Romantic Short Stories: Just Say Yes!

Hello, Friends! Well, I couldn’t keep myself from writing romantic short stories. Last week, I wrote two short stories. One for a contest entry and one for you. So, here’s your treat:

Title: Just Say Yes!

Tia Shumosky had a lustful eye for Belmont Girls High School’s Football Team coach.

The long-legged curved-abs Darcy was each girl’s eye candy. And, Tia knew it. Though she never devoured Darcy’s sex appeal, his curious glances on her during the middle of the practice sessions often raced her heartbeat.

Tia was not a shy girl. Bold and confident, she was the vice captain of her football team.

The only thing that stopped Tia from approaching Darcy was their age gap. Tia was a young 16-year-old teenager while Darcy was in his late twenties, perhaps pushing to thirties, single Dad.

Though their age gap never bothered Tia, she always remained apprehensive about Darcy’s thinking process. Besides that, Mrs. Bennett, the divorced Psychology professor who always buzzed around Darcy, also served as a major obstacle in flourishing something more than just a pupil-trainer thing between Tia and Darcy.

Tia wiped a hand over her sweaty brow, stuffed her towel in her sports bag, and tightened her shoelaces.

It’s now or never. I will ask him today.

She sipped water from her tumbler, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and headed where Darcy was relaxing after an adrenaline pumping football session.

“How are you, Mr. Darcy?”

He gazed at her, his eyes crinkling under the beaming sun. “Ms. Shumosky. You’re still here? Don’t have classes today?”

“Yeah… I was… kind of…”

He smiled as he sensed the shakiness of her voice. “Yeah, you were… kind of… what Ms. Shumosky.”

Oh, come on Tia. Ask him. It’s now or never.

“Actually, as you know, today was the last day of our football practice session. From tomorrow onwards, exams are starting and then holidays…”

“Yeah… so… that happens every year. Nothing new in that Ms. Shumosky.”

“Actually, Mr. Darcy I was thinking if I can… I mean if you can take me… I mean if we can go out somewhere. I don’t know when I see you next.”

He smiled as he rolled up the white socks on his firm calves “Next year Ms. Shumosky. We’ll meet at the start of the next sports session.”

She muttered under her breath. “If you know I’m graduating this year.”

“Oh… I see.”

His narrow eyes landed on Tia, and her heart skipped a beat. “Do you wanna go on a date with me before your graduation?”

“Kind of… only if you want.”

He rubbed a hand over his chiseled jaw and smiled. “Why don’t you come home, and I’ll cook something for you…”

“Oh, that’s great Mr. Darcy.” Her heart raced as butterflies fluttered harder in her belly.

“Cool. So, today in the evening. Dinner time? Will that be fine with you?”

She bubbled with a wide grin. “Perfect… I’ll be there at six.”

“Sure… see you in the evening.”


“Maggie she’s your new ballet teacher?”

Darcy smiled as he introduced his 5-year-old daughter to Tia.

“I’m sorry Tia I was trying to ask you this for a long time. It would be great if you can teach ballet to Maggie. I hope you won’t mind that.”

A mixture of nervousness and excitement washed over her.

Wow…. I hit the jackpot.

“No… not at all Mr. Darcy. I would love to. It would be great if I can help her learn to dance. She’s so young. This is the perfect time for a start.”

Tia was on cloud nine when Darcy and Maggie both dropped her home after dinner.

She couldn’t realize that even Darcy wanted to see her every day. Ballet was just an excuse. He wanted Tia to spend time with his daughter so they got to know each other and who knew this could lay a foundation of a new relationship between Tia and Darcy. Something more than just a pupil-trainer thing.


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Romantic Short Stories, Week #5, It’s Never Too Late

A big Hi to all romance lovers out there. It’s Monday again folks but keep the blues away. Feel romantic, feel inspired with yet another flash from a pool of short romantic stories.

Today’s flash is all about love, loss, and hope.

Week #5

Title: It’s Never Too Late

She would sit on the bench at the bus stop. The same stop from where I used to catch my bus to my workplace, a computer hardware repair shop.

