Book Review: Because of You By Connie Lafortune

Book Review: Because of You by Connie LafortuneThis is my second book by Connie Lafortune. In fact, it is the author’s debut work, so I was thrilled when I got a chance of reading Because of You after Bound by Steel.

I was mesmeric after reading Bound by Steel, and I don’t embarrass in saying that I often open it on my e-reader and devour it in my leisure time. It’s such a heart-warming passionate read.

OK, so this review is about Because of You and I think I should stop my obsession with Bound by Steel if at least for a while until I put this review together.

So, let’s begin. Ok, I have started doing critical review. And though I don’t find anything to be critically acknowledge in Because of You, I will still try to assess it critically. However, it’s a different thing that the book left me spellbound by its writing, the characeterization, and the vivid portrayal of human emotions as if everything was happening in front of my eyes.

As you know, I review books in the light of few pointers, so here goes my review for Because of You

Plot and Storyline: It’s a story of Riley and Hunter. Riley moves to her Dad’s house in Southern Carolina where she meets Hunter and the two instantly fall in love with each other. Hunters wants to express his love but has his own haunting past which he thinks can hurt Riley. Riley, on the other hand, is drawn towards Hunter like a moth to a flame. Their affection grows and finally, the lovebirds succumbs to the growing desires for each other unknown what future has in store for them.

The plot is old but the story treatment is new and appealing. The plot is tightly woven and there are no loose ends where the reader feels bored. It kept my attention intact from the beginning till end. It has some cleverly done twists at the end of the book and the surprize ending just acts like an icing on the top of melt-in-the-mouth cheesecake 😊

The love scenes are well written and don’t seem like an erotica. They are sensual yet graceful, but I loved to read more about the emotional gestures and playful banter Riley and Hunter shared with each other. Their care, emotions, and love all expressed vividly and the entire read was no less than watching an emotional and passionate romantic movie.

Characters: Both Riley and Hunter have their own traumatic pasts and suffer from panic attacks and nightmares. This brings them even closer. The characterization was strong. Characters are well-developed and realistic. It’s not easy to describe character in all the three dimensions, but Connie has done this with elan.

I loved Riley from the beginning and can relate with her. In fact, often it feels like I am reading about my own self. Like her, whenever something goes wrong it feels I am responsible for it. This often makes me feel guilty.

I loved the way Hunter makes her realize that it’s not always her fault.

Like Bound by Steel where I fell in love with Ryker, in Because of You I couldn’t stop fantasizing about Hunter 😊. He made my heart gallop. I typically loved the scenes where he was so caring and loving to Riley. For instance, when he was taking care of her at his home after Riley suffered a terrible panic attack. That scene was beautifully written and very emotional that it gave me a tingle.

I liked the character of Scott. However, I wanted to read more about him and his relationship with Riley. I wanted to read about Kathy and also about Hunter’s parents and grandparents.

Scenes and Narrative Summary (Shows verses Tell and Pacing)

The scenes are crafted beautifully and the scene to narrative transition is smooth and seamless. Author has succeeded in creating a fine balance between scene and narrative. There’s a fine balance between Show and Tell and nothing feels overdone or lengthy.

The descriptions of the places and events and even characters are to the point. There are no lengthy descriptive that can compel the readers to skim pages. Again, I will say it were the emotions between the couple that made me swipe one page after another of this passionate romantic tale.

I fell in love with the book and with its characters. It was such an enjoyable read and still, I am not able to take my mind off of Riley and Hunter’s sizzling chemistry, their love and care for each other. The book succeeded in describing what true love is.

Overall Assessment: The plot has depth. It is well crafted with no room for improvement. The story is well structured. It slows down and picks up pace as and when required compelling reader not to stop reading.

The lead characters are strong and well developed. There’s an emotional connection between them, and the best thing is that you can feel strongly about both Riley and Hunter.

However, there’s room for improvement in the cover of the book.

Apart from cover, I don’t think there’s anything that can stop me from rating this book 5 stars. This book doesn’t deserve anything less than that.

So, if you’re looking for a passionate and emotional romance for the weekend, Because of You fits the bill.

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