Romantic Short Story – Bloody Passion

Title: Bloody Passion

Episode 1 Link

Episode 2 Link

Episode 3 of 4 part romantic short story series

Warning: The story contains adult

Three years later…

Zigma had reached the pinnacle of success. I never sold it. Zigma was Akash’s dream, and I fulfilled my friend’s dream by making it the world’s third largest IT and IT Enabled Services Company.

On the personal front, I divorced Maya and now dating my new secretary Payal, more beautiful and sexier than Jahnvi. Jahnvi, on the other hand, had become a mess of skin and bones after enduring the court hearings for the past three years. The court’s decision was still pending.

These three years had taken a toll on Jahnvi. She had grown old. I often visited her apartment where she shifted two years ago from her plush bungalow and gazed at her from afar, sitting in my plush car.

Whenever I saw Jahnvi, I reminisced our times spent together. And with that always came the haunting memories of that traumatic night.

Akash would often take short naps while working late in the office. That night also he was asleep in his chair when the three of us sneaked into his office room and held him captive. Rajveer held Akash’s back in his chair with an arm around Akash’s neck, his other hand pinching Akash’s nose. The moment Akash opened his mouth; I forcefully emptied the bottles of Akash’s usual medications of propofol and lorazepam into his mouth, washing them down into his stomach with a glass full of cold orange juice. We waited for him to go unconscious. With Rajveer in the same position, Jahnvi holding him by his legs, I pinned him down to his high back office chair.

Romantic Short Story - Bloody Passion, www.mariyamhasnain.comOnce Akash body started limping, and he stopped struggling to fight back, we released our grips and ruthlessly watched our friend go into a deep sleep. We then carefully cleaned the room and erased all the evidence.

We then left the office and headed to our houses. Akash’s bungalow was close to the office. It was just a fifteen minutes ride while I stayed at an hour distance from Zigma.

On my way home, I decided to surprise Jahnvi and asked Ravi, my driver, to take me to Akash’s bungalow.

Actually, I wanted to relax. The entire episode was no less than an ordeal. And I was in desperate need of an intense making out session with Jahnvi. I wanted to suck her luscious lips and travel down all the way from her neck to the meeting point of her full breasts and bury my head in there, sucking her tout peaking nipples. I wanted to taste her juicy womanhood and feel the flush of her core against my face.

Upon reaching there, I climbed out of my car and asked Ravi to wait for me. Wrapped in my fantasies, I was about to press the doorbell when a thought of peeking inside the broken slat of the window blind crawled in my head. Perhaps I could catch a glimpse of my woman wandering in her house in just her lacy bra and panties, I thought.

My imagination went wild when I fantasized her standing in her kitchen with nothing else on her body except her red high heels.

Smiling, I bent down and peeked inside the house through the broken window slat that was broken a couple of days ago while we were having a wall-banging or more aptly a window-banging sex in her house.

Anger, hatred, confusion, guilt, all hit my head. My brain and heart melted into molten lava that filled my stomach. Heat dissipated through me. The only thought that came to my mind was to kill both of them alive.

To Be Continued….

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[MARIYAM'S NEW BOOK RELEASE] The Wedding Planner, www.mariyamhasnain.comHi Folks,

Have you planned about your Holidays. I understand many of you prefer going out and having fun. But I know many of you would like spending the cold days under the warmth of the furry blanket, either relaxing on the sofa and watching your favorite movie on Netflix or curling up with a cute romantic novel.

So, if you are the ones who prefer curling up on the couch with a book, my new book is all set to warm up your heart. The Wedding Planner is releasing in the month of December, and I am giving away the first chapter FREE to those who are interested. So, stay tuned for my e-mails.

The Wedding Planner is a Second Chances in Love novel. It’s an Indian Small Town Romance set in the fictional town of Awadh.

Here’s a small summary of the book. Let’s see if it sparks your interest.


Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. And those who make these celebrations memorable and extravagant are called wedding planners.

This sweet contemporary romance novel is also a story of one such wedding planner.

After surviving a tumultuous marriage, Nayela Faruqi returns to her hometown of Awadh. She buys the royal Shanbagh Palace not only to convert it into a wedding house but because of the connection she felt with the old harbor of Nawabs.

If not great, Nayela is at least living a peaceful life with her daughter Maira when someone strums the cords of her life.

In walks, Yasir Ahmad Shah, Nayela’s brother-in-law and the owner of the vast Shah Empire.

Nayela is taken both by shock and surprise when she meets Yasir who once was a close friend of her. Someone she could really count on after her parents.

Yasir had a soft corner for Nayela. He in fact loved Nayela but accepted Nayela and Faraz’s marriage as his brother fell head over heels for Nayela.

