Here’s How I Fell In Love With My New Summer Sandals

Do you change your wardrobe with the season? I guess you do. Perhaps, you donate your old clothes of the passing-by season and buy new ones. But, do you do the same thing with your shoes and sandals also? If not, you’re missing the latest trends in footwears.

And, do you know what is trending in shoes and sandals this summer. Yeah, these are super comfortable and uber cool flip-flops. Besides these, there’s something even more unique has come up in the market in the range of summer shoes and accessories.

Recently, during a handicraft exhibition, I spotted something pretty amazing for my summer feet. And, without thinking for a second, I bought it. Can you guess what’s that? These are hand-made eco-friendly barefoot sandals.

Here's How I Fell In Love With My New Summer Sandals, barefoot sandals,

From shoes to no shoes, barefoot sandals define the current craze of the season. With celebs sporting their open-toe shoes everywhere, going barefoot might be the next style statement, especially for those who love sunbathing and enjoying the summer heat on the beach like me.

As flip flops are the new fashion trend this summers, barefoot sandals seem to be the perfect beach wear this season. Be it beach wedding, poolside party, or any other occasion, you can either team them up with shoes or just go bare feet with these boho style sandals decorating the top of your feet.

The sandals are just perfect for any barefoot activity, for instance, yoga, dancing, pilates, sunbathing, hippie wedding or beach wedding. These hand-made fashion sandals are made up of 100% cotton yarn with decorative beads. The anklet sandals stretch to fit around your ankle and toe and beautifully complement your bare feet. These sandals are the perfect foot jewelry for summers and one size fits all, so you need not worry about the size if you order them online.

Go crazy this summer. Flaunt your style and oomph with your favorite pair of barefoot sandals.


What Women Want? Good Looks or A Good Heart

Do you read romance novels? Have you checked the recently released romance books? If yes, you must have noticed, if not all, most of these romance books have nude male models flaunting their muscles and chests on their front covers. Often tattooed.

If you buy any of these books, there’s a high likelihood the hero suffers from alpha machoism syndrome.

Most of the times, the romance writers get so busy describing the chest, abs, ass, and even penises of their heroes, they lost it for making them believable. Often, the alpha male dominance overshadows the emotional aspects of a man’s heart. Something that any woman loves to explore and understand.

So, today apart from alpha machoism I’ll tell you what are the other things I will love to read about in a male protagonist or look for in any sexy good looking man or what women want

  • His weaknesses
  • The vulnerable side of his personality
  • His failures, and what he has learned from them
  • How he deals with his insecurities
  • His confidence
  • His funny side
  • Love and care he gives to his woman
  • His contribution to the society

These are the things which I look out for in any male protagonist apart from good looks, height, and physique. I won’t say I haven’t found these qualities in any of the alpha male fictional characters. There are some romance writers who have totally mesmerized me through their beauty of writing. But still most of the time, the romantic fiction books are full of sex scenes and the physical description of the males including their genitals it makes me put the book in the DNF category.

Often the description of male cologne is so sense driven, it forces me to ponder have I ever smelled something like this on my husband. Or, do I have a dysfunctional nose. I wonder if any man in real life wears these peculiar fragrances. Yeah, I know what are male colognes, but I can’t categorize them either into musky, leathery, woodsy, earthy, or aquatic. Can anyone come up with a sexy term for sweat admixed body fragrance? If you know a word that explains a man’s real scent, please let me know in the comment section. Because I have just not found the term for that.

Now coming to the looks and facial features. Hazel-green eyes, blue striking gaze, deep brown eyes, almond-shaped eyes, eyes like marbles. If I miss anything here, please tell me.

Then, bulging biceps, chiseled chest, 6-packs abs are the usual whereabouts of any alpha male. The alpha males most of the time either wear worn out jeans which hug their long legs perfectly or formal black suits with red ties, tailored to perfection. Nothing else.

These unrealistic and unbelievable male-character descriptions are the flavor and ingredients of any romantic novel these days. As these types of description allure women readers, use of these cliches has become a norm and a never-ending practice for many romance authors. To some extent, these things are okay and consumable if not very appetizing. But repeatedly serving the same soup to your readers often make them bored and offended. Readers like me look for variations.

