Book Review – Destined by Rubina Ramesh

Destined by Rubina Ramesh is a story of young and beautiful Esha Mehra and her billionaire boss Rohan.

It’s a sweet love story with a happily ever after. I loved the premise and the settings of the novel.

The story is set in the city of Bangalore, though there was very little that we get to know about the city. I would love to read more about the Southern city of India. The smell, the weather, the people, and the culture. There was nothing that could describe the true spirit of the IT city.

However, the book flows well and the story is engaging. The characters of Rohan is not very well drawn, but I found myself rooting for Esha. She emerges as a bold and confident woman.

The story, in the beginning, felt predictable and more or less sounded like an alpha billionaire romance. However, it took a sudden unexpected turn with the introduction of Zaira Wadia, Rohan’s stepmother. Now, there’s a twist in the stepmother thing, and I would like you to explore the book and find out who exactly Zaira Wadia is.

The dialogues are well written and sounded typical as Indians speak and communicate.

At the end, Rubina Ramesh’s Destined has everything in it. It has drama, intrigue, romance, and spicy love scenes. The book beautifully portrays the father-daughter bond.

I loved the playful banter between the lead couples and their constant ego clashes felt like a chocolate icing on a creamy dessert. From me, the book can easily claim 4 stars.

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Rubina Ramesh
Blog Tour by The Book Club of DESTINED by Rubina Ramesh
Esha Mehra could have taken care of her father, only if she had some support from her fiancé. But he had his priorities set and her sick father was nothing but a burden. Esha didn’t have any other choice but to apply for a loan from her office. But she had not banked on the fact that the Head of Geno Technologies needed her for other reasons.
When Rohan Sharma saw Esha for the first time, he felt she was the one. He had no intention of falling in love with her for the pain of the past was still too much to bear. 
But he did need Esha as a decoy to his plan. But Esha was not a damsel in distress who would bend to his will easily. While he was sure that he would marry her only for six months, he still couldn’t understand why he felt a searing jealousy every time, her ex-fiancé Ayush’s name was mentioned.
While these two souls had other plans in their lives, Destiny conspires to bring them together. But will the stench of Death let them live their lives? 
Read an excerpt:

On seeing her, he grinned. “There goes my dream of my bride sitting on the bed with a long veil over her face that I could slowly lift up.”

Esha laughed. “Do it in your real wedding.”

Rohan felt a jolt at her words though his feelings had stopped making any sense at all. He found her pajama-clad wet avatar very sensual. Her hair was wet from the shower and a few droplets fell on her collarbone, like dew drops on a rose petal. Now that he was finally alone with Esha, he wanted to further muss up her hair and kiss those wet pearls away. But never had he imagined that he would be alone in a room with her amidst roses and that her intoxicating perfume would drive him crazy. Theirs wasn’t a marriage in the true sense and yet her lips were calling out to him to feel them with his own.

But he was sure that she wouldn’t appreciate it. He forced himself to lean back on the pillow and give her an easy smile to fight his raging hormones. “So, which side of the bed is yours?”

She looked at him sharply to check if he was laughing at her predicament. She then went to her purse and took out a tape—a big, brown one.

“Naughty, naughty,” he said sitting up, suddenly feeling the air crackling between them with an invisible electric thread that was slowly pulling them towards each other. “What’s your intention darling?”

Esha gave him an evil grin and sashayed towards him, all the while opening the tape. “You didn’t think I would be prepared?” she asked, her voice husky. Any hot-blooded man would find this a big turn-on but Rohan sat up straight, wondering if she was drunk.
“Esha, I think we should go to sleep now.” He gave her a sheepish smile. “It’s getting very late.”

She threw back her head and laughed, “The night is still young, darling.” She opened the tape further and climbed on the bed, inching slowly towards him as she rolled it out. Rohan could feel his heart skipping a few beats. He wanted her no doubt, but he was not expecting this and her strange behavior made him uncomfortable.
“Do you want something to eat?” He sounded lame even to himself. She threw her head back and looked at him, her sherry colored eyes darkening into molten chocolate, and the light breeze from the window caught her silk tresses and made them dance to a tune of their own. She bit her lower lip and leaned in front of him, staring deep into his eyes. “Are you nervous?”