Gracefully dressed in a flowery dress with her burgundy-dyed hair tied in a neat bun, an umbrella in one hand and a book in other, she was waiting for the bus?

No. I could say that because I’d observed her one whole day.

It was Sunday evening. I visited the bus stop out of curiosity to see if she was there or not. And, she was there.

People came and went but she didn’t go anywhere, just kept on sitting there.

The sun played hide and seek with the clouds, and a few moments later it started raining heavily. I couldn’t see her umbrella. Perhaps, she forgot to bring it that day, but, luckily, I had mine.

Crossing the road, I reached the bench. She smiled at me.

“Hello, Miss.” I sat next to her, covering both of us under my umbrella.

“Radha. You can call me by my name.”

I hesitated to call her by name.

“Oh. Don’t mind. This is the problem with this young generation. I have a niece of your age, and she calls me by my name.”

“Oh Okay, Radha. So, How are you?”

“I’m fine young boy. Can’t you see- healthy like a horse.” A toothless grin wrinkled the corners of her eyes.

“Where do you live?” I asked looking at her while she drifted her stare from my face to the rain-swept road. Water droplets played pitter patter on the flimsy tin roofing of the bus stop as the evening crowd thinned and people ran to shelters.

“Just a couple of blocks away, down the road.” She gestured towards the left side.

short romantic stories,“Great. I see you here every day. Aren’t you planning to go somewhere, are you? I probably can help you. I have a bus timetable handy, on my mobile phone. Do you mind sharing me where you want to go, and I can tell you which number bus goes to which place.”

“Oh son, I’m waiting for someone.”

“Waiting for someone? Who and How long you’re going to wait?” I asked looking at the almost deserted road.

“Till the sun down. He promised me he’ll come with the moon.”

“Come with the moon?” I couldn’t understand and shot another question. “Do you wait here every day?”


The comforting tone of her voice piqued up my curiosity.

“For how long you’ve been waiting?”

“For the past forty years.” She cleared her throat.

I couldn’t ask anything else. We sat there for a while in silence, gazing at the wet road.

The rain subsided. I requested the old woman to keep my umbrella and promised her that I’ll take it back the next day.

On my way home, inconspicuous thoughts about the old woman and the person she was waiting for clustered my mind.

“Excuse me.”

I heard a male voice, footsteps approaching. I turned around and noticed an old man walking in my direction. He stopped at a hand’s distance from me.

Head covered in a leather flat cap, wearing a raincoat, he smiled looking at me.

“Hello! Young man. Can I walk with you a couple of steps?”

“Oh yeah. Sure, of course.”

For a moment, I hesitated but then started walking along with him.

After talking about inconsequential things like where I live, what I do, he asked, “So, What did Radha told you?”

“You know her?” A thousand volts of electric current hit me like a thunderbolt.

“Yeah. I used to love her. In fact, I still love her.”

“Oh, so she was waiting for you?”



“She was waiting for my brother whom she loved, but he cheated on her, married another woman, rich and spoiled, who later cheated on him. They divorced after a few years of their marriage. He regretted cheating on Radha and couldn’t muster the courage to face her. He couldn’t face the reality of life and killed himself by overdosing on his antidepressants a couple of years after his divorce. Coward he.”

“And you? I asked smugly.

“A coward too. I could never express my feelings to her just kept on seeing her from afar.”

“Cowards never confide their weaknesses. Perhaps, you waited for the right time. Perhaps, now is the time.”

“Yes, you’re right. It’s never too late.”

And with that, he turned back and exited the street. I stood there, smiling, hearing his thumping steps of triumph.


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Romantic Short Stories Week #3: Ex-flames

Here come’s Monday, and the time is 11:30 IST. And now as we march to a new month, here’s another short romantic story. This week’s flash is about rekindling the lost love. Hope you like it.

Week #3

Title: Ex-flames

I sit on the sofa and gaze out the window. Thick Gulmohar trees laden with the new foliage sway under the golden sun.

Today is going to be my last day in Vivek’s house. I’m going to embrace a new life. He did not react much when I mentioned him that we need to separate our ways. Anyways, he does not want kids yet, and I wonder if he just wants to remain in the second stage all his life.