We know fictions are most of the time the reflections of reality And in reality, people who fall in love are not always perfect. Likewise, romance novel male protagonists could be vulnerable, disabled, and insecure.

I think the key lies in making fictional male protagonists real and believable. If not always three dimensional. And romance writers need to think about this.

To engage their readers and to increase their readership, they need to create believable male characters with equal flaws and virtues–characters that are not always good looking, their jeans often hang loosely on their butts and their chests are not always chiseled but formless. But, they are confident about their looks, know how to love a woman. They are funny, caring, and are well aware of the purpose of their existence.

In my opinion, these males are damn sexy and appealing than a cold-hearted chiseled chested alpha whose heart has even gone rock hard like his chest and abs.


My Mom’s Awadhi Biryani Recipe

Do you like monotony? I’m sure you don’t.

There’s nothing interesting if you follow the same routine day in and day out. Life tends to get monotonous if you go about the same pattern every day.

But, boy do you really need to follow the commands like a robot?

No, you don’t have to. You have reasons, choices, and priorities to help break the routineness of life.

Hurray! Human instincts are still alive!

In my opinion, there are no better reasons than festivals to break this dullness. Celebrations make our lives colorful. And, not so long but at least for a moment or a day, we forget the humdrum of life and usher in the sheer spirit of fun.

Today is Monday and the day of a new post on my blog. It’s really a sweet coincidence, that today we all are celebrating the pious festival of Eid after a month-long fasting.

Breaking the monotony of posting romantic short stories over and over again for the past couple of weeks, this Monday, I’m posting something totally different.

Today, I’m posting my Mom’s authentic Awadhi Biryani recipe, the best chicken biryani recipe, for all those biryani lovers out there and for all my friends, followers, and well-wishers who love making and eating biryani at home.

So, here comes the Quick and Easy Biryani Recipe

Things Needed – Biryani Ingredients

Chicken – 1 kg (full with breast and legs)

Long-grain basmati rice – 1-1/2 kg (soaked in enough water for half an hour)

Curd – 500 mL

Ginger-garlic paste – 2 tablespoon

Garam masala powder – 1 tablespoon

Red chili powder – 1 teaspoon

Salt – to taste

Onion – 6 big (sliced)

Oil or Ghee – 500 mL

Cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon stick – 1-inch piece

Black pepper corns – 5 to 6

Cardamom – 4 to 5

Cloves – 4 to 5

Bay leaves – 2

My Mom's Awadhi Biryani Recipe, Easy Biryani Recipe,

How to Cook

Mix curd with ginger-garlic paste, garam masala powder, red chili powder, salt, and cumin powder. Marinate the chicken pieces in the curd. Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Saute onion in a pan till golden brown. Add the marinated chicken pieces, cook and cover until chicken is tender. Saute the preparation until oil separates. Switch off the heat and keep aside.

In a big vessel, take 1 liter of water. Add salt, cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaf. Put the water on the boil. When bubbles form, add soaked rice, and cook on low heat until the rice is semi-cooked.

Strain all the water from the rice. Now, take a flat-bottomed vessel, preferably copper, spread a layer of rice followed by a layer of cooked chicken. Repeat this process until all rice and all chicken is utilized.

Sprinkle mint and coriander leaves and some fried onion slices onto the top layer.

Dissolve some yellow food color or saffron strands in water and sprinkle on the top layer of rice.

Cover the vessel with Aluminum foil without leaving any space for the air to escape. This is necessary for steam buildup and uniform and proper cooking of rice along with chicken and spices.

Put the vessel on very low flame and cook for approximately 45 minutes. Switch off the heat and let the biryani stand on the switched off the stove for an hour or so before serving.

Serve the biryani with mint or cumin raita.

I hope you like this quick and easy biryani recipe straight from my mom’ kitchen. Hope, you’ll make it in your kitchen and enjoy it with your family.

See you next Monday, Till then Bye.

Happy Cooking!


