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The wait is finally over. My latest novel Renegade is LIVE now and is available for purchase on Amazon.

I really need your help, friends. I have put a lot of effort in making this book a perfect piece. A book which my readers would love to read. And I hope you will help me.

Its because of your help and support, I’m able to take up my passion for writing to the next level. Else, I would have been writing just for myself.

So, today, I’m telling you how the journey of Renegade started.

I started this novel as a mini-series on my blog. Where I was posting one episode each Thursday.

I never thought that the weekly episode which I posted just for my self-satisfaction would become quite popular among my friends and family members.

People started liking it. They waited for the weekly episodes of “Don’t Break My Heart” (Renegade’s earlier name). So much love and appreciation for the words I wrote just for fun. I was happy.

This boosted my confidence, and I decided that I would pen down a novel on the same storyline.

And then I began the journey.

It took me a complete one year and a couple more months to bring this book to you. Many sleepless nights when I was just writing, writing, and writing. When I was not cooking the dinners and my family was relying on Domino’s pizzas and outdoor meals. When my seven-year-old son watched me work late in front of my computer as he drifted to sleep.

Writing is indeed a hard work and a lonely job. I had null social life for the past one year. My main aim was to make this book perfect. And I think I had achieved what I wanted. Renegade is my best work till date. And if we go by the famous saying that the author’s best work is always their next book, perhaps, my next book would be better and superior than this one. But for now, its only Renegade.

If you have read my series “Don’t Break My Heart” on my blog, you will easily relate with the characters of Renegade as most of the characters are just the same.

Though the story and characters are same, there’s much more romance in Renegade with some very interesting twists and turns throughout the story. And, I’m sure it’s going to be a treat for a true romance lover.

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The Sizzling College Romance is Ready to be Read!

Hello Folks,

The wait is over! RENEGADE is going LIVE tomorrow.

It had been a year in the making of this novel. From a random idea to a rough draft to the final polished version, the journey was arduous and overwhelming. But at the same time satisfying and rewarding. And, I’m excited to share this moment with you.

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Stay Blessed and Keep Rocking because Life is too short to be worried about petty things. Have a toast! Enjoy! 🙂


Add More Sparkles to Your Diwali. The Love Story You Shouldn’t Miss this Festive Season

Hello, friends – I’m so excited to talk with you about RENEGADE, my next book! And it’s coming out just before Diwali, so when you’re done with all the cleaning and shopping, you’ll have something new to read! For now, I’m sharing with you the blurb. Check it out – I think you’re going to love this one.

From TOI award-winning author comes another stunning blend of heart-warming romance and spine-chilling suspense in her latest novel RENEGADE, the first book of RAJ and RUCHIKA Series.

After her father’s death, Ruchika migrates from the small town of Raebareily to the big city of Bangalore to overcome the loss and to study further. With hopes and dreams, she was determined to complete her education and get a job, but destiny had something else for her in store. A charming and handsome fellow classmate steals her heart the very first day of college and she finds herself weaving fantasies about her ultimate union with Rajeev.

The last thing Rajeev needs in his life is to fall for a girl like Ruchika. He has carefully constructed an image of himself where he is just like any other guy which unfortunately he is not. Despite his best efforts, he fails to keep himself away from the beautiful yet innocent Ruchika with compelling kohled eyes.

Ruchika’s dream world where every time good wins over the bad is not the life that Rajeev has lived, and he thinks that he can’t be her hero.

On the other hand, the intense magnetism that Ruchika feels for mysterious Rajeev lingers longer and she can’t help but to fall into a mesh of love, trust, deceit, and loss.

While Ruchika falls for Rajeev thinking that she has found her prince charming, Rajeev is determined to never let Ruchika go out of his life even when he knows he can’t give Ruchika the happily ever after. But then some love stories take an unexpected turn…

Add RENEGADE to your wishlist and get notified as soon as it is available for purchase.


Join Me on Facebook Tonight!

Hello Friends,

I know you all are gearing up for the weekend. It’s Friday, and you must be having some plans for the evening.

The two much-talked about movies that are releasing today are Haseena Parkar and Newton. So, which one are you watching tonight?

If you would ask me, my choice would be Newton over Haseena Parkar because I would prefer Rajkumar over Shraddha Kapoor. Just kidding!

So, that was all about today’s new bollywood movie releases. Now, some of you perhaps prefer a silent dinner date rather than watching a movie.