Now, when Faraz is gone and Nayela struggles with the hardships of single motherhood while establishing her foothold in the wedding business of Awadh will Yasir’s presence carve any impression on Nayela’s lonely heart. Will Yasir bring any change in Nayela and Maira’s dull and lonely lives? Will Yasir ever be able to show his heart to Nayela? And will Nayela ever be able to see Yasir more than a friend. Will she ever realize Yasir’s love ignoring the reality of Yasir being her dead husband’s brother?

And if the lonely hearts ever find love in each other will Zareen Ahmad Shah, Yasir’s mother and Nayela’s mother-in-law, accept Nayela back in the Shah Household?

Enjoy the romantic ride of relationships, human emotions, love, trust, and friendship with this heartwarming second chances romance novel.

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Book Review: Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

Book Review - Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman, www.mariyamhasnain.comSimha International is the first book of Sundari Venkatraman’s bestselling series – The Bansal Legacy.

The book was published in the month of February and has touched and topped the bestselling charts several times since then.

Further ahead, I am going to critically review this book.

When you pick a book, you set certain expectations from it. Many of you want to read inspirational novels that make you feel motivated. Then, there are some, who want to read full on entertainment.

So, if you fall in the first category, Simha International is not the book for you because it’s a pure entertainment and fun read without giving you any moral at the end of the story.

But, if you’re open-minded and doesn’t mind reading an entertaining suspense novel with a hint of sexy romance in it, I encourage you to go for this book.

I never review a book to say all good things about it. Being critical doesn’t mean using a magnifying glass and looking for plot holes, grammatical errors, or typos but to critically analyse the authors work.

There are several pointers that I use to critically assess the book and as you go further, you will see how it works.

Plot and Storyline: Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman is a story of a young and dashing managing director of a hotel (same name as the book’s name) Rohit Bansal and his love interest Tasha Sawant.

Both Rohit and Tasha have bitter memories of broken hearts. Both have suffered the trauma of failed relationships in the past. And when the two lonely souls come close, passion builds strong.

Both aren’t ready to commit but desperately looking for refuge and comfort in each other and whether this desire will transform into love or not is the suspense the book offers. There’s one more subplot goes alongside and that’s there’s a thief in the hotel. The suspects are many.

The plot somewhat looked misdirected with quite a lot of backstory dumping. The descriptions of the scenes and places often seemed like a drag, and I had to skim a couple of pages to avoid getting bored. However, the author has brilliantly crafted the scenes and the narrative and descriptive are well written. The dialogues to narrative transition is smooth and seamless.

The sex scenes are well written. They are cheesy and delicious.

The plot could be woven more tightly. It can be made more intriguing. The subplot of a sneaking thief isn’t very interesting. It would have been better if the author had created a haunting and secretive past of one of the protagonists. But that’s just an opinion 😊

Characters: The book has a whole bunch of crazy characters. Excluding the lead pairs, there aren’t any characters that are described in detail. The characters work like a filler to the scenes, and I found me desperate to read more and more about Rohit and Tasha’s building chemistry which was good. Their chemistry sizzles and steam flows off the pages. However, the relationship lacks any emotional connect. I want to read more about emotions infused conversations. The playful banter and dialogues were good but still I miss the description of human emotions.

The lead pair characters are well developed. I didn’t like Tasha much earlier but as the story progressed she emerges as a strong woman who is clear in her thoughts. She wants Rohit’s company but isn’t looking for taking advantage of his millionaire status. I liked the scene where she declined taking the jewellery set from Rohit.

“I am game till we can be partners. I refuse to play if you insist on giving me expensive gifts. In a partnership, we are equals. Well, I can’t afford to buy you gold cufflinks.” ~ Quoted from Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

Rohit seemed like a God-sent angle for Tasha. And is a bit unrealistic at times. I even didn’t like him going in search for his old girlfriend. He fought tooth and nail to trace Aarti. That seemed amateurish. He even appeared naïve and immature when he falls for Aarti instantly.

I like the character transformation of Tarun from a spoilt brat to a diligent human being. Mr. Sawant’s character was one-dimensional and fussy. The most unbelievable character was Pushpa Sawant, Tasha’s mother who behaved worse than a stepmother. I wonder if a real mother is like her. Needless to mention but Arun was literally a scumbag.

Scenes and Narrative Summary (Show verses Tell and Pacing)

As I said earlier, there’s a quite a lot of backstory in the book. There’s not just one but a backstory within the backstory. This slows the pace of the book. The descriptions are quite lengthy and often feel like a drag.