20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture

Just in case you didn’t know, Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations in the Southeast Asia. People come here from different parts of the world eager to experience the “Complex Thai Charm” that they have only heard of before…  Something that has drawn them for a long time and then they get fascinated by the hospitality, beauty, and friendliness of this amazing exotic country. So much so that they keep coming back if not making the Land of Smiles their permanent abode some day. Besides the picturesque beaches, hospitality, and affordability, it’s the Thailand nightlife that attracts visitors from across the world.To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a visit to the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that will warm you up before you visit amazing Thailand.

To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a visit to the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that will warm you up before you visit amazing Thailand.

Living in Thailand is an exotic dream for many westerners which they can live without even burning a hole in their pockets or breaking their banks.

To all those travel enthusiasts and those who are planning a long stay in the country, these are some quick yet interesting facts that can help you not just have a great time but also minimize the culture shock.

20 Interesting Facts about Siam, its people, and culture

  • In the Thai language, the country is named as Prathet Thai. The English meaning of the term Prathet Thai is the land of the free which exactly defines the origination and history of the country. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that had never been colonized by any of the European nation.
  • The highly practiced religion in Siam is Buddhism with 94.6% of the population following the teachings attributed to Lord Buddha.

Thailand Meditation

  • Thai is the national and widely spoken language of the region. Like Chinese and Vietnamese, Thai is also a very tonal language with 32 vowels and 44 consonants.
  • Millions of tourists visit the land of smile every year and their number approximates to around 16 million. Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations among people from developed countries across UK, US, and Europe.
  • Sex tourism was at its peak in the country during the 1960 and 70s when Vietnam War American troops were directed to R&R site, not attached to military bases.
  • The country was first time hit by the human immunodeficiency virus in 1984. Today, Thailand has the highest occurrences of AIDS cases than any other Asian country.
  • Child sex trafficking incidents are the common occurrence here, and the country has one of the worst child sex trafficking records in the world.
  • Siam is known for its sexual tolerance and is a safe place for same-sex couples and transgenders – famous with a street name of ladyboys, seen commonly in the mainstream society.
  • Thais are humble, polite, and fun loving people, so raising your voice is completely unacceptable in Thai culture. One should never lose his or her cool in public. The best way is to avoid confrontation and let things go.
  • Thais always seem so happy and relaxed. Happiness is in their attitude and comes from within. This explains the hospitable and carefree nature of the land of smile.
  • Thai people are really obsessed with two things. The first is white skin and the second is taking selfies.
    20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture,
    Thai way of Greeting People
  • Thailand is a constitutional monarchy much like England where the King is considered to be the head of the country. Thai people are seriously sensitive about their king and can’t accept any rude behavior or remarks towards the dignity of their king.
  • Putting feet or stepping on Thai currency is considered equivalent to disrespecting the monarch because it carries the king’s image on it.
  • Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the country, and the penalty of the crime is as severe as death or life imprisonment if the accused is found guilty in the court of law.
  • The national and official symbol of Thailand is Garuda, a half man and half eagle, from the Indian epic Ramayana.
  • Thailand’s culture is highly influenced by China’s traditional and Indian religious values and teachings.
  • The country’s capital city Bangkok is the highly populated city of the country and stands atop the list of world’s most visited cities.
20 Interesting Facts About Thailand, Its People and Culture,
Buddhist Monks Walking the Streets of Bangkok
  • Siam has always been the hotbed for world trade and had ancient business links to Asia, Middle East, and Europe. In the past, the ancient city of Ayutthaya was the most powerful city in terms of economic stability and international trade.
  • Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of orchids and the second largest exporter of rice.
  • Thailand’s tourism industry that suffered some minor setbacks after the recent bombing at a shrine in central Bangkok has started to pick up and the country hopes that it will bounce back.

As you can see Thailand is a whole new experience and is very different from visiting any South Asian country. For you who loves intrigue, awakening and a whole new world, I would recommend reading Camouflage: The Racing Romantic Suspense Set In Exotic Thailand.


