Christmas Celebrations: How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket At Home

It’s again the same time of the year that takes me back into the past. I love this season. The festive season. The time of happiness and cheerfulness.

Christmas has always been my favorite festival. It’s the perfect time of the year when you can make people happy and enjoy giving. Weeks before Christmas, I start reminiscing about my old college days. We studied in a Christian Missionary School, and it was Christmas that had me so many fond memories of that time.

We usually had Christmas celebrations starting in the first week of December. It would start with white gift service followed by Christmas carols, skits, plays, finally culminating into a Christmas extravaganza just a day before the holidays.

In those days, the idea of Christmas gift baskets wasn’t very common. People usually presented gift boxes that hardly had any room for innovation.

Of late, the gift baskets have grown much in popularity. They help you in customizing your gift as you present them to your friends and relatives.

You can make these baskets in many ways. They can even be used once the gifts inside of them are taken out.

You can find these gift baskets at all gift stores along with Christmas stars and wreathes but you can be more creative by making a Christmas gift basket at home by using other items. Isn’t it interesting if you create an innovative gift basket that isn’t a true basket? All it needs is some planning and a hint of creativity.

You can utilize different bases to keep your gifts rather than a conventional basket. For instance, if anybody in your family loves cooking, you can gift her with kitchen things filled into a crockpot. Fill the crockpot with all the kitchen items you are planning to gift and add a few sparkles and a bow to it so that it looks really special.

Christmas Celebrations: How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket At Home,

If you have a male friend or a relative who loves fishing you can gift him a traditional wicker fishing supply bag which would hold a bunch of angling things. You can utilize this as a creative basket to fill it up with hankies, lines, an espresso bottle, and various other things you think he might want to take with him on his next fishing trip.

Ladies simply love to be pampered so you can make a gift basket out of a bathing robe and stuff it up with different things, for example, a manicure or pedicure kit, face masks, moisturizers, and a bunch of other girlie stuff.

Kids can gift their teachers a tote bag filled with all kinds of pens, pencils, markers, scratch pad and papers. You can likewise attach a card to it to wish your teachers a cheerful Christmas season.

Have you seen how easy it is to design and create your very own Christmas gift basket at home? You can personalize them depending on the liking and interest of the person.

So, that was all about Christmas gift baskets. If you’re a busy bee and doesn’t have much time, you can anyways go for premade gift baskets or boxes.

Besides these, there’s one more very interesting way of expressing your love and warmth and that is by gifting ebooks, especially for distant friends and relatives. Gifting ebooks saves you from shipping and handling hassles. Done at the touch of a button, they can be the quickest and the easiest gift for your loved ones.

All you got to do is to go to your Amazon store choose an ebook from the Kindle store and gift it as Christmas present.

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What is friendship? In the light of philosophy,

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[MARIYAM'S NEW BOOK RELEASE] The Wedding Planner, www.mariyamhasnain.comHi Folks,

Have you planned about your Holidays. I understand many of you prefer going out and having fun. But I know many of you would like spending the cold days under the warmth of the furry blanket, either relaxing on the sofa and watching your favorite movie on Netflix or curling up with a cute romantic novel.

So, if you are the ones who prefer curling up on the couch with a book, my new book is all set to warm up your heart. The Wedding Planner is releasing in the month of December, and I am giving away the first chapter FREE to those who are interested. So, stay tuned for my e-mails.

The Wedding Planner is a Second Chances in Love novel. It’s an Indian Small Town Romance set in the fictional town of Awadh.

Here’s a small summary of the book. Let’s see if it sparks your interest.


Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. And those who make these celebrations memorable and extravagant are called wedding planners.

This sweet contemporary romance novel is also a story of one such wedding planner.

After surviving a tumultuous marriage, Nayela Faruqi returns to her hometown of Awadh. She buys the royal Shanbagh Palace not only to convert it into a wedding house but because of the connection she felt with the old harbor of Nawabs.

If not great, Nayela is at least living a peaceful life with her daughter Maira when someone strums the cords of her life.

In walks, Yasir Ahmad Shah, Nayela’s brother-in-law and the owner of the vast Shah Empire.

Nayela is taken both by shock and surprise when she meets Yasir who once was a close friend of her. Someone she could really count on after her parents.