The author described Goa in pretty much detail but missed to describe Mumbai. The smell, the chaos, the fast life of the metro. I would love to read more about the city of Mumbai and the life of Tasha Sawant as a Mumbaikar.

Often at times, the novel is more dependent on Telling rather than Showing but that can be overlooked with the quality of writing and the smooth flow of dialogues.

Dialogues flow smoothly. Writing is immaculate and flawless with powerful vocabulary usage. Indeed Ms. Venkatraman has a commanding grasp on English language. There’s not a single editing error. I am quite peculiar in picking up errors of punctuation and grammar, but in Simha International, I couldn’t find any. I have reviewed traditionally published books as well from big publishing houses, but I don’t afraid in saying that the quality of Simha International is far better than some of the traditionally published chartbusters.

This makes Simha International a complete package. A box full of steamy and delicious love bites, a sexy alpha male, a strong charming heroine, suspense, thrill, and a hell lot of sizzling chemistry.

The lack of depth in the plot, the unstructured storyline, and lengthy flashbacks couldn’t overshadow the quality of writing couldn’t affect the overall rating of this book. The beautiful descriptions, the seamless scene transitions, and the impeccable editing add more stars. So, as an avid reader of entertaining romantic fiction I give Simha International 4 stars. Yes, 4 hot and steaming stars!!!

So that was my take on Simha International (The Bansal Legacy #1) by Sundari Venkatraman.

If you like my style of review, give me a thumb up by liking, commenting, and sharing this post to keep me motivated, and I promise I’ll keep them coming 😊

Huh! That was pretty long… time for a coffee, guys!

Talk soon!

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An author Interview of Sundari Venkatraman

Ms. Venkatraman is the author of 20 contemporary Indian romance novels including the bestsellers The Malhotra Bride, The Runaway Bridegroom, The Smitten Husband, The Madras Affair, and all the three books of The Bansal Legacy Series (Simha International, Rose Garden International, and Maharaja International). She has written back to back several bestsellers and is known for creating strong women characters and desirable alpha males who are dominant yet caring and sensitive to their ladies.

Before writing she had a successful career as a content manager. She has worked with the biggies of the media and publishing world including Network 18, Bennett and Coleman, Infomedia 18, and

Writing bug bit her in her 40s, and she started writing just as an outlet for her thoughts. There was no looking back for Sundari as she wrote. She kept on writing and within 6 months, she had 5 novels ready to be published.

Like all other writers, she had to shelf her books on her computer and get back to work as she didn’t find a publisher.

But today, she is one of the top-notch indie authors of India. Her books are not only published but become bestsellers one after another. She’s truly an inspiration for all the budding writers out there.

She has several achievements under her belt, the one being in the judging panel of the pentopublish2017 contest, an Amazon India initiative.

I felt privileged when I got a chance to interact with her and talk to her about her passion for writing. In my interview with her, she gets candid about her writing and publishing journey, the ups and downs of a writer’s life, and the future of independent publishing in India.

Here are the Excerpts of her interview with me:

Me: How did you take a plunge into the self-publishing world when there was very little awareness about independent publishing in India?

Sundari Venkatraman: Talk of being in the right place at the right time. I believe a lot in destiny.

I began writing at the end of the year 2000. Even before I thought of publishing, I had completed three manuscripts in the span of five months. After that, I kept submitting the synopses and sample chapters to many publishers around the world, via snail mail, mind you, since that was the only option available. I have many rejection letters for those publishers.

I went back to full time work and gave up writing. But it seemed that writing didn’t give up on me. I again wanted to tell stories and yes, I wanted people to read them. That’s when I began to blog my novels as weekly series on my blog. This also motivated me to write more and I was into my fifth book by now.

Reading a couple of chapters from one of my books, my friend Rubina Ramesh pointed me in the direction of Amazon KDP. I thought it may be complicated. But after reading Rasana Atreya’s blog on self-publishing—Rasana is a forerunner in indie publishing—I got my first book beta read, proofed, had a professional cover made and became a published author in the span of two weeks.

Me: From where did you get the inspiration for your books?

Sundari Venkatraman: I get my inspiration from reading. I read voraciously, especially books from the romance genre. Whenever I read a Nora Roberts, Georgette Heyer or a Janet Dailey, I visualise similar situations in India. And our country does offer so many premises with its rich cultural heritage and traditions while a family set up plays a huge role in people’s lives. News snippets about the world we live in, gossip columns, snippets on TV serials—anything and everything inspires me to tell stories.

Me: After writing several bestsellers back to back, how do you define success? Is it becoming rich and famous or is it all about self-satisfaction?