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Camouflage is a story of Mark, a corporate executive, who migrates to Thailand in search of happiness, freedom, and most importantly to feel alive and ends up falling in love with his next-door neighbor, a Thai Girl, Sheina.

Rich in vivid description, full of intrigue, thrill and lots of passionate romance, Camouflage explores the truth hidden behind the glittering and wild nightlife of Thailand. The book sneaks into the darker areas of the country’s thriving sex industry, drug trafficking, and gang violence.

All in all this would be an edge of the seat entertaining read…assured!

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5 Unique Indian Beverages that will make you swoon

I love traveling and ever since my marriage, I’ve been constantly hopping state after state.

First, Andhra Pradesh, then Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, and finally circling back to Karnataka.

Roaming across the Indian subcontinent tasting popular cuisines of the North to the little-known delicacies of the South, I often wondered what kind of beverages are made in the rustic kitchens of various Indian states.

And, to my surprise, my quest of knowing more about Indian beverages especially Indian home-made wines and beers opened an altogether different chapter of exploration.

There is a quite a number of beverages Indian people make at their homes. From Chang of Sikkim to the Kallu of Kochi, from the delicious thandai of Varanasi to the Rice Beer the Naga people make, Indian home-made beers and wines have their own unique tastes and ways of making.

My little research about Indian beverages yet again reminded me of the distinct and diverse cultures of Indian subcontinent. In this multicultural multiethnic country where each state and region have its language and cuisine, beverage making and drinking add more to the diversity of the nation. And, as their preparation methods and tastes differ from state to state, the rituals involved with wine or beer drinking are also quite peculiar and distinct to each region.

Indian beverages, mariyamhasnain, 5 Unique Indian Beverages that will make you swoon

Be it’s crushing the cashew apples or tapping the todi from the palms, the fermentations of the main raw produce or the traditions and cultures involved with drinking Indian homemade beers and wines, the Indan beverages boast the homely taste, ethnicity, and diversity. There’s an unsophisticated appeal to Indian wine and beer drinking, something that’s hard to find in the multitude of beverages served in the sophisticated bars and restaurants of all modern cities across the world.

  • Goan Feni: Goa is known for its white sand beaches, hospitality, and picturesque towns and villages. The one more thing that’s synonymous with Goa is Goan Feni. While cashew feni is made up of cashew apples, coconut feni is made by distilling the fermented toddy from the coconut palm. Being classified as country liquor, Goan feni is not allowed to be sold outside Goa, so if you want to taste the spirit of Goa, you have to visit this Western state of India.
  • South India’s Kallu: Also known as palm wine, Kallu is made and drank all across Southern India. Made typically by fermenting the toddy tapped from coconut and lala palms, Kallu is one of the mostly consumed Indian alcoholic drinks in all Southern states of the subcontinent. This traditional Indian drink is famous in the rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Kerala. However, the sale of Kallu is currently banned in Tamil Nadu.
  • Sikkim’s Chaang: Chaang is the drink of Northeast India, popular in parts of Eastern Himalayas and typically prepared by Lepcha tribe of Sikkim. A relative of beer, this hot drink is typically sipped from a bamboo tumbler. The semi-fermented seeds of millets are stuffed in a bamboo barrel. Boiling water is then poured onto them. The drink is then consumed using a narrow-bore bamboo tube or can be poured into bamboo mugs before serving.
  • Zutho: Usually consumed by the Naga people in the rural terrains of Nagaland, Zutho is also called the rice beer. Known for its fruity smell, the drink is considered to be the Naga version of Japanese sake. The rice beer contains approximately 5% ethanol and is very subtle, natural, and unique in taste. There is a unique tradition that Nagas follow before tasting the beverage. Nagas wrestle in the mud before they have their drink. It’s a major part of their tradition.
  • Varanasi Bhang Thandai: Thandai is a North Indian cold drink made up of milk, saffron, sugar, cardamom, rose petals, almonds, and fennel seeds. Thandai is a famous drink of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. When whole milk and groundnuts mixture is mixed with a small amount of bhang (cannabis leaves and buds), it results into a mildly intoxicated milk beverage that is called bhang thandai. Bhang thandai is often consumed during Indian festivals of Holi and Shivratri.