Chirps of sparrows play a soothing serenade. Thin white clouds shift in the sky as the cold morning breeze blows in through the front window of the living room. A pair of pigeon perches on the window sill, one holding a dry twig in his beak.

“Life has four stages – the first stage where a person is completely dependent on others. It is the childhood stage.

The second stage is where a person discovers himself. It’s a stage of trial and error. He tries, learns from his mistakes, and makes choices. He starts believing in himself but also believes in materialistic success to be happy – money, wealth, accolades.

The third stage is when an individual thinks about leaving a legacy. It could be anything – a breakthrough innovation, an extraordinary product, or a happy adorable family.

And finally, stage four which is all about holding on what a person has achieved.”

I still remember these lines of Mr. Mathews. He used to teach us Philosophy in college. He was a character. Long hair with streaks of silver. The overgrown beard that he rarely used to trim. Irrespective of the trends, he would always wear beige colored baggy pants and a loose T-shirt. He perhaps was in his late forties, but his attire and appearance made him look ten years older than his actual age.

short romantic stories,mariyamhasnain.comThe fragrant wind blowing into the room caresses my cheeks bringing back some more old memories. Memories – I try to forget, erase, burn but even after so many years, they are still fresh in my mind.

As soon as I close my eyes and rest my head against the back of the couch, a pair of deep dark eyes shines in the abyss. Teenage love is not easy to forget.

His name, image, touch everything remain so fresh in my mind.

It’s been more than ten years being married to Vivek, but there has been something always amiss.

I wonder if rekindling the lost love is a good idea. Anyways, I won’t be having Vivek with me tonight.

I trace Ray on Facebook. And, within a couple of minutes, he accepts my friend request asking my whereabouts.

He never married. I can’t deny I still love Ray and so he. Oh my God how we have so much craving for each other even when ten years have passed. The flames of unfulfilled love still burn our souls, and we don’t have to convince each other of anything or reason anything. We just want to be together.


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Poems: A Quick and Easy Way to Express Love

There are numerous approaches to express love, and the slightest used path in today’s busy way of life is by utilizing poems. Sonnets are a fun approach to express love without being excessively pushy.

Frequently, the females tend to find is extremely satisfying when love is communicated in sonnets. Getting away from reality allows the poets to convey themselves in an exceptionally “colorful” manner. It’s a fascinating fact that this rather old technique for conveying love appears to impress the younger generations, most likely in view of its novelty factor.

Utilizing the web as a perfect stage for communicating one’s self through poetry will permit the person to approach and impress the fairer sex through these lyrics. For folks who are quite shy in conveying their feelings in different ways, romantic poetry can help them to communicate without feeling any kind of inhibition.

Poems: A Quick and Easy Way to Express Love MariyamHasnain @mariyamsnPoetry writing is just another compelling method to tell your beloveds they are in your thoughts, and this obviously is quite ego-boosting and heartwarming.

Love sonnets can really permit the creative side of a person to be showcased. This is an incredible stage for a creative soul who is keen on wooing the opposite sex, as most of the time it will be seen in a better light and also the individual penning the lyrics does not need to worry about being mocked or lampooned face to face.

Expressing your affection towards somebody is something that you can do in various ways. One method for getting your emotions through to the other individual is by composing short love poems, but if you are not so handy with sonnets, you perhaps need to attempt composing love letters. As a last resort, you can simply record your sentiments and present them to your loved one. It’s true communicating feelings is harder but with little creative tricks, you can have the ability to do it instantly.

Here are some quick reference links to make you feel inspired penning down some romantic poetry of your own 🙂

Short Poetry for Him and Her

Beach Love

Romantic Poems and More

Happy Poem Writing!! 🙂


Top 5 Romantic Dresses for the Day Out

This Valentine’s Day when we planned a day outing, I scratched my head as I stood in front of my closet. There was nothing to wear.

Does this happen with you where you have to go on a romantic date and you find nothing to wear? It happens to me most of the times.

Women are busy stuffing their wardrobes with plenty of evening gowns and cocktail dresses so much so, there’s no room or money left for a couple of romantic casual dresses.