That’s perfectly awesome. It’s a good way to rekindle your love if you have been married for quite some time. And, for bachelors and spinsters, there’s nothing like looking into their beloved’s eyes while a candle flicker in the cool evening breeze.

But, in case, on an off chance, if you aren’t doing either of these two, I would like you to join me on Facebook.

Because I really want to know you and talk to you. Yeah, I know, it’s a cover reveal event for RENEGADE, but for me it’s more like a LIVE interaction with my friends.

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Not only this, if you have any other questions that are not related to writing, you can ask them, and I would love to address them.

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Free Classic Romance Books

Love guys! Red Heart on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5

Today’s post is about readers and reading. And, at the end, there are some cool surprises for you. So, if you want to have a fun weekend, read this…

You know what John Green has said about books

Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”

A bad day at work, hot talk with your partner, or a sudden shocking heartbreak, books can be your true savior.

Pick a good book and you won’t regret. Reading is a therapy that heals your brain and calms your heart and body.

I can say this because I have experienced this myself. I had been severely affected by premenstrual syndrome. Irritability, mood swings, lack of concentration took a toll on my family life.

This went on for a couple of years until one day. And that day, I decided to overkill it. I decided that whenever I feel depressed I will pick up a book and finish it. No matter what.

And believe me, it worked like a magic. My cranky behavior is the thing of the past. Now, I feel relaxed, happy, and rejuvenated throughout the month.

Earlier I used to buy or borrow books from the libraries, but now I can read it on my mobile and tablet.

You can do the same.

Free Classic Romance BooksI know nothing can beat the feel of a paperback but if you look at the utility factor, e-books are far easier to buy, read, and carry along. You can carry thousands of e-books in your mobile and travel around the world. Something you can’t do with the paperbacks.

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Book Review: The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

The boy who loved by Dujoy Datta was published recently…and is currently in the Top selling category on amazon in contemporary romance. Further ahead I am going to critically review this book.

I don’t have to tell you why people read books… But many of us read books to dive deep into the thought process, experience the tell-tale, and above all for being entertained. Some do it just for the “author reader tizzy” where in reader guesses what’s coming and likes the unexpected whereas the author loves being unpredictable and beating the reader’s thought process.

I am sure you will avoid a book that will leave you disheartened, dejected, despaired, gloomy, and sad. But then some of the most popular fiction works carry unexpected dash of everything that’s life… a story with issues, problems and times and then how they deal with it in gloom, pain, despair or even having a great time.

So If you are open minded about reading little darker side of life and also being entertained, look no further as Durjoy Datta’s latest book—The Boy Who Loved.

Now I am not reviewing this book to tell you that everything is great with this book, in-fact I am going to do a “critical autopsy” that will let you pick this book with confidence and read it without being lured into setting an unreasonable expectation.

However,you should also understand that reading further from here will let you know more about this book than you might want.

Plot and Storyline: The Boy Who Loved is a story of an insecure teenager, Raghu Ganguly, who is hung in the dilemma of committing suicide. Raghu looks out for the taller and the tallest building in and around his house for his vested interest.

He thinks he has killed his best friend Sami by drowning him into the swimming pool. This guilt never leaves Raghu, and he wants to end his life.

However, in the middle of the book, a sudden stroke of luck gives Raghu all reasons to rethink about ending his life. And that happens when he feels inclined towards fellow classmate Brahmi Sharma.

Brahmi has her own bleak past…Like her sudden disappearances, the cut marks on her wrist, and her suspicious behavior attract Raghu towards her, and the two fall in love with each other.

Later, Raghu finds out that just like him Brahmi too is possessed by suicidal tendencies.

There are several ups and down in the book and in Raghu’s life for that matter. He carries dislike for his parents, his friends, his brother. He also hates his neighbors. In fact, he hates everyone in the world except Brahmi and his brother’s wife whom he calls Boudi.

The plot is weak, and the story is fractured. No groundwork is laid before introducing an event or a scene. The reader is left wondering what is going on and where did that come from. One such instance is the sudden portrayal of the death of one of the supporting characters towards the end of the book.

Characters: The book has quite a bunch of intriguing and really crazy characters including the lead pair Raghu and Brahmi. The characters are painted to be more on the unbelievable side. Characters seem to be unlikable, clumsy, and quite irritating at times.

Raghu and Brahmi both are highly unlikable and unrealistic as well. You can’t work out how he looks like. There is no physical description of the character named Raghu or the character named Brahmi, the lead pair, let alone the other supporting characters.