In India, beverage drinking is associated with cultures and traditions of the Indian soil, typically in rural India. Indian indigenous tribes and communities are preserving the Indian heritage of wine making and drinking by passing the unique legacy from one generation to the other.

Indian home-made wines and beers are known for their natural taste and rusticity. Despite modern technological advancements, Indians still practice the old methods of wine making at home. This explains the very existence of age-old methods of wine making and drinking in the rustic kitchens of rural India.

I hope you like what you read. If you’re a country wine lover, please do leave a comment about your favorite beverage. I would love to know if you’ve ever witnessed the actual process of wine making or tasted the fresh brew. Share your experiences and suggestions in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

Image: Kshitij

How to Become More Social and Outgoing – Tips for Introverts

I’d been a secluded child since my early childhood days. As time passed, I became more and more private, always confined in my room. Parties and crowded events became my constant enemies. However, as I grew older it didn’t take much time for me to realize that my introvert characteristics are dominating my personal growth and overshadowing a major part of my personality.

How to Overcome an Introverted Personality

Social interactions are essential for overall self-growth and self-development. You can’t speak in public and a public-speaking fear will overtake you and mask all your inner abilities and worthiness if you haven’t interacted with people before.

It’s clear now that even though if you’re an introvert, you need to inculcate the extrovert characteristics to gain authority and reputation in your area of expertise.

Being introvert or extrovert is someone’s personality trait and it’s just a part of a wide range of strengths and weaknesses collectively. This means that none of us is either completely extrovert or introvert. However, there are fair chances that one characteristic is constantly commanding over the other giving you an overall impression of a social or an unsocial person.

So, how do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert? Well, it’s fairly easy – by identifying your general behavior and characteristics in public and personal spaces.

Characteristics of an Extrovert:

  • Social people are outgoing in nature and behavior
  • They hate the idea of being alone
  • They don’t like doing lonesome jobs, something that involves constant attention
  • They prefer dealing people and love doing things like planning an event, organizing a party or a get-together
  • Last but not the least they have lots of friends. In fact, they are friends to everyone.

Characteristics of an Introvert

  • They are loners. They live in the world of their own and prefer being alone
  • They hate going out. Their favorite activities are reading, sketching, painting, writing, watching television, curling up in the bed, catching sleep, cooking, baking
  • They avoid getting involved in group activities such as debates, planning an event or going out in groups
  • Things that introverts really like to do and are undoubtedly good at are painting, writing, sculpting, gardening etc.
  • Introverts tend to avoid people they randomly meet on streets, coffee shops, or at school or college
  • Introverts generally feel anxious and fearful when making public appearances. They often have to deal with stage fear and social anxiety

How to Overcome an Introverted PersonalityYou see the difference here. Studies suggested that many prolific authors, painters, and artists were introvert. Although networking is quite a task for introverts, they are masters in their own skills. Because of their serious nature, they can focus more constructively. They are more creative. They are thinkers and have the charisma of achieving invincible things.

But there are certain scenarios when introverts need to balance things. They need to mingle up, socialize, network with others to showcase their talents and let the world know about them.

If you’re an introvert, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take the charge.


 Can You Change from Introvert to Extrovert

Being an introvert, social interaction doesn’t come as a god’s gift to you but you have to develop qualities that can make you tackle certain of your unsocial behavior flawlessly.

Read the following points carefully. And, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand how introverts can become more extrovert and turn the tide in their favor by utilizing their inner strengths.

  • Find out your inner strengths. Find out what you are good at
  • Keep in mind you live in a free country. Exercise your powers of freedom of expression and speech. You’re free to agree or disagree. Avoid anxiety and give yourself a fair chance of being heard
  • Introspect yourself in non-public hours. Analyze your behavior and practice speaking as you stand in front of a mirror. Focus on your facial expression and body language. It should be pleasing and friendly. Imagine you’re not talking to your reflection but someone whom you’ve just met
  • Utilize mental clarity when required to be assertive in public than to avoid the situation. Speak up if you think you have something that people should know
  • Create opportunities to work with people and engage with them. Talk less, hear more, and simply score when the opportunity arises (beat where the extroverts miss)
  • When in groups – appreciate the difference of opinion, heterogeneity, and chaos before making your point and taking a stand
  • Research and contemplate on what people think and say – learn things as soon as you exit from your thought process

These are a few quick tips that introverts need to practice on an every day basis to gain confidence, improve their networking skill, and overcome the fear of public speaking.



