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I know you all are gearing up for the weekend. It’s Friday, and you must be having some plans for the evening.

The two much-talked about movies that are releasing today are Haseena Parkar and Newton. So, which one are you watching tonight?

If you would ask me, my choice would be Newton over Haseena Parkar because I would prefer Rajkumar over Shraddha Kapoor. Just kidding!

So, that was all about today’s new bollywood movie releases. Now, some of you perhaps prefer a silent dinner date rather than watching a movie.

That’s perfectly awesome. It’s a good way to rekindle your love if you have been married for quite some time. And, for bachelors and spinsters, there’s nothing like looking into their beloved’s eyes while a candle flicker in the cool evening breeze.

But, in case, on an off chance, if you aren’t doing either of these two, I would like you to join me on Facebook.

Because I really want to know you and talk to you. Yeah, I know, it’s a cover reveal event for RENEGADE, but for me it’s more like a LIVE interaction with my friends.

I’ll be there for one complete hour. We will chat and get to know each other. And in case you have any questions related to writing, not exactly novel writing but short story writing as well, I would love to answer them.

You know what, I recently secured a spot in Top 50 TOI Write India Season 2. My short story helped me achieve this recognition. If you would also like to participate in TOI and competitions similar to TOI but don’t know how to begin with, I will help you out.

Ask your questions. This is the golden chance if you want to begin writing. Make a list of your questions and keep it handy as you chat with me on Facebook.

Not only this, if you have any other questions that are not related to writing, you can ask them, and I would love to address them.

So, I think that’s it for now. Join me on Facebook today evening at 6 pm. I will wait for you.

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How To Get Your Book Published Within Next 30-90 Days!

Do you want to write a book but have no idea how to go about? Have you already written a few paragraphs and even a few pages and got stuck up with? Read this before you find yourself trapped in a maze of procrastination and self-doubt.

Writing is a mode of self-discovery and book writing requires a lot of discipline, patience, and self-motivation. It’s a lonely job. You got to come out of your comfort zone. You got to free yourself. You got to push yourself hard to reach a stage where thoughts flow freely.

Now, who the heck wants to do that much of hard work? Who wants to spend days (if you’re a homemaker) or nights (if you are in a day job) writing and writing and only writing?

Make no mistake writing is a tough job…But, if you are one of those aspiring authors who has got everything—the patience, the discipline, and the self-motivation but struggles with penning down your first book, I have got you covered.

Now, you must question who I am and what makes me qualified to give you this gyaan? Well, it’s my multiple years of writing and indie publishing in varied space in both fiction and non-fiction.

I recently secured a position in top 50 writers in an All India Level Competition (Times of India – Write India, Season 2). From experience and successfully indie publishing almost 50 books in different pen names, you can be assured that you are in good hands and that you will learn from someone who has been there and done that!

I was a naïve when I wrote my first book. I didn’t know there was so much needed to be done to make the book a product. A pretty package your audience can’t overlook.

After spending hours in front of my computer, writing, and revising endlessly, I couldn’t work out what lacks in my work, where do I lag behind…This took me into a vicious circle of poor progress, want of motivation to write and ever increasing self-doubt that ultimately pushed me away from writing and making excuses for not doing it…

The wisdom dawned upon me when I got some severe criticism about my first work. I went into a mode of more self-doubt. Thinking about whether I would ever be able to write again or not. But, instead of going back into the comforting cocoon, I preferred challenging myself. I became my own self-critique and started assessing my work from a reader’s eye.

This indeed helped me a lot. I took it up as a challenge. I went through a number of online resources, read books on writing, attended creative writing workshops, and took writing coaching. And, then after gathering all the information I wrote one more book. And the package that came out after months of hard work was indeed the one I was proud of.

But it took me three years to reach this stage. For an author their best book is always the one that’s getting published next! So watch out for this one that is being released this October…I digress…

Anyways coming back to the point, you see how long my writing journey was. Three years of hard work. And that is the time most of the people will take if they do things on their own…But I’m not telling you all this to scare you about the entire “writing process”. I am telling you all this because you don’t have to wait that long as I am here to help you.