Sundari Venkatraman: It is both. I love being rich and famous and I am getting there, a step at a time. As for self-satisfaction, nothing to beat that one. I love weaving tales and I especially enjoy publishing my books at my pace. Like I complete my manuscript and the book is out within a maximum period of 10 days—the time taken for beta reading, proofing, formatting and getting the cover made. It’s immensely satisfying indeed.

Oh yeah, success. It is there in all these for sure. But what I like the most are when I see the number of pages actually being read of my books on my dashboard. Even when ebooks and paperbacks are sold, it does not guarantee that people actually read them. I have many books in my kindle and my bookshelf that I haven’t yet read. But Kindle Unlimited is proof that people read one’s books. Now, that’s the ultimate success for me.

Me: What is the future of self-publishing in India, especially publishing ebooks, when most of the Indians prefer reading mass market paperbacks?

Sundari Venkatraman: Self-publishing is here to stay. There are those screaming their lungs off saying that it’s shameful and that only authors who have been rejected by publishers take to it. That scenario has definitely changed and I am glad that I am one of the forerunners in removing that stigma. It feels good when traditional publishers chase me with their resumes, inviting me to work with them.

That said, we have enough audience for both ebooks as well as paperbacks. Kindle is best for carrying around, with thousands of books that could be stored in it. But yeah, both industries can definitely survive side by side with a bit of give and take.

Me: What Indians prefer to read – An entertaining and fun read or a Preachy lnspirational book?

Sundari Venkatraman: Your question reminds me of this woman I met during my recent trip to Chennai. My sister introduced the two of us and I told her that I write romance novels. She said that she would have bought my book in a jiffy only if they were preachy and inspirational. But alas, she couldn’t because they weren’t. I am guilty of mentally thumbing my nose at her because I felt she need not have told me what she did.

We can’t make a sweeping statement of all Indians in one breath. There is an audience for all kinds of books that are well written and presented professionally. I, for one, love to read books that entertain.

At the end of it all, didn’t the bard write for the same reason?

In the meanwhile, I also love to read Deepak Chopra, Devdutt Pattanaik, Neale Donald Walsch, to mention a few famous authors who write to inspire their audience.

So, we have an audience for all kinds of writing, for sure. One thing though, never turn preachy through fiction. I can’t stand it as many people out there who dislike it too.    

She signs off…

Click here to check out all the titles by the author…

Sundari Venkatraman is a member of the panel of the #PentoPublish #contest on #AmazonIndia #KDP
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Romantic Short Story – Bloody Passion

Title: Bloody Passion

Episode 1 Link

Episode 2 of 5 part romantic short story series

Warning: The story contains adult content.

My leather boots clapped on the marble flooring of the Zigma Software as I stormed out of the elevator.
Policemen in khaki uniforms swarmed in and out of the cubicles searching the nook and cranny of the office holding the leashes of sniffing dogs. Cameramen, TV journalists, press reporters milled around. There was police barricading around Akash’s cabin, and a cop was collecting and zipping things into the zip pouches.
I saw Rajveer talking to a cop and in one corner Jahnvi sniffing and dabbing fake tears on her handkerchief.
I couldn’t work out what to do and glared at the sea of passing faces. Staccato voices came into my ears.
Pain-stricken, I was looking around when a hand landed on my shoulder. I turned around.
Rajveer’s bland face showed definite signs of stress and fatigue. Zigma was Akash’s dream, but I and Rajveer were the two strong pillars of the company. The three of us had been the best buddies since college like the three musketeers type. It was after when Jahnvi joined office, things turned ugly. My illegitimate affair with my friend’s wife often led me into the state of panic and disbelief. I never realized when I breached the bond of trust. I betrayed Akash by sleeping with his wife. And now I was his murderer.
“Looks like a case of suicide, but police has to do some routine questioning to seal the case. I hope you people understand.” The thick mustached cop told us before motioning his men to march outside.
“Oh, sure, Mr. Hegde,” Rajveer replied.


“It’s a clear case of drug overdose, Mr. Chaudhary. The autopsy ruled out any trauma or foul play. Akash’s toxicology report shows that he died from the combination of drugs in his body mainly the sedative propofol and anxiolytic medicine lorazepam. Now how can you say it’s a murder?”
“Because I was involved in the planning of his murder.” I looked at him, my eyes glazing.
“What are you talking about, Mr. Choudhary?” Inspector Hegde screeched his chair and sat across from the table, in front of me. His eyes bulged out of their sockets. He stared at me like he had seen an alien.
“It’s true, inspector. I, Rajveer, and Jahnvi, the three of us, planned for this murder.”
“Can you explain everything in detail?” Inspector Hegde gestured the constable to take notes of my statement.
“I had an affair with Akash’s wife, Jahnvi.” I drifted my stare from Hegde’s