“Why are you behaving like this?” he asked, trying to get out of the bed. He felt an invisible hand clutching his stomach but he kept his tone breezy. “Are we taking this night to mean what it is meant to be? I’m ready if you are.”

If she took another step forward, her breasts would touch him. What the devil was she playing at? He couldn’t even lean back further since the head rest was stopping any further movement. She leaned forward but instead of coming towards him, she went beyond him and stuck the edge of the tape to the middle of the bed post. She then pulled the tape down – further and further and a line was drawn along the middle of the bed.

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About the author

Blog Tour by The Book Club of DESTINED by Rubina Ramesh
Rubina Ramesh is an avid reader, writer, blogger, book reviewer and marketer. She is the founder of The Book Club, an online book publicity group. Her first literary work was published in her school magazine. It gave her immense pride to see her own name at the bottom of the article. She was about 8 years old at that time. She then went to complete her MBA and after her marriage to her childhood friend, her travel saga started. From The Netherlands to the British Isles she lived her life like an adventure. After a short stint in Malaysia, she finally settled down in the desert state of USA, Arizona. Living with her DH and two human kids and one doggie kid, Rubina has finally started living the life she had always dreamed about – that of a writer.

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Book Review: Because of You By Connie Lafortune

Book Review: Because of You by Connie LafortuneThis is my second book by Connie Lafortune. In fact, it is the author’s debut work, so I was thrilled when I got a chance of reading Because of You after Bound by Steel.

I was mesmeric after reading Bound by Steel, and I don’t embarrass in saying that I often open it on my e-reader and devour it in my leisure time. It’s such a heart-warming passionate read.

OK, so this review is about Because of You and I think I should stop my obsession with Bound by Steel if at least for a while until I put this review together.

So, let’s begin. Ok, I have started doing critical review. And though I don’t find anything to be critically acknowledge in Because of You, I will still try to assess it critically. However, it’s a different thing that the book left me spellbound by its writing, the characeterization, and the vivid portrayal of human emotions as if everything was happening in front of my eyes.

As you know, I review books in the light of few pointers, so here goes my review for Because of You

Plot and Storyline: It’s a story of Riley and Hunter. Riley moves to her Dad’s house in Southern Carolina where she meets Hunter and the two instantly fall in love with each other. Hunters wants to express his love but has his own haunting past which he thinks can hurt Riley. Riley, on the other hand, is drawn towards Hunter like a moth to a flame. Their affection grows and finally, the lovebirds succumbs to the growing desires for each other unknown what future has in store for them.

The plot is old but the story treatment is new and appealing. The plot is tightly woven and there are no loose ends where the reader feels bored. It kept my attention intact from the beginning till end. It has some cleverly done twists at the end of the book and the surprize ending just acts like an icing on the top of melt-in-the-mouth cheesecake 😊

The love scenes are well written and don’t seem like an erotica. They are sensual yet graceful, but I loved to read more about the emotional gestures and playful banter Riley and Hunter shared with each other. Their care, emotions, and love all expressed vividly and the entire read was no less than watching an emotional and passionate romantic movie.

Characters: Both Riley and Hunter have their own traumatic pasts and suffer from panic attacks and nightmares. This brings them even closer. The characterization was strong. Characters are well-developed and realistic. It’s not easy to describe character in all the three dimensions, but Connie has done this with elan.

I loved Riley from the beginning and can relate with her. In fact, often it feels like I am reading about my own self. Like her, whenever something goes wrong it feels I am responsible for it. This often makes me feel guilty.

I loved the way Hunter makes her realize that it’s not always her fault.

Like Bound by Steel where I fell in love with Ryker, in Because of You I couldn’t stop fantasizing about Hunter 😊. He made my heart gallop. I typically loved the scenes where he was so caring and loving to Riley. For instance, when he was taking care of her at his home after Riley suffered a terrible panic attack. That scene was beautifully written and very emotional that it gave me a tingle.

I liked the character of Scott. However, I wanted to read more about him and his relationship with Riley. I wanted to read about Kathy and also about Hunter’s parents and grandparents.

Scenes and Narrative Summary (Shows verses Tell and Pacing)

The scenes are crafted beautifully and the scene to narrative transition is smooth and seamless. Author has succeeded in creating a fine balance between scene and narrative. There’s a fine balance between Show and Tell and nothing feels overdone or lengthy.