I will teach you how you can cut short the three years of the learning process to just 30 – 60 days. (Depending on what you choose to write)

This is your chance to learn how to write a book from the scratch…

In this introductory session you will learn:

1. How to choose what to write.
2. How to beat the “writers block”
3. Outlining your work for sure shot progress
4. How to write 500 words per day
5. Sticking to your schedule and finishing your first manuscript on time.

The focus is to help you complete your first work and did I mention this is absolutely FREE till October 15th 2017.

So all you gotta do is sign up by entering your details below and save the slot to book your seat in the next step. Don’t miss this chance or be left behind…

Take action now and click the button below to start your sure shot journey as an author.

Writing Jobs – Read this Before You Choose Writing as a Career

Writing makes the world go round – If you don’t trust that simply take a look around you. Wherever you look, words are being used to tell a story, portray something, show us the way, give legal protection, furnish you with news, and the list goes on. Notwithstanding when you are watching the news, soap, or a movie, the storyline is made up of words – written or scripted by someone. The world is full of writing jobs.

Writers are in great demand. It’s a profession that will always remain in trend. No matter how modern or technologically advanced we become or where future takes us – words will always be required. If you’ve been considering a career as an author you’ve likely been asking yourself whether you have what it takes to be a successful author.

Becoming an accomplished writer goes more distant than simply having the correct training or formal education. A few people never go to college and have a god’s gift for writing. Others go to college obtain degrees in Journalism or English and think they have covered all the technical aspects of writing during their formal education, but don’t have the skills to compose any story. So, don’t choose writing on the mere basis of your educational qualifications.

We should start with a tough question here. Have you composed anything in your life that was published? Drew attention? Have you ever been involved with article writing? Narrated a story that others loved and engaged in? Here, we aren’t discussing paid gigs. Simply writing all in all. Is it true that you are a decent story teller? Do you do well at collecting facts and sharing that data with others? Pause for a moment to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

freelance writing
Fiction or Nonfiction – Choose What Interests You, What you want to read

A few people are fabulous fiction authors, while others are incredible journalists. Discover your specialty and pursue it. Try not to attempt to serve anything or everything. To have a passion in your composition that will attract readers, you have to write on things that interest you.

If you’ve been thinking about writing, it’s high time to get your feet wet. Take a plunge and begin. Don’t feel disappointed if you have a hard time getting any customer project in the beginning. There are tons of individuals calling themselves authors from around the world, thus potential customers have a tendency to be careful while hiring, particularly someone with no track record.

One approach to building a brand is to compose articles for one of the many article banks. Article writing is the first step before you begin with freelance writing and offer your services for various writing jobs online. The other approach is starting a blog. Regular blogging will help you gain a reputation over a period of time. Guest blogging is another way of building a portfolio.

Not everybody is good enough to be an expert author, yet who think they can’t be a successful writer, could be, if they just have faith in themselves.

That’s the end of today’s blog post. It’s kind of a blog marathon for me, posting every day. If you like what I write, please do comment.

It’s a great honor to listen from you. If you want to ask questions related to writing, publishing, and getting paid, please put them in the comment section below. I would be more than happy to answer them.


Poems: A Quick and Easy Way to Express Love

There are numerous approaches to express love, and the slightest used path in today’s busy way of life is by utilizing poems. Sonnets are a fun approach to express love without being excessively pushy.

Frequently, the females tend to find is extremely satisfying when love is communicated in sonnets. Getting away from reality allows the poets to convey themselves in an exceptionally “colorful” manner. It’s a fascinating fact that this rather old technique for conveying love appears to impress the younger generations, most likely in view of its novelty factor.

Utilizing the web as a perfect stage for communicating one’s self through poetry will permit the person to approach and impress the fairer sex through these lyrics. For folks who are quite shy in conveying their feelings in different ways, romantic poetry can help them to communicate without feeling any kind of inhibition.

Poems: A Quick and Easy Way to Express Love MariyamHasnain @mariyamsnPoetry writing is just another compelling method to tell your beloveds they are in your thoughts, and this obviously is quite ego-boosting and heartwarming.

