that last tattoo of a dragon done on my forearm, I was all set for my first ever concert as a singing pop star of the town.
My long-cherished dream would come true. Never in my whole life had there been a night when I didn’t dream of singing in front of a huge crowd of fans.

And I nailed it. My latest album hit the top ten Asian-American songs of the month.
Though I was no stranger to facing the media glare, performing in front of a live audience gave me goose bumps, just like we got before exams or job interviews.

I was running late, so I scrambled towards the elevator, got inside, and touched the ground floor button.

In haste, I couldn’t work out that the lift was going upstairs.

The less-than-minute long ride from second floor to fifth floor seemed like an irritating, never-ending journey. A journey that took me away from my goose-bump trigger.

The elevator reached the top floor, and a man entered. Worried about reaching the concert venue on time, I threw an irritated stare towards him.

God! My breath caught in my throat when I observed the specimen of manly perfection, standing mere feet from me.

He was gorgeous as hell and hot enough that just by looking at him I got a wet spot on my panties.

A thin dusting of hair across his broad jaw and a tangle of wayward brown curls pushed back on his head made him swoon-worthy.

It felt as if he either took a decent amount of time to set his hair, or got out of bed without even brushing a hand on his head.

Whatever it was, he looked damn gorgeous in a black suit that hugged his tall, broad-shouldered frame perfectly.

A little distraction seemed like a flight to heaven, and I enjoyed the ride downstairs with the man who took my breath away.

His commanding presence, his formal clothing of black suit and red tie, and the musky fragrance of his cologne ensnared my senses and filled my brain with all kinds of naughty thoughts.

What if I was marooned on an island with this handsome stranger? How about getting stuck in this elevator with this gorgeous man?

Hey, relax, Ritika. You have to perform in a few minutes.

Restraining my thoughts, I stopped ogling him and fixed my stare on the floor of the elevator.

I took a deep breath to stop the flickering butterflies flocking hard against my ribs, and closed my eyes to calm down my thumping heart.


Yeah, it’s good. I’m feeling much better.

With that, I opened my eyes.

Have I opened my eyes?

Holy shit!

I never thought the wish I had made two seconds ago would come true.

Yes, we had gotten stuck in the elevator.

Copyrights 2018 © Mariyam Hasnain


Releasing On July 20, 2018


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Mariyam Hasnain lives in the Garden City of Bangalore, India with her husband and son. She writes both sweet and clean contemporary romance as well as dark and steamy passionate romance. Her engaging plots portray strong independent women and rugged alpha men who beat the predictable, display deep emotions and courageously overcome extraordinary circumstances. Discover the intriguing and unusual side of romance with her bestselling books! (You will always want to read more...)

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