It’s hard to connect to any of the characters of the book. Reason—all the characters including the main ones fall flat throughout the read. It appears the author gets so much involved in giving readers a bumpy ride that he loses out on developing his characters, making them vivid so that readers can visualize them, feel a connection with them, or relate to them. I don’t know anything about Raghu except that he is a gawky teenager with suicidal tendencies, a bookworm, and is preparing for the IITs. (Tell me if I was wrong after you read the book)

As far as the character of Brahmi is concerned, I can work out that she is a mysterious girl who despite being the monitor of her class remains alone and aloof. She bunks classes and goes to have milkshakes and burgers during school hours. And, yeah, she also suffers from maniac behaviors and suicidal tendencies. All other characters of Maa, Baba, Dada, Boudi, Raghu’s friends just seem like fillers except Didima. I, in fact, enjoyed reading about her. I find her character believable and realistic. Her mental condition is described nicely, and I appreciate the author for creating such a lively and vibrant character of a sick fussy old lady like Didima.

Scenes and Narrative Summary (Show versus Tell) and Pacing:

  • The book is a complete tell-tale as Raghu is writing a diary. There are very few occurrences where you can actually feel any action or things happening. This slows down the pace of the book. There are high chances that you might feel bored by the drag the book offers. Perhaps, you will skim through the pages to reach the end. Perhaps, you put the book in the DNF (Do Not Finish) category.
  • The author appears struggling with creating actionable scenes and sequences to make the book lively. It is a dull boring read that is largely depended on its illogically written prose or narration. Misused words, misspelled words, missing punctuation, wrong word choices are found in abundance.
  • There are certain extra-long sentences that are hard to read and decipher contributing to the readability issues.
  • There are some missing punctuation errors. Example: Unlike me he doesn’t have to pretend to be happy. A comma is needed after unlike me. There are many more occurrences like this throughout the book.
  • There are quite a lot of passive sentences throughout the book that make the writing even weaker and harder to read.
  • There are some strange word choices and quite a lot occurrence of flowery or purple prose. It appears as if the author has opened the thesaurus and replaced the easy words with its difficult counterparts. Even the mundane things are described with great difficulty.
  • If you’re an avid reader, the one thing that is going to bother you throughout the read is verb inconsistencies. The author suddenly jumps from the past to present and vice versa within the same paragraph and often within the same sentence without letting you catch your breaths. This can make it harder for you to realize if the things are happening at present or they had already happened in the past.

Ex1: One-such example is “It makes her happy. Maa’s obsession and deep love for me is now old news. Maa had no choice in the matter.” (No paragraph change. The first two sentences are present tense the third sentence is in past tense)

Ex2:  What if she woke up looking for me and finds me gone? (Within the same sentence one past and one present tense.)

Ex3: My heart fluttered and it shows in the picture that was clicked.

  • There are quite a lot of meaningless sentences, and the reader will have a hard time to decipher what the author or in fact Raghu is trying to communicate.

Ex1: As I am often wont to do, during the first week I lied to myself that I hadn’t been looking for her face in others.

What does the highlighted sentence mean? May be it’s an editing error, I wonder…

Some more “construction issues”.

Ex2: “If we were serious about it we would have done it by now, not matter what the means.”

“The teachers would think Sahil was in on it as well. Let it go,” said Brahmi.

And when it did, Brahmi and Sahil passed the piece of paper between each other, disbelief writ large on their face. (I think it should be—disbelief written large on their faces. Isn’t it?)

“Why are you here? I thought I had made it plenty clear that we shouldn’t have to do anything with each other.” (What is plenty clear—again an editing error?)

“I think I was plenty clear that we shouldn’t be in touch anymore.” (Is it pretty clear?)

All our meetings post her joining work clicked into place and I realized she had never not worn full-sleeved shirts. (never not together?)

Baba wasn’t just words. He had papers drawn up that said Boudi and Boudi alone, if and when she changes her religion, would be the sole heir to all that the Ganguly’s owned.

  • There are certain unhygienic descriptions in the book. Perhaps, the author has tried hard to trigger some kind of emotional response in the reader. But a reader like me simply gets withdrawn and feels extremely yucky and disgusted reading the bitch delivering a puppy on a girl’s skirt and then the girl goes to attend her class in the same uniform.

Dialogues: Dialogues are wooden and stilted across the board, no matter between whom the conversations are taking place.

