CAMOUFLAGE: Racing Romantic Suspense Set In Exotic Thailand

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”%23F7F0DE” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]“She looked gorgeous in off white bathrobe clung to her voluptuous wet body with her wet hair clumsily wrapped in a white towel. I could’nt take my eyes off her shiny toned long legs protruding out of the knee-length bathing gown as she led me in. I felt envious of the water droplets still hovering on her waxed legs.”[/text_block]
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In this Romantic Suspense Novel You Will Discover… How Mark Statler is Running From His Past Chasing His Dreams & More!

  • A Former Corporate Executive Running From His Past

    Mark a corporate executive quits his job and migrates to the city of
    Bangkok where he meets the love of his life.

  • Bangkok, Thailand is an Exotic City

    A Potpourri of Spirituality, History, Tourism, Crime, Drugs & Deception that will blow your mind

  • What Can Go Wrong?

    A Lot when Confusion prevails…is he in true love. Is she cheating on him? Will they find each other? Will they bury the past?

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

 I would recommend this novel to anyone who has traveled to Bangkok or who enjoys reading a romance novel set in an exotic location

Nicole Prince

But this book delivered in so many ways and made it so I could not put it down. This is a thoroughly enjoyable romance book. The story is beautiful, funny,emotional,and a bit sad. Looking forward for more series from Ms. Mariyam.


 Mariyam Hasnain not only entices the readers with her spell binding book but also succeeds in holding ones attention till the end. The enthralling mystery excites and intrigues at the same time.
A must read !!!

Zohaib Rizvi

The book is gripping, couldn’t put it down. Very suspenseful. I highly recommend reading.


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