Love sonnets can really permit the creative side of a person to be showcased. This is an incredible stage for a creative soul who is keen on wooing the opposite sex, as most of the time it will be seen in a better light and also the individual penning the lyrics does not need to worry about being mocked or lampooned face to face.

Expressing your affection towards somebody is something that you can do in various ways. One method for getting your emotions through to the other individual is by composing short love poems, but if you are not so handy with sonnets, you perhaps need to attempt composing love letters. As a last resort, you can simply record your sentiments and present them to your loved one. It’s true communicating feelings is harder but with little creative tricks, you can have the ability to do it instantly.

Here are some quick reference links to make you feel inspired penning down some romantic poetry of your own 🙂

Short Poetry for Him and Her

Beach Love

Romantic Poems and More

Happy Poem Writing!! 🙂


Do You Want to be a Successful Writer?

There are many explanations as to why someone wants to write. It could be either you want to express yourself with no intentions of publishing or it could be you want to make a career in this creative field.

Successful composers know how to convey themselves in a way that permits their readers to see, feel, and engage. They understand and explore a variety of ways to impress their readers. How about you accept this as a profession. How about you start working on it with an aim of becoming successful.

Becoming an Author Step by Step

In order to achieve this standard, you need to be extra cautious and committed to your work. The first thing you have to do is to build up your technique in such a way that it is enlightening about the world we live in. You can accomplish this by reading and understanding a wide range of subjects.

You can expand your knowledge:

  • By studying current affairs, history, and anthropology to human psychology, science and technology, and space
  • By keeping yourself well informed about the world and what’s happening around us
  • By taking notice of people’s opinions, and by investigating states of minds of people you meet on a day to day basis
becoming an author step by step
Coffee and Books – My True Friends

Next, you have to realize the significance of becoming an expert. To become an expert, you need the support of other experts. Start submitting your articles to various article banks. There are a number of article sites on the Internet. They will either accept or reject your work. If they reject, they will tell you the reason of rejection. This way you will come to know your weak areas. There are a number of article sites on the Internet. A simple search engine query will yield remarkable results. Although, I personally recommend as it is viewed as one of the leading article banks on the web.

To start with don’t continuously compose in only one field. Rather, attempt to explore a diverse range of subjects. This will help you in perceiving where your actual potential lies. Never limit yourself to a particular subject.

At the end, have some fun and enjoy your experience. Here are 5 quick tips to help you get started:

  • Utilize your life experiences to help you compose
  • Put your ideas into smaller pieces (make short notes, keep a journal)
  • Hone your observation skills by perceiving other people’s behaviors and body language
  • Exercise and execute professionalism in your day to day life. Acknowledge, understand, and analyze the situation before commenting. Think in leisure before you come to a conclusion or speak about anything
  • Read a lot this will help you improving your articulation skills. Write every day. That’s how you learn.


How to Become More Social and Outgoing – Tips for Introverts

I’d been a secluded child since my early childhood days. As time passed, I became more and more private, always confined in my room. Parties and crowded events became my constant enemies. However, as I grew older it didn’t take much time for me to realize that my introvert characteristics are dominating my personal growth and overshadowing a major part of my personality.

How to Overcome an Introverted Personality

Social interactions are essential for overall self-growth and self-development. You can’t speak in public and a public-speaking fear will overtake you and mask all your inner abilities and worthiness if you haven’t interacted with people before.

It’s clear now that even though if you’re an introvert, you need to inculcate the extrovert characteristics to gain authority and reputation in your area of expertise.

Being introvert or extrovert is someone’s personality trait and it’s just a part of a wide range of strengths and weaknesses collectively. This means that none of us is either completely extrovert or introvert. However, there are fair chances that one characteristic is constantly commanding over the other giving you an overall impression of a social or an unsocial person.

So, how do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert? Well, it’s fairly easy – by identifying your general behavior and characteristics in public and personal spaces.

Characteristics of an Extrovert:

  • Social people are outgoing in nature and behavior
  • They hate the idea of being alone
  • They don’t like doing lonesome jobs, something that involves constant attention
  • They prefer dealing people and love doing things like planning an event, organizing a party or a get-together
  • Last but not the least they have lots of friends. In fact, they are friends to everyone.