If you’re an avid fiction reader, you must know how irritating it is to see numerals written in the dialogues. Yeah, you can read numerals in the narrative but not in the dialogues.

Ex1: “Where were you, Dada? Don’t tell me you were at the office like you told Maa. I called and they said you had left at 9. So where were you” I asked.

Ex2: “Zubeida? Where? How? Till 3.”

Ex3: “I’m working at a call centre in Gurgaon. It’s a shit place to live in but the job is good, pays me Rs 8000.”

I would prefer something like this—“It’s a shit place to live in, but the job is good, pays me eight thousand bucks.”

There are many more occurrences like this.

Scene Transitions: The other problem that can keep you drawing away from the book is that there are no # or * signs to separate the time frames or the scenes or events. Everything goes in continuation. The author jumps from one day to another and from one week to another without giving the reader any hint about the upcoming.

Scene transitions would have been improved and also consecutive paragraphs are not succinct.

Modal Verb Abuses: The two modal verbs that are abused throughout the book are “Used To” and “Would Have.”

There is one whole chapter dedicated to “Would Have” where each and every sentence of a chapter has one or two or even three would have’s.

Ex: In the first few microseconds, Dada would have taken it lightly, thought the flame would be little and brief, but in the very next moment, he would have thought otherwise, his body floating, golden flames licking every part him. He would have felt the searing heat, he would have felt the skin melt off him, his organs would have singed.

Overall Impression: The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Dutta is one strange romance novel…But yet entertaining and original.

To me, the book often reads like a Young Adult Psychological Suspense novel. Sometimes, it reads like a General Knowledge book detailing the affairs and events that took over the country during the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Sometimes it sounds like a philosophical book preaching about life and death, pain and pleasure, good and bad and so more. But not a single time, not even once and not even for a fraction of a second it feels like a romance novel to me.

The author keeps on enriching the reader with his immense general knowledge of 1947 partition to 1970s emergency to the Sikh riots to Gandhi’s death leaving the reader wandering if they have bought a contemporary romance book or a historical encyclopedia or a history textbook.

Also, at many places, it takes you to a zone where you think that perhaps something romantic is going to happen between Raghu and Brahmi but then disappoints you as the couple just roams the streets, drinks tea, smokes cigarettes, walks in the parks, hand in hand, but never gets physical. Raghu even sees Brahmi’s naked back and applies bandages on it, but never tries to kiss her to make her feel better…(I would have loved to take a romantic tailspin right there 🙂 )

To kiss or not and when is not something I can impose but then kiss is not always sexual. It can be a gesture of emotional support, bonding, sympathy…And I feel the book kind of  lacks these emotions.

The story is written in a way making it difficult to follow the story line. It jumps around, dropping in unrelated utterances. Scenes are left incomplete before moving on to something totally unrelated.

Overall, the story is quite depressing, and the ending can tip you off the edge. If you hate cliffhangers, the abrupt ending perhaps even leave you in a lurch.

All in all the love story is bit strangely placed…But I like the mix!

This was my take on The Boy Who Loved. Hope you liked my style of review and if you did do leave likes and comments to keep me motivated…and I will keep them coming.

Time for a cuppa coffee and a walk. Talk Soon!

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Camouflage: A Romance Set in the City of Bangkok

Happy Monday Folks. Guess what. Today, I’m sharing with you a tiny excerpt from my novel Camouflage.

Setting: Thailand

Cast and Characters: Asian and American

Genre: Umm, Not sure

OK, I’m not able to decide the genre of the book as it stretches from being a romantic suspense to a psychological thriller. But, one thing I can assure you, that if you love reading romance books with lots and lots of intrigue, suspense, twists, thrills, and cliffhangers, this book is for you.

Warning #1: It’s a fast-paced romance with action happening at each paragraph. Don’t blame me if it keeps you biting your nails and at the edge of your seat all the time.

Warning #2: The book has adult content and strong language. 18+

See what reviewers are saying about Camouflage

“A great combination of love and intrigue. Highly recommended to fans of romantic suspense.” ~ Annie Arcane, author of Hartbroken Series

“I’ll just say that this unusual little novel captivated me and kept me up half the night reading.” ~ Page LaRue

“Everything about this book was a page turner.” ~ J. Saman, author of Start Again series

“Hasnain weaves a complex mystery with many layers to peel away as you go. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a good mystery with a splash of romance to spice things up.” ~ Melissa Copeland, author of Solitary

An Excerpt from Camouflage

Camouflage, www.mariyamhasnain.comI longed for her touch, her kiss, her affection and found myself slipping into a state from which I never recovered.