You must be wondering what I wore for the day outing. Well, I ended up donning a pair of leggings and a loose T-shirt, not my favorites, though.

That very time, I decided I would invest some money in love shopping. Love shopping doesn’t mean buying gifts for your boyfriend or husband but for yourself. Isn’t it great? After all, women love shopping. And, when it comes to buying something for ourselves, a mere thought thrills us.

The next day, I did a little research and chose five romantic dresses I can wear for a romantic day outing. If you also face similar situation often, it’s time to give your wardrobe a complete makeover by donating old clothes and adding some love dresses to it.

Here are the five romantic day dresses I’m thinking of buying. How about you?

  • Floral Printed Straight Pants: Feminine and absolutely romantic, floral prints and patterns never lose their appeal. Instead of palazzos, go for floral printed straight pants this season. Team them up with matching T-shirt or blouse. White goes with everything. A vibrantly colored cotton straight pant can be teamed up well with a half-sleeved white blouse or a T-shirt. You’ll look sexy and spunky.
  • Skirts and Wraparounds: If you live near the beach, these are perfect for those long walks. Knee-length or ankle-length A-line skirts or trim wraparounds are enough to make a man weak in his knees.
  • Frocks: Flowing frocks can compliment all shapes and sizes and best of all, they fit every budget. Go for vibrant hues and floral prints. A brightly shaded frock will make you feel bold and confident.
  • Bodycon Dresses: You can also opt for body-hugging slim fit dresses. Go for a detailed neckline and accessorize it with a bracelet. Pair your outfit with matching heels and you’re all set for a sunny outing.
  • Jeans or Leggings: If you want to play it safe, a pair of blue jeans is evergreen. You can team it up with either plain or printed casual shirt, some dangling earring and you are ready for a carefree romantic day out.

I hope you agree with my picks. If you want to add anything or don’t agree with what I have chosen, please leave a reply. I would love to have some suggestions for my love shopping.

Bye for Now. Happy Shopping, I correct myself Happy Love Shopping!!

How to solve the biggest problems with trust

Love and trust always go hand in hand. If you love a person you must trust a person. Then, what is the major cause of trust issues? If a person who is in a relationship thinks that his or her partner is continuously sneaking around or keeping secrets or maybe has even been discovered being unfaithful, this can harm the trust in a relationship.

Many times in magazines or in groups, we read or hear someone say I have trust issues with my boyfriend or girlfriend. But, do we exactly know how to deal with trust issues and insecurity, especially if your partner has cheated on you. Well, the question is so easy to be asked, the answer is quite complicated.

Trusting each other can be the strongest reason for a healthy and loving bond between individuals. If at any stage of your relationship that trust is broken, not only it leaves the one partner feeling betrayed, heartbroken, and disappointed, the other partner also feels utterly terrible and guilty.

These signs of trust issues and negative feelings can prompt to different problems inside the relationship, including lack of communication and a deep feeling of insecurity.

Building a relationship and acquiring someone’s trust and respect require a significant amount of time, particularly after finding your partner involved in an alleged out of the relationship affair or hiding a lie from you. No one but you can know whether you find yourself strong enough to pardon a major rupture in trust.

In the event that you do choose to forgive your partner and think of rebuilding the relationship, you should know that you’re not going to toss the rudeness back onto the face of your partner at every single chance. Once you’ve decided you’re forgiving your partner for his or her mistake, you should be very attentive about your actions. This shouldn’t be the case that you’re going to hurt them by reminding them of the past and sarcastically taunting them about their mistakes. These gestures of yours can further aggravate the problems instead of building the lost bond.

Repairing the Rift – How to Overcome Trust Issues After Being Cheated on

how to stop being insecure in a relationshipIn the event that the trust in your relationship has been broken down, attempting to stick to your boyfriend or girlfriend or not letting them out of your sight is not going to improve things. You’ll perhaps end up strangulating the other individual and making them feel choked. Your own insecurities and fears make the issue even more problematic leading to a lack of trust. This is a fatal situation, spiraling into a vicious cycle. It’s like you’ve broken my trust – now suffer or you’ve broken my trust now I’ll break yours. Your tit for tat strategy is not going to work when it comes to rebuilding the lost trust and flourishing the love bond once again in your relationship.