Goa – How to Have a Fun-Filled Romantic Holiday on the Beach

A couple of years ago we were in Goa. That was the first time when I was so close to the ocean. I got to spend a lot of time with the beautiful and alluring Arabian Sea, gazing at it sitting on the shore.

I enjoyed each and every moment of my time spent there. It’s such a beautiful and romantic place, and I think every couple should visit the sea city once in a lifetime.

There’s something so peculiar about the rustic towns and villages of the state. The Konkani culture, the flavor bursting coastal cuisine, tourists flooded bright and charming streets, roadside restaurants serving all kinds of mouthwatering delicacies, both Indian and continental are the main Goa tourist attractions that shouldn’t be missed, not if you’re living in or visiting India.

So, guys if you love traveling and exploring the new culture, food, and lifestyle, I bet you won’t regret. In fact, you would be amazed seeing people drunk with the sheer spirit of fun and loads and loads of it. It’s in the air.

Goa – Lover’s Paradise, the Best Holiday Destination

Though the union territory is a hub spot of all sorts of fun activities and a romantic holiday destination for tourists from across the world, if you’re visiting the place for the first time, you need to do your homework and check for hotels in Goa. There is quite a lot of information available on the Internet. You can browse through any Goa travel guide.  You can even google – Goa tourist places or Goa trip package or something like Goa sightseeing or Goa tourism hotels for more information about lodging and boarding.

It’s better you plan your holidays in advance and keep things easy. It’s good if you make a hotel reservation in advance if you’re planning a trip during the peak season, i.e., somewhere from November to January. There are many affordable and luxurious resorts in Goa. You can check their packages and deals and any complimentary offers like breakfast in bed or ferry tour before making any reservations.

Goa hotelsGoa tourism industry has seen a tremendous boom in the recent years because the city serves as an affordable yet luxurious holiday destination for backpackers, honeymoon couples, families, and folks looking for some water sports.

The climate of the sea city is a year-round temperate climate, and days get really hot during summer months of April and May, so better you plan accordingly and pack your baggage depending on the season.

Since the state is known for its picturesque white sand beaches, the best thing to do once you’re in the coastal city is to spend as much time as you can near the ocean, soaking in the sun.

In my opinion, the best month to visit the romantic hot spot is December when there’s a little chill in the sea breeze. The two benefits of visiting the city in December is that you can leisurely spend plenty of time on the beach without getting sunburned plus you can be a part of the festive activities of Christmas and New Year that bustle every year during the months of December and January.

I visited the tiny town of Varca during the month of December, just after Christmas. We celebrated New Year there. Though it’s a different thing that instead of partying hard all night, we preferred to go for a candlelit dinner.

A few memories of my days spent in the tiny coastal state of India are still fresh in my mind, especially those I spent along the coast. And, now since I’ve started writing a blog, there wouldn’t be any better place to share those cherished reminiscences with my friends. So, here goes the poem that really makes me nostalgic about my visit to lover’s paradise.

The sun is going down. The sea is shimmering brown

If there’s any light – Your eyes shine so bright.

The depth of the ocean is great. The waves try to communicate.

If there’s any sound – Your heartbeat profound.

I hear it amidst the murmuring, collapsing waves

The dancing waves, the singing waves.

I hear it amidst the chirps of the birds and insects

The chattering sparrows and the serenading crickets

Soon, The wind blows hard and the sky turns red

But, I stand still on the wet sand bed

The trees kiss each other. The moonlight spreads its milky glow

Oh! dear wind please blow slow

For I want to freeze the moments in my eyes as the sea’s song is sung,

A salty taste lingers on my tongue as my day at the sea is done

But, with you baby – I’m still undone.