My heart ached as I realized Sheina was miles away from me. I never believed in love, and now I couldn’t stop myself falling in love. For a moment, I forgot all the physical trauma and mental conflicts and savored the feel of falling for a girl whom I’d known for only a couple of months.

It was nothing more than just a physical attraction and I never acknowledged her growing affection towards me. She was always there even when I behaved rudely and ignored her.

I felt ashamed and apologetic for not treating her the way she deserved to be.

“You are my princess, darling though I’m not a prince,” I mumbled under my breath.

What’s this happening to me? Why I’m feeling so drawn to her? How can I be mentally unstable and physically frail but still feeling so healthy and energetic?

Is this what is called love? If it is I’m in love. I’m in love with Sheina. I can’t imagine my life without her. I miss you Sheina, please come back to me.

Playing my favorite song – Patience from Guns’ n Roses – Shed a tear ’cause I’m missin’ you, on my cell phone, I wallowed in that sweet pain that I’d been experiencing since she had left me alone in the tranquility of her living room.

I need to tell her how much I love her, let her come and I’ll never let her go. I’ll enclose her in my arms forever and ever till the end of this world.

I groggily walked up to the closet. An M-shaped gold pendant, secured neatly through the pins onto the red velvety floor of the jewelry box, shone brightly.

This is the only lifeless object in this entire world that I can never buy, and now I want to give it to Sheina, the woman I love the most after my mom. She is the one who deserves my mom’s keepsake.

I came back to the recliner and allowed my memories to flow freely. As I put my ear buds on, relaxing on the recliner, old reminiscences flooded my mind.

It was a usual day for me. Glaring the cursor for an hour or so, I was about to type the first sentence when the penetrating sound of the doorbell hampered the flow of creative juices.

 “Who the heck has come now?” I felt irritated but managed to walk down the stairs to get the door.

A Thai girl in her early twenties was standing on the doorstep. My anger and irritation faded away seeing the pretty face at my door. For a moment, I found myself lost in her distinct Siamese charms. She was smiling vibrantly displaying the spontaneity of her personality.

“Hi! I’m Sheina. I’ve moved next door. Sorry to bother you but my bathroom shower knob has got jammed. I’ve called the community plumber, but I think they’d take some time. I’ve to report to work in an hour and I was wondering if you could help me out?” She maintained eye contact with me.

An expression of nervousness on her cute, typically Asian face and the requesting glint in her slanting eyes compelled me to go with her.

“This way please.” She led me to her flat. There were heavy cartons of goods and packed furniture pieces lying on the tiled flooring of the tiny living room.

We made our way to the shower room. I tried to rotate the shower knob, but it didn’t move.

“Have you got a wrench?” I asked her.

“Oh…I’m afraid I don’t,” she replied.

“Fine, I’ll get mine.” I reached my flat and quickly located the wrench in the tool box.

A slight pressure on the wrench rotated the knob, and it started working. Drizzles of cold water started pouring on my T-shirt, and I stepped aside to avoid the droplets of water.

“Oh! It started working.” She smiled jubilantly.

I came out of the bathroom.

“Thank you so much, Mr…I didn’t ask your name.”

“Mark, Mark Statler,” I replied, walking in between the scattered cartons of packed goods.

“Thanks again Mark, see you in the evening.” Hearing my name in her sensuously soft and soothing voice compelled me to look back, and I gazed at her prettiness wearing a goodbye smile on my face.

After that, she started dropping in every now and again, most of the time in need of something, and I helped her readily, unaware that one day I would succumb to her Thai charms and would yearn for her just like the parched sands of the dessert yearn for rain.

We started spending quality time with each other. I cherished her company, and we struck the chord pretty well talking about our hobbies and interests, during which I got a chance to know more about her.

She had a deep passion for helping the orphans and that was the only reason she moved from SuanPhueng to Bangkok when she got an offer to work as a coordinator at the MalaiDek Orphanage located in the Phaya Thai district.

The charity organization had provided shelter, food, and education to more than thirteen-thousand kids from various districts of Thailand, most of them had lost their parents to the deadly hands of AIDS than to any other cause of death. Sheina was involved with the fund-raising event management program.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find a friend in Sheina, one who shared her passion for helping the poor and needy with me. We were not polls apart, but our characteristics and natures were almost opposite, and I believed that’s what I liked most about her.