Yasir had a soft corner for Nayela. He in fact loved Nayela but accepted Nayela and Faraz’s marriage as his brother fell head over heels for Nayela.

Now, when Faraz is gone and Nayela struggles with the hardships of single motherhood while establishing her foothold in the wedding business of Awadh will Yasir’s presence carve any impression on Nayela’s lonely heart. Will Yasir bring any change in Nayela and Maira’s dull and lonely lives? Will Yasir ever be able to show his heart to Nayela? And will Nayela ever be able to see Yasir more than a friend. Will she ever realize Yasir’s love ignoring the reality of Yasir being her dead husband’s brother?

And if the lonely hearts ever find love in each other will Zareen Ahmad Shah, Yasir’s mother and Nayela’s mother-in-law, accept Nayela back in the Shah Household?

Enjoy the romantic ride of relationships, human emotions, love, trust, and friendship with this heartwarming second chances romance novel.

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Isn’t it a great weekend plan?

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Just to mention RENEGADE is a 200 pages full-length contemporary romance novel that takes you back to your college life.

“The Ocean kept on changing its colors as day and night transformed into each other in the clear sky of the Mediterranean.

Rajeev acted like nothing had happened, but life had completely changed for me.

The house was calm. The TV was on, yet quite. Rajeev sat on the couch, flipping through the channels. I stood exactly at the highest point of stairs, looking down.

He hadn’t gone anywhere. Consistently, a similar schedule. He lay next to me on the bed each night, But i knew he never slept.
Both of us gazed into the obscurity, lost in the sullen silence. He hadn’t touched me, hadn’t attempted to touch me.

I was thankful. Composed.

Yet, I throbbed. I grieved the loss of his touch.

What had gone wrong with me?

He had broken me into two pieces- one part of me loved him, the other part hated him. ”

Only reading Renegade will connect the dots for you…

Who is Rajeev and why is Ruchika helpless in his charms?

Why is Rajeev acting so weird? Does he have a secret?

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How did Rajeev and Ruchika get into this mess in the first place?

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RENEGADE: A Captivating College Romance Set in the Rainy City of Bangalore

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Sample this:

“The Ocean kept on changing its colors as day and night transformed into each other in the clear sky of the Mediterranean.

Rajeev acted like nothing had happened, but life had completely changed for me.

The house was calm. The TV was on, yet quite. Rajeev sat on the couch, flipping through the channels. I stood exactly at the highest point of stairs, looking down.

He hadn’t gone anywhere. Consistently, a similar schedule. He lay next to me on the bed each night, But i knew he never slept. Both of us gazed into the obscurity, lost in the sullen silence. He hadn’t touched me, hadn’t attempted to touch me.

I was thankful. Composed.

Yet, I throbbed. I grieved the loss of his touch.

What had gone wrong with me?

He had broken me into two pieces- one part of me loved him, the other part hated him. ”

Only reading RENEGADE will connect the dots for you…Find out more about the Journey which took a small town girl to Bangalore for an MBA and then to an unknown island.

RENEGADE: A Captivating College Romance to Set Your Pulse Racing

Have you read RENEGADE?

The wait is finally over. My latest novel Renegade is LIVE now and is available for purchase on Amazon.

I really need your help, friends. I have put a lot of effort in making this book a perfect piece. A book which my readers would love to read. And I hope you will help me.

Its because of your help and support, I’m able to take up my passion for writing to the next level. Else, I would have been writing just for myself.

So, today, I’m telling you how the journey of Renegade started.

I started this novel as a mini-series on my blog. Where I was posting one episode each Thursday.

I never thought that the weekly episode which I posted just for my self-satisfaction would become quite popular among my friends and family members.

People started liking it. They waited for the weekly episodes of “Don’t Break My Heart” (Renegade’s earlier name). So much love and appreciation for the words I wrote just for fun. I was happy.

This boosted my confidence, and I decided that I would pen down a novel on the same storyline.

And then I began the journey.

It took me a complete one year and a couple more months to bring this book to you. Many sleepless nights when I was just writing, writing, and writing. When I was not cooking the dinners and my family was relying on Domino’s pizzas and outdoor meals. When my seven-year-old son watched me work late in front of my computer as he drifted to sleep.