The descriptions of the places and events and even characters are to the point. There are no lengthy descriptive that can compel the readers to skim pages. Again, I will say it were the emotions between the couple that made me swipe one page after another of this passionate romantic tale.

I fell in love with the book and with its characters. It was such an enjoyable read and still, I am not able to take my mind off of Riley and Hunter’s sizzling chemistry, their love and care for each other. The book succeeded in describing what true love is.

Overall Assessment: The plot has depth. It is well crafted with no room for improvement. The story is well structured. It slows down and picks up pace as and when required compelling reader not to stop reading.

The lead characters are strong and well developed. There’s an emotional connection between them, and the best thing is that you can feel strongly about both Riley and Hunter.

However, there’s room for improvement in the cover of the book.

Apart from cover, I don’t think there’s anything that can stop me from rating this book 5 stars. This book doesn’t deserve anything less than that.

So, if you’re looking for a passionate and emotional romance for the weekend, Because of You fits the bill.

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Book Review: Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

Book Review - Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman, www.mariyamhasnain.comSimha International is the first book of Sundari Venkatraman’s bestselling series – The Bansal Legacy.

The book was published in the month of February and has touched and topped the bestselling charts several times since then.

Further ahead, I am going to critically review this book.

When you pick a book, you set certain expectations from it. Many of you want to read inspirational novels that make you feel motivated. Then, there are some, who want to read full on entertainment.

So, if you fall in the first category, Simha International is not the book for you because it’s a pure entertainment and fun read without giving you any moral at the end of the story.

But, if you’re open-minded and doesn’t mind reading an entertaining suspense novel with a hint of sexy romance in it, I encourage you to go for this book.

I never review a book to say all good things about it. Being critical doesn’t mean using a magnifying glass and looking for plot holes, grammatical errors, or typos but to critically analyse the authors work.

There are several pointers that I use to critically assess the book and as you go further, you will see how it works.

Plot and Storyline: Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman is a story of a young and dashing managing director of a hotel (same name as the book’s name) Rohit Bansal and his love interest Tasha Sawant.

Both Rohit and Tasha have bitter memories of broken hearts. Both have suffered the trauma of failed relationships in the past. And when the two lonely souls come close, passion builds strong.

Both aren’t ready to commit but desperately looking for refuge and comfort in each other and whether this desire will transform into love or not is the suspense the book offers. There’s one more subplot goes alongside and that’s there’s a thief in the hotel. The suspects are many.

The plot somewhat looked misdirected with quite a lot of backstory dumping. The descriptions of the scenes and places often seemed like a drag, and I had to skim a couple of pages to avoid getting bored. However, the author has brilliantly crafted the scenes and the narrative and descriptive are well written. The dialogues to narrative transition is smooth and seamless.

The sex scenes are well written. They are cheesy and delicious.

The plot could be woven more tightly. It can be made more intriguing. The subplot of a sneaking thief isn’t very interesting. It would have been better if the author had created a haunting and secretive past of one of the protagonists. But that’s just an opinion 😊

Characters: The book has a whole bunch of crazy characters. Excluding the lead pairs, there aren’t any characters that are described in detail. The characters work like a filler to the scenes, and I found me desperate to read more and more about Rohit and Tasha’s building chemistry which was good. Their chemistry sizzles and steam flows off the pages. However, the relationship lacks any emotional connect. I want to read more about emotions infused conversations. The playful banter and dialogues were good but still I miss the description of human emotions.

The lead pair characters are well developed. I didn’t like Tasha much earlier but as the story progressed she emerges as a strong woman who is clear in her thoughts. She wants Rohit’s company but isn’t looking for taking advantage of his millionaire status. I liked the scene where she declined taking the jewellery set from Rohit.

“I am game till we can be partners. I refuse to play if you insist on giving me expensive gifts. In a partnership, we are equals. Well, I can’t afford to buy you gold cufflinks.” ~ Quoted from Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

Rohit seemed like a God-sent angle for Tasha. And is a bit unrealistic at times. I even didn’t like him going in search for his old girlfriend. He fought tooth and nail to trace Aarti. That seemed amateurish. He even appeared naïve and immature when he falls for Aarti instantly.