Hope you like what you read. If you do, please Leave a reply. I love to hear from you. 🙂

What is Online Dating

Internet Dating Finding Love Online

The very idea of web dating frightens a few people. While some of the folks look at it as a potential danger, others think that a person who can’t get a date elsewhere would ultimately end up looking for partners online. But, there’s a lot more behind these superficial assumptions and myths that perhaps scare any individual to seek partners online.

Today, since individuals are finding reality: these presumptions are false and can shield you from discovering affection and profound fellowship on the web. As web dating turns out to be phenomenally famous, it’s getting quite difficult for people to maintain a distance from it, regardless whether they trust the concept of finding love online or simply want to explore the truth.

What is Online DatingDiscover the Truth

If you don’t know much about seeking partners online because it has scared you a lot in the past and you didn’t find it trustworthy, the truth is that you’re not the only one on this planet.  However, if you’ve no success finding a dating partner through traditional ways, you can rethink your decision to avoid dating on the web.

Before you confer yourself to any one decision, it is better you assess the assumptions you have about dating on the Internet. If you think that web dating is unsafe, dispassionate, or just for the socially uncouth, examine these thoughts to figure out if they are actually true or mere speculations.

Converse with People

The most ideal approach to discover reality about web dating is to ask individuals who have attempted it. No doubt, you know more than one individual who has set up a profile on a web dating web page and spoke with a few people that way. You perhaps even know somebody who met a dating partner or even a life partner on the web. These are the individuals you’ll need to converse with.

It’s better and highly recommended that you get to talk to more than one or in fact quite a number of people and gather their opinion about web dating. This will not only help you debunking the myths associated with it but will also help in making your own decision.

One great or terrible experience can perhaps overshadow your perspective of web dating in a way that isn’t precise. You need to get a clear and concise view which is only possible when you talk to a number of people who’ve tried finding partners on the web.

Do Your Research

There’s nothing like getting viewpoints of people who are experienced but it’s always good that you do your own research as well. There are some extraordinary articles on the Internet, and books that can be particularly useful. Ensure that the data you collect should come from a balanced outlook, and that it relates to the particular kind of web dating you’re currently looking at.

Take a Bold Decision

Once you have studied and collected all the general and basic information, it’s decision time. Make your own decision and stand firmly on it. At last, it doesn’t make any difference what others think about your choice as far as you are content with it.

In the scenario that you zero in on online dating and explore the options available including online dating sites and matchmaking web portals as well as famous dating apps like Tinder and OKcupid, there’s a high likelihood you can meet your special someone on the web.

Investigate and assess Internet Dating pros and cons irrespective of what your friends and family members perhaps think. You may need to endure a few comments here and there, but people who question your decision will reconsider their opinions after they see you finding love online.


Lovers and Friends – How to Compliment a Girl You like

I’m writing this article for Lovers and Friends or more aptly for friends, especially males, who are looking for a companion or partner in their female friends.

If you feel a close connection with a girl and looking her more than just a friend then, there is a high possibility that you two perhaps get cozy in the due course of your friendship.

But, before straightening your tie and brushing your hair and taking long-legged strides towards your special someone, it’s better you judge the situation.

By judging the situation I mean you better understand whether your female friend has similar intentions like you or she is just playing with you.

So, the first step in the rule of dating is judging the situations, and if it goes in your favor, you can deemed yourself fit for taking the second step.

And, the second step is winning a woman’s heart. The best way to do this is by complimenting your crush. Well…that sounds easy, but the key lies in how effectively you utilize your articulating skills in praising a young lady you’re looking to date with.

Today, I’m telling you some of the most trusted yet subtle statements that you can use to compliment a girl – Subtle in the sense that it won’t lead you to any kind of embarrassing situations and yet you can leave an everlasting impression on a girl’s mind.

So, here is the list of some of the compliments that women can’t resist, and perhaps love to hear again and again.