Characteristics of an Introvert

  • They are loners. They live in the world of their own and prefer being alone
  • They hate going out. Their favorite activities are reading, sketching, painting, writing, watching television, curling up in the bed, catching sleep, cooking, baking
  • They avoid getting involved in group activities such as debates, planning an event or going out in groups
  • Things that introverts really like to do and are undoubtedly good at are painting, writing, sculpting, gardening etc.
  • Introverts tend to avoid people they randomly meet on streets, coffee shops, or at school or college
  • Introverts generally feel anxious and fearful when making public appearances. They often have to deal with stage fear and social anxiety

How to Overcome an Introverted PersonalityYou see the difference here. Studies suggested that many prolific authors, painters, and artists were introvert. Although networking is quite a task for introverts, they are masters in their own skills. Because of their serious nature, they can focus more constructively. They are more creative. They are thinkers and have the charisma of achieving invincible things.

But there are certain scenarios when introverts need to balance things. They need to mingle up, socialize, network with others to showcase their talents and let the world know about them.

If you’re an introvert, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take the charge.


 Can You Change from Introvert to Extrovert

Being an introvert, social interaction doesn’t come as a god’s gift to you but you have to develop qualities that can make you tackle certain of your unsocial behavior flawlessly.

Read the following points carefully. And, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand how introverts can become more extrovert and turn the tide in their favor by utilizing their inner strengths.

  • Find out your inner strengths. Find out what you are good at
  • Keep in mind you live in a free country. Exercise your powers of freedom of expression and speech. You’re free to agree or disagree. Avoid anxiety and give yourself a fair chance of being heard
  • Introspect yourself in non-public hours. Analyze your behavior and practice speaking as you stand in front of a mirror. Focus on your facial expression and body language. It should be pleasing and friendly. Imagine you’re not talking to your reflection but someone whom you’ve just met
  • Utilize mental clarity when required to be assertive in public than to avoid the situation. Speak up if you think you have something that people should know
  • Create opportunities to work with people and engage with them. Talk less, hear more, and simply score when the opportunity arises (beat where the extroverts miss)
  • When in groups – appreciate the difference of opinion, heterogeneity, and chaos before making your point and taking a stand
  • Research and contemplate on what people think and say – learn things as soon as you exit from your thought process

These are a few quick tips that introverts need to practice on an every day basis to gain confidence, improve their networking skill, and overcome the fear of public speaking.



How to be a Successful News Writer – Journalism 101

Composing news stories is unique in relation to different sorts of writing. How about we observe as to how to be a good news writer?

How to be a Successful News Writer - Journalism 101Basic Rules of Journalism

  • The 5 W’s – All commendable news stories must incorporate a who, what when, where, and why. Ensure that you stress the 5 W’s in your story, clarifying less critical angles somewhat later.
  • The 1 H – Let’s not overlook the how in an intriguing news story.
  • Conflict – Good news stories always have strife or an angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues.
  • Quickness – Readers need to know why the story matters to them and they wouldn’t stick around long to discover, so ensure you reveal to them why early. This ought to be no less than 25 words and no more than 40 words. It is essential that this is clear and brief.
  • Specificity – News stories are generally a synopsis of occasions thus it is vital that they stay specific. If you write a detailed and wordy description of events, there are high chances that your readers skim the huge chunk of your story or even don’t bother to read further.
  • Know the Audience– When composing your story think what it is your reader already knows. For instance, if you are composing a breaking story your readers don’t want to know the details as compared to if you are composing a print story about something that has happened in the previous week.
  • Dynamic Sentence Structure – The utilization of strong verbs will make your writing fascinating. A passive composition can be dull and boring, and the reader probably will lose interest in the middle.
  • Genuineness – Your written work needs to convey what you guarantee it will.

Common Mistakes in News Writing

  • It – The word “it” is much abused. Run word find to make sure you are not using this one little word “it” over and over again.New writing tips and techniques
  • Unnecessary Words and Phrases – Have an eye for redundancy. Your space in your news story is restricted so don’t squander it with unnecessary words and phrases. Maintain a strategic distance from any messiness.
  • Ornamented Language or Purple Prose – This is a typical error many new authors make. Always stick to strong nouns and verbs and fewer adverbs and adjective.