I like the character transformation of Tarun from a spoilt brat to a diligent human being. Mr. Sawant’s character was one-dimensional and fussy. The most unbelievable character was Pushpa Sawant, Tasha’s mother who behaved worse than a stepmother. I wonder if a real mother is like her. Needless to mention but Arun was literally a scumbag.

Scenes and Narrative Summary (Show verses Tell and Pacing)

As I said earlier, there’s a quite a lot of backstory in the book. There’s not just one but a backstory within the backstory. This slows the pace of the book. The descriptions are quite lengthy and often feel like a drag.

The author described Goa in pretty much detail but missed to describe Mumbai. The smell, the chaos, the fast life of the metro. I would love to read more about the city of Mumbai and the life of Tasha Sawant as a Mumbaikar.

Often at times, the novel is more dependent on Telling rather than Showing but that can be overlooked with the quality of writing and the smooth flow of dialogues.

Dialogues flow smoothly. Writing is immaculate and flawless with powerful vocabulary usage. Indeed Ms. Venkatraman has a commanding grasp on English language. There’s not a single editing error. I am quite peculiar in picking up errors of punctuation and grammar, but in Simha International, I couldn’t find any. I have reviewed traditionally published books as well from big publishing houses, but I don’t afraid in saying that the quality of Simha International is far better than some of the traditionally published chartbusters.

This makes Simha International a complete package. A box full of steamy and delicious love bites, a sexy alpha male, a strong charming heroine, suspense, thrill, and a hell lot of sizzling chemistry.

The lack of depth in the plot, the unstructured storyline, and lengthy flashbacks couldn’t overshadow the quality of writing couldn’t affect the overall rating of this book. The beautiful descriptions, the seamless scene transitions, and the impeccable editing add more stars. So, as an avid reader of entertaining romantic fiction I give Simha International 4 stars. Yes, 4 hot and steaming stars!!!

So that was my take on Simha International (The Bansal Legacy #1) by Sundari Venkatraman.

If you like my style of review, give me a thumb up by liking, commenting, and sharing this post to keep me motivated, and I promise I’ll keep them coming 😊

Huh! That was pretty long… time for a coffee, guys!

Talk soon!

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Book Review – Dancing Stars by Sujata Morab

Shridhar and Vijaya Shastri feel their children are not their own. Have they taken births to settle their past lives’ karmic debt or is this a forewarning of some future event?

Suryansh and Ameta are well settled in their lives, succeeding in their respective chosen path when suddenly they are extracted and shown a destiny so fantastic that they fall to the temptation. Whether this aberration of theirs will raise them to unbelievable heights or destroy them? Why do they agree to the outrageous scheme?

A product so ingenious and powerful that it can either elevate the lives of people to next level or it can destroy the balance of the world?

Why is Guruji, a man of God, taking so much interest in worldly matters? Is he harbouring a separate agenda of his own?

Lives of many are unknowingly entwined because of whims of one person.

Set in cities of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, their final destinies await the reluctant players.

About the Author

Sujata Morab


in CHIPLUN, India

twitter – @SujataMorab


Dancing Stars as the name suggests is all about revolving planets and their effects on human beings. The books deals with some of the very complex and contradictory issues of human psychology, the effect of stars on our lives, the theories of physics and astronomy, and life circumstances of different individuals on the planet earth.

It also touches the most contradictory aspects of conspiracy theory. It even touches the subject how humans are brainwashed and made slaves of the system.

The book is basically written as a short story collection with each story describing the life condition of one or few individuals. The stories are interconnected together.

Though all of the stories have a hidden message and leave an impact on the reader’s mind, the story named “Turning a New Leaf” touched my heart significantly. It shows how Ameta, a rich spoiled daughter of a  diamond merchant breaks the heart of a poor boy Amar. Amar who was least interested in Ameta couldn’t endure the pain and breaks down seeking refuge in drinking. The story shows how upbringing can impact the outlook of an individual, later in his or her life.

The book is written like a journal where each story seems like a journal entry and an easy read, however, at times, some of the stories are hard to follow and allow the user to take a break from reading.

The language is simple yet at certain places, the dialogues don’t flow very smoothly.

That being said, this was quite and engrossing read, and I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading crime thrillers with a generous sprinkle of mystery in it.

The book overall deserves no less than 4 stars because of its unique subject and originality. However, there’s room in the execution and presentation of the stories.

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