Lovers and friends“You’re funny” – Telling your sweetheart you find her entertaining is generally best expressed by simply chuckling at her jokes (or reacting with the cry-giggle emoji to her funny messages), however can be strengthened once in a while by telling her real words (“you’re simply hilarious,” “you make me laugh” or “you have such a great sense of humor” etc).

“You’ve got beautiful eyes/lips/hair” – Women love to be adored and praised. Letting a girl know that she’s beautiful always makes her blush, so why not go a step ahead. Compliment her about her specific features, such as, hair, lips, eyes, or teeth.

This makes her think that you’re paying close attention to her, although try not to focus on weird areas like feet or ears. Also, avoid complimenting on sexual body parts (bosom and bottom) in the beginning. This you can try in the advanced stages of dating when you completely know that the woman is into you.

“You’re good at what you do” – Try to figure out what your crush is good at. It could be her organization skills, planning skills, punctuality, talkativeness, learning abilities. Even if she is a cleanliness freak don’t waste a single chance in praising her.

“You really make a good friend” – This is something every girl wants to listen without getting offended. So, this statement is the safest yet most touching compliment that you can ever make to a girl. You can touch your girl’s heart by simply telling her that she is trustworthy and you really cherish her friendship.

“You look great today” – If you observe that your girl is all dressed up and looking nice or hotter than ever before, don’t hesitate in telling her.  But instead of bluntly saying that you look hot or you look sexy try to communicate your feeling in a subtle and sophisticated way. You can say something like – You look great today or you look nice or this color (color of her dress) suits you like anything.

“You’re the one I really like spending time with” – The best way to make an everlasting How to compliment a girl you likeimpression on a girl’s heart and mind is to telling her the truth. So, If you like her company be bold and let her know. You can say something like – You’re my favorite person with whom I would love to spend my time or I like your company.

At the end, all I want to say that women like bold and confident men. Compliments are the best way to approach any woman confidently. Try subtle statements and confine your compliments to her skills and abilities at first and avoid complimenting about her looks and appeal. You can anyways make bold statements later, once you are quite sure that she’s truly into you.

Happy Dating!!


Who are the Masai?

The sun was at its full gleam. The parched desert beds were hot enough to burn feet. A barefoot woman emerged out of a small dome shaped house, made up of cow dung, in the midst of the desert. Wearing a red wrap and countless beaded necklaces, she giggled with other ladies standing outside the house under the canopy of hot blazing sun challenging the scorching heat and the emptiness of the lunar landscape of east Africa. Fetching their heads with empty water cans with the help of ropes, they made their way to the pit dug in a nearby dried up riverbed.

The women belong to the indigenous mysterious tribe of Africa, the Maasai. Living along the borders of Kenya and Tanzania, the Maasai tribe of east Africa is known for its rich cultural heritage and its semi-nomadic pastoral lifestyle. Defying the modern-age technological advancements and western culture influences, the tribe still follows its age-old tradition of living. Cattle are the utmost worth for the tribe. It is for the sake of their animals that they keep on wandering across the rugged terrains of deserts in search of water and fodder.

The entire continent of Africa has been dealing with severe water scarcity problems due to impending droughts. The reasons are many, but deforestation could be the major cause of prevailing drought and the infamous famine of African horn. The conditions are worse in remote areas and villages and the most affected are the pastoral tribes of Africa inhabiting the arid and semiarid regions of the country where water is a wealth and the cattle are god. Due to poor rainfall, prevailing scarcity of water, government negligence, and administrative loopholes, the indigenous tribes of Africa are losing their animals.

Dependent on their livestock for daily meal in the form of meat, milk, and blood, they are compelled to combine various other forms of livelihood along with their pastoral activities to survive on the toughest terrains of earth in extreme climatic conditions.

The effects of ongoing deforestation and illegal poaching practices combined with marginalization by the local administration may be the leading cause of extinction of the tribe’s ancient culture and tradition in the near future. But for now, they are keeping their heads high challenging the adverse circumstances and the bleakness of the environment. Emerging as true warrior tribes of Africa, they are committed to keep their stone-age traditions intact despite all odds of life.