Want to read more, download Free sample chapters of Camouflage

Happy Reading!


The Miss Fortune Series: Fortune and Fame (Kindle Worlds Novella) – Book Review

The Miss Fortune Series: Fortune and Fame Fortune and Fame is a story of Sandy aka Fortune an undercover CIA agent and Georgia Fame, an attractive looking female who seems to hide not only her age but a lot more behind her flirting gestures and etiquette.
The story begins on an interesting note with Fortune driving around her two elderly friends Ida Bella and Gertie. The conversations between the trio were humorous and lively.
I liked the book as it gave me a real treat of description – the settings, sight, sounds, and smell of the small town of Sinful.
The next thing that I really appreciate is the construction of characters and dialogues. The author has done an amazing job in creating believable characters that are live and complex. The dialogues flow smoothly with the narrative and are entertaining and realistic.
The plot is interesting but I can’t say the story is fast paced. At some places it even loses its steady rhythm and kind of a drag with overdoses of description and dialogues, but the fact is that unlike other detective stories it is comparatively shorter and an easier read.
I liked this book and looking forward to reading some more slow burn detective stories like this by the author.


Click here for a closer look

A BDSM Erotica – Holly Berry (Naughty or Nice?)

Erotic Romance Books[yasr_overall_rating]

Hurray! Here comes the weekend! 🙂 🙂 So, what are you doing this Friday evening? If nothing, then believe me the book I’m writing the review for would really get you a tingle of thrill here and a rush of heat there as you curl up with it under the sheets.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I read this BDSM Erotica during the Christmas Holidays, and it indeed gave me a yummilicious treat. However, I’m writing the review quite late. Actually, I couldn’t get any time to give this hot and steamy romance book the treatment it deserved. So, I waited and waited and when I finally got a chance to squeeze some time out from my busy routine of managing blogs and writing, the first thing I did was to share the review with my friends.

The plot of the book was sweet and interesting, and it’s one of the few good romance books that holds a delicious mix of romance and erotica. And, not a typical one, but a BDSM 😉

This red hot steamy romance is a story of a Christmas fairy who lives at the North Pole and is actually a wish fairy. Holly is supposed to grant people’s wishes during the Christmas season. The story is quite imaginary with strong characters and delicious descriptions.

I loved Holly’s character from the first page. Her character displayed several shades and was very well developed and multidimensional.

I liked the character of Susan. I even loved to read about Spencer, though I thought him to be a baddie in the beginning. My assumptions soon vanished as a cute unexpected twist made him more likable.

This is not just an erotica but there is a sweet and cute love story that is really heartwarming. I loved the scenes and moments when Kian feels desperate for Holly despite being a dominating partner who cares for his sub.

I’ve never read a BDSM erotica, and this one was a quick introduction to the genre. I appreciate Jaye’s ability of beautifully blending the erotica with the celebrations and fun activities of the festive season.

Though I fully enjoyed the entire read, it was the ending that took my breath away. It was like a cherry on top over a divinely tasty dessert of Christmas.

This book will get 5 hot stars from me for its steaminess and 5 for Holly’s naughtiness. If you want to read hot and steamy romance novels online, there is a community called Wattpad where you can find great books. Not only free online romance stories and free hot romance novels online, you can browse through multiple genres and read your favorite stuff. Just register on Wattpad and read your favorite steamy romance novels online free on your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

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A Cozy Christmas Romance

Remember by Joan Carney[yasr_overall_rating]

Remember is very very Christmassy cute and adorable love story to curl up with during the holidays. The author has beautifully captured the vibrancy and liveliness of the festive season. The descriptions are so vivid that it felt like I was watching a Christmas movie. Carney has done a great job in sketching out the characters and making them live and believable. I can easily connect with Gracie, a girl that suffered from memory loss after drowning into a mall fountain. I loved the character of Emmy/Electra, the cat.

I liked Jack who was a complete husband material unlike Todd, a Casanova. But if you ask me who I would prefer then my unabated answer would be Todd. I don’t know but there was something that was quite appealing about his personality. I don’t know if it was a tinge of alpha male dominance or his bitter-love attitude towards his girlfriend.

At some point, I even wanted Gracie choosing Lucas. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and would highly recommend it, especially, if you’re looking for cozy and delightful Christmassy Love Story.

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