Holding resentment and reminding your accomplice about their conduct routinely is likewise a sign that you’re not willing to excuse and move forward. Your partner may start to feel just as it’s very hard in case you’re not willing to take a shot at more positive approaches to get past an awful situation.

Positive talks and emotional support are essential when you’re attempting to patch-up. To some extent, assume the best about your partner. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a benefit of doubt. If he or she is really sorry about the behavior and appears to be sincerely remorseful about it, then quite possibly it was a mistake and won’t be committed again.

Besides these, there are circumstances where perhaps it’s not quite possible to rebuild the trust. If such is the case, it’s better you decide whether you want to be in the relationship or not. At the end, only you can decide if you’re ready to forgive a breach of trust or walk out of the relationship.


Love Tips for Girls and Boys – How to Overcome Insecurity and Weakness

Winning Over the Insecurity – Tips for Love Relationship

Insecurity can be detrimental to any relationship, no matter how healthy and loving bond you share. Moreover, it can turn disastrous if expressed in a wrong way.

A great number of people on the earth have sentiments of weakness and insecurities about some aspects of their lives; however, they regularly don’t permit it to crush loving bonds and relationships.

But in some cases, there are folks who think a little too much about these things and can put a strain on even the best of partnerships. If you think you’re the one, some simple love tips for girls and boys can help you unburden the load you’re unknowingly putting on your relationship.

All you need to do is to follow the best advice on love to rekindle the lost passion and bring back the old charm and enthusiasm in your romantic affair.

Love and Relationship Advice for Women and Men

Insecurities attack your brain in the form of various mental conflicts. The first and foremost of these conflicts are about your look and appearance. You often think you aren’t good looking or pretty enough for your partner. You tend to reflect this inner conflict through your body language and behavior. You appear irritable, unapproachable, shy, or hesitant around your loved one.

Love tips for girlsIf you tend to often exhibit this kind of behavior, there’s a huge likelihood that your boyfriend perhaps believes you’re repeatedly asking for compliments, needing him to reassure you all the time that you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are. A few men think about this as an indication of weakness and lack of self-confidence, which many times compel them to step out of your life as nobody wants to be with a person who constantly needs praising.

Another harmful part of feeling insecure is that it compels you to believe that your significant other is doing something useless or unimportant or whiling his time away with other women, especially, if he’s not with you. Your mind paints clear pictures of him seeing other ladies the minute he’s out of your sight. This happens because in some corner of your heart you think you’re not good enough for him.

When you go up against him about these envisioned instabilities, he’s stunned and insulted in light of the fact that he thought things were going so well. All he hears is that you doubt who he was with, what he was doing and demanding clarifications for things he hasn’t done wrong.

This form of mental conflict triggers a feeling of insecurity that has the potential of breaking even the most loving and strongest bond the two individuals share on earth.

Lack of Romance in a Relationship – How to Rekindle the Fire by Mending the Rift

In all likelihood, your accomplice would have been attracted to you since you appeared like a fun, cheerful, free individual. When you start to change and attempt to stick to him or her with an end goal to ensure they’re not going to abandon you, this can frequently enough to make them feel different about you.

The number one greatest thing you can do to settle a crack brought on by your insecure feelings is to invest some time building your self-confidence and your self-esteem on your own. It’s not your lover’s business to make you feel happy about the way you look, act, or dress. It’s not your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s job to make you feel good.

Those are your duties alone and only you’ve got the courage and resolve to give yourself consent to be happy and satisfied with the person you exactly are.

Your partner wanted to be with you because he or she was attracted to your looks, to the person you are, to your personality. If you let your mental conflicts dominate the thinking abilities and emotions of your brain, you’ll be surprised by the disastrous outcome. You’ll be amazed by your own transformation from a fun loving happy person to a weak, nagging, irritable mess. You won’t be the same person anymore, the person with whom your partner fell in love with.