Media Ethics – News Writing Tips and Techniques

  • Recognize your sources at whatever point you can
  • Cite your sources precisely
  • Abstain from being one-sided – differentiate advertising from news
  • Abstain from stereotyping
  • Guarantee your data is precise
  • Try not to contort the facts
  • Never copy. Be original.
  • Depend on the most current information and research to compose your story
  • Never change recordings or photographs

There you have it – these rules will help you to compose great news stories that will get readers’ attention!

Happy News Writing!


How to write better and get published

Do you write? Is your dream to become an accomplished writer? Awesome news! You can do it! Passion works wonders. If you have it, there’s no stopping. If you’re passionate about fiction, write it. If you wish to write facts, go for it. Find your niche, discover your specialty, figure out what you’re good at and give it a try. In case, you’re not sure about your niche, explore what interests you most and write about it.

There is a wide range of authors and not all authors write in different forms and genres. There are fiction authors, there are nonfiction authors. Then, there are historians, memoir authors, biography authors, romance authors and the list goes on and on. Likewise, there are authors who write books and ebooks, there are article writers and journalists who compose for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

In case you aren’t sure what interests you most and what you should write about, don’t forget that God has gifted humankind the instincts to explore and understand. Take some time out of your daily schedule and ponder upon things that you like to see on the TV, read in the newspaper, or browse the Internet. Is it fashion, showbiz, politics, or anything else? It could be reading fiction stories, novels or even reading self-help books or DIY guides.

How to start a career in freelance writingNow, you must question, my English is not good enough to compose an article or a book. I agree that a degree in English or journalism lays a solid foundation for building up a writing career, but it’s not generally vital. Like artists and musicians who have god-gifted talents, writers can have a natural born talent too.

Keep in mind the only person who has control over your dreams is you. So don’t trust or listen to others who perhaps tell you that you can’t do it or you don’t have the ability to do it. Listen to your heart, follow your yearnings, and transform your dream into a reality.

Being an expert author has a lot to offer you. What a rewarding career to pursue. You get to always express yourself, your thought, and your ideas. You can reach the masses; you can reach people’s hearts. You can connect with your readers and can flourish a bond. People will remember you by your work. And, all this comes along with a bounty of perks and recognition. There are authors who have booming careers in writing. There are no fixed writing career salaries. Similarly, there’s nothing like fiction writer salary. Authors and composers earn as much as they want, depending on their skills, expertise, experience, and the time they devote to writing.

In case you’re worried about getting your work published, the Internet is an incredible place, to begin with. Once you’re done with an article, submit it to various article banks. It’s free, and it offers unbelievable exposure. If your work is accepted, it will be put on numerous sites across the World Wide Web through the RSS Feeds of these article banks and brings you a hell lot of exposure.

In the event that your article is not up to the mark, the article bank will tell where you’re going wrong. This again helps you in honing your writing skills. is one such high traffic article bank that you can rely on and submit your work.

Try not to be reluctant to submit your articles to your local newspaper (if they have an open column sort of thing) and magazines. You never know – your article could be picked up. This will give you a tremendous amount of exposure and recognition, and you’ll get paid. That’s a win-win situation.

Try to conceive brand new ideas, think out of the box. Utilize the valuable resources accessible to you, follow your instincts, and realize your dream.

Happy Writing!


How to Become an Accomplished Article Writer

Article writers are in great demand. As fresh and unique content is necessary for blogs, websites, newsletters, and business e-mails, the Internet offers immense opportunities for the article writers.

If you have an ability to research and compose your ideas into crisp and readable articles, you can think of article writing. It’s a decent source of income generation. To become a successful article composer, you need to understand your market and figure out where your writing abilities fit well.

How to be an Author and Make Money

Professional Writers

These people are skilled and highly efficient. They write for newspapers, magazines, and various other sorts of formal publications.  Professional writers are required to have a high level of aptitude and knowledge, earning more than $0.10 per word. They possess skills – writing about a particular topic and have plenty of years of writing experience about a particular subject.