Writing is indeed a hard work and a lonely job. I had null social life for the past one year. My main aim was to make this book perfect. And I think I had achieved what I wanted. Renegade is my best work till date. And if we go by the famous saying that the author’s best work is always their next book, perhaps, my next book would be better and superior than this one. But for now, its only Renegade.

If you have read my series “Don’t Break My Heart” on my blog, you will easily relate with the characters of Renegade as most of the characters are just the same.

Though the story and characters are same, there’s much more romance in Renegade with some very interesting twists and turns throughout the story. And, I’m sure it’s going to be a treat for a true romance lover.

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Add More Sparkles to Your Diwali. The Love Story You Shouldn’t Miss this Festive Season

Hello, friends – I’m so excited to talk with you about RENEGADE, my next book! And it’s coming out just before Diwali, so when you’re done with all the cleaning and shopping, you’ll have something new to read! For now, I’m sharing with you the blurb. Check it out – I think you’re going to love this one.

From TOI award-winning author comes another stunning blend of heart-warming romance and spine-chilling suspense in her latest novel RENEGADE, the first book of RAJ and RUCHIKA Series.

After her father’s death, Ruchika migrates from the small town of Raebareily to the big city of Bangalore to overcome the loss and to study further. With hopes and dreams, she was determined to complete her education and get a job, but destiny had something else for her in store. A charming and handsome fellow classmate steals her heart the very first day of college and she finds herself weaving fantasies about her ultimate union with Rajeev.

The last thing Rajeev needs in his life is to fall for a girl like Ruchika. He has carefully constructed an image of himself where he is just like any other guy which unfortunately he is not. Despite his best efforts, he fails to keep himself away from the beautiful yet innocent Ruchika with compelling kohled eyes.

Ruchika’s dream world where every time good wins over the bad is not the life that Rajeev has lived, and he thinks that he can’t be her hero.

On the other hand, the intense magnetism that Ruchika feels for mysterious Rajeev lingers longer and she can’t help but to fall into a mesh of love, trust, deceit, and loss.

While Ruchika falls for Rajeev thinking that she has found her prince charming, Rajeev is determined to never let Ruchika go out of his life even when he knows he can’t give Ruchika the happily ever after. But then some love stories take an unexpected turn…

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My Author Story. My Life As an Indie Author

It’s not very fascinating but indeed motivating for anyone who wants to be a writer one day. My writing journey started back in the year 2002 when I started writing for the local newspaper.

It started as a hobby, and soon I started enjoying it. It was something that gave me a sense of pride, a feeling of happiness, a sense of satisfaction.

Whenever I finished writing a piece, be it a short story, an article, or a poem, and looked at it, it always filled me with immense joy.

But, I never took it seriously. Writing was never a career choice for me. I never thought or tried exploring myself more and putting more effort in polishing my skills.

Instead, I took up a medical transcription job and worked as an MT for five years. Then came the responsibilities. I was blessed with a baby boy. I had to quit my job. Motherhood was the most fascinating thing that happened to me. For almost four years, I devoted myself completely to raising my kid.

As my son was growing up, I got into this habit of watching reality TV and soap operas. Sitting in front of the dummy box and doing nothing just endlessly watching TV for hours had become my favorite pastime. So easy it was.

But soon the boredom that often lurked in the background started looming larger around me. I looked out for options like shopping, socializing, and what not to keep myself busy and at the same time happy. But nothing helped, and I found myself slowly slipping into a state of mulling and self-loathing.

I was tired of my monotonous life. I needed a refuge, an outlet. In fact, I once again needed to explore myself. I needed to find out what I was good at.

Time was passing by, but I was not able to decide what I wanted from myself. This went on for quite some time. Until one fine day when my hubby suggested me to write something. In fact, he pestered me to take a pen and a notebook and write anything, anything that came to my mind.

I still remember the words I said to him when he asked me to write down something.

“I can’t write a single sentence now.” That were the exact words I told my husband. Even then, he kept on motivating me and the day came when after a gap of almost ten years I wrote.

There was no stopping after that. I started writing every day and soon found myself confident enough to pick up the freelance writing jobs on the Internet.