Web optimization Writers or SEO Writers

Web optimization authors are at the base of the quality food chain. Search engine optimization includes utilizing specific words in a site’s content to help the site rank better in the search engines for that keyword. This type of content generation is focused more on the search engine indexing as compared to readers’ engagement. These articles are frequently slapped together and are deficient in quality, may contain poor sentence structure, and are regularly composed by somebody whose first language is not English.

How to Become a Successful writer onlineArticle Writers

These are the folks who fall right in the center between professional writers and SEO writers. Better writers will request rates that are higher, while the individuals who are naïve and building up their abilities will earn comparatively less. Rates will fluctuate anywhere from around $0.02 to $0.10 per word depending upon the subject and the skill quotient of the writer.

How to Become a Successful Writer Online

In the event that you want to become an article composer you have to find your customers, then you can begin. These customers can be found on various sites where website administrators go to search for services, as well as various online forums. Some of the most prominent websites to discover article composing work are:


You can even check and if you’re quite new at writing and want to make some money as you hone your writing skills.

Once you have acquired the job, you are supposed to compose an article in light of the criteria set out by the customer. You should ensure the article is of high quality, unique, and free of any spelling and grammar mistakes. Obviously, each one of your articles must be your own write-up. Plagiarism or stealing someone else’s content is a criminal offense. Also, spinning someone else’s work will earn you bad reputations, so be original and honest. Complete your task, send it off to the customer, and get paid. As your skills and knowledge increase and as you become recognized your business will also increase.

Happy Writing!


How to Become an Accomplished Content Writer

Content creation is a decent approach to bring home a living. In any case, to do that you should be good at it. This article will give you a clear insight about content creating jobs from home.

A content creator gets the opportunity to enjoy working from home while in the meantime have new and intriguing ideas to create content on a regular basis. If the idea of becoming a successful content composer sounds interesting and something you perhaps want to do then read on.

How to Start a Writing Career with no Experience

Freelance writing jobs from home involve rigorously exercising your skill and expertise. Reading and writing on an everyday basis generally help, but what helps the most is research and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Following are the points that will help you focusing your energy on the key aspects of becoming a freelance content creator.

Search for spots where you can submit your work for publishing: There is a wide range of sites and portals where you can publish your work and get paid for the same. A few places pay you a sum of money for the work you do, others share a certain percentage of their earnings they make from your content. This simply implies the better your content, the more they earn, and the more you earn.

Three topmost freelance content writing sites where you can publish your work and generate a decent income are:

Content Writer Jobs from HomeBut before you try publishing on any user-generated content, revenue-sharing website or websites that pay the contributors for sharing their content, it’s better you do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the sites where you are trying to submit your work. Discover what they do with the content that is provided to them. Find out what type of content these sites host and check out the demographic details of the visitors checking out these sites.

Now, the next step is making your content search-engine friendly. A great content composer will concentrate on great keywords or catch phrases. He will invest the necessary time in examining the keywords and then produce ideas for his content that brings targeted traffic to the site.

The next thing that most of the content generators essentially do is keeping a tab on the deadlines. To become an accomplished content composer you need to keep yourself organized and aware of the due dates if you are working with customers. There are many places where you can discover customers, and the prerequisites of every customer are not the same.

A good content creator will provide error-free content. It has been found many times that when a person whose first language is not English uses words and phrases in the wrong context. Misused and misspelled words, repetitive phrases, wordiness, and incorrect grammar are some other issues. So ensure proper usage of English Language. Brush up your grammar and vocabulary, take up a crash course in English writing if required, get some self-editing tools and software like Grammarly or ProwritingAid to help you write correctly. You got the thought.

Content composition permits you to have a lot of flexibility about what you compose. It turns fascinating and remains like that over time. Compensation charges change depending on the quality of work, experience, topic, and customers. There are a number of sites where you can find customers, yet be cautious until you gained a recognition of a good content creator you perhaps need to work for significantly less. Be persistent – the compensation will grow as you gain experience transforming into a competent content composer over the period of time.

Disclaimer: The website addresses and the links in the post are for the readers’ convenience. I’m in no way endorsing neither the websites nor the hyperlinks.