I wrote for a variety of clients, online. I contributed for many article banks as well. But never thought about writing a book. It happened accidentally or I can say fortunately when my hubby published a collection of my pizza recipes in my pen name. Then came some more recipe books and some more. Many of them have been constantly hitting the bestseller’s chart on Amazon,now.

I never looked back after that. Now, I have fifty books in my pen name, all independently published on KDP.

About two years ago, I self-published my first ever fiction book. Still the Love Blooms was my first fiction book that I published under my name.

After that came Love Me Baby, Camouflage, and Hearts & Kisses.

With each book, my writing improved and if we go by the famous saying of the writing world — that an author’s best work is always his next book, my best book till date is my upcoming release Renegade.

With Renegade, I’m also participating in Kindle pentopublish contest. This is my best work till date. It took me one complete year to finish the first draft and then another six to eight months in giving it the best shape possible. I got it professionally edited and proofread so that my readers have a wonderful reading experience.

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At the end, I would like to thank Amazon’s KDP, for bestowing authors like me the power of independent publishing. My books are out in the world and selling because of Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. Book publishing has never been so easy. With Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, my long-cherished dream turned into reality.

KDP has given me wings to fly. If you’re an aspiring author and struggling with getting your work published, I can’t recommend KDP more. Go and explore yourself. Your dream world is waiting for you. With KDP, your destiny is in your hands now.

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Hello Friends,

I know you all are gearing up for the weekend. It’s Friday, and you must be having some plans for the evening.

The two much-talked about movies that are releasing today are Haseena Parkar and Newton. So, which one are you watching tonight?

If you would ask me, my choice would be Newton over Haseena Parkar because I would prefer Rajkumar over Shraddha Kapoor. Just kidding!

So, that was all about today’s new bollywood movie releases. Now, some of you perhaps prefer a silent dinner date rather than watching a movie.

That’s perfectly awesome. It’s a good way to rekindle your love if you have been married for quite some time. And, for bachelors and spinsters, there’s nothing like looking into their beloved’s eyes while a candle flicker in the cool evening breeze.

But, in case, on an off chance, if you aren’t doing either of these two, I would like you to join me on Facebook.

Because I really want to know you and talk to you. Yeah, I know, it’s a cover reveal event for RENEGADE, but for me it’s more like a LIVE interaction with my friends.

I’ll be there for one complete hour. We will chat and get to know each other. And in case you have any questions related to writing, not exactly novel writing but short story writing as well, I would love to answer them.

You know what, I recently secured a spot in Top 50 TOI Write India Season 2. My short story helped me achieve this recognition. If you would also like to participate in TOI and competitions similar to TOI but don’t know how to begin with, I will help you out.

Ask your questions. This is the golden chance if you want to begin writing. Make a list of your questions and keep it handy as you chat with me on Facebook.

Not only this, if you have any other questions that are not related to writing, you can ask them, and I would love to address them.

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Cover Reveal Party of Renegade – An Unfamiliar Love Story and a Free Ebook

Hello Friends,

So, what’s up this weekend? If there are no dinner dates and movie plans this Friday evening, I request you to join me on Facebook for the cover reveal party of RENEGADE – AN UNFAMILIAR LOVE STORY.

I’m eagerly waiting to talk to you. This party is not just a cover reveal party, but we can discuss a lot of other things too.

I’ll be there on my Facebook Author Page for one complete hour, between 6 pm to 7 pm. You can ask me anything you want to from books to writing, to editing, publishing and even marketing.

If you are an aspiring writer and want to write, this is gonna be a golden chance for you to ask your questions from an author who has successfully written and self-published 4 books in a row.

You are free to ask anything, even if it’s not related to writing or books.

You know what, I had written a blog post “How To Compliment a Girl You Like” a couple of months ago. And that post has received the maximum number of visits till date. If you have any questions like this, you can ask, and I will be happy to answer it.

So don’t miss the chance. Let’s get to know each other. Hang on with me on Facebook on September 22, 2017, between 6 pm to 7 pm.

We will chat, and I’ll answer all your questions.

For now, you can keep yourself busy by reading His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins that is FREE to download from Amazon (I think only for today so rush before the Free offer expires.)

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Talk soon! I will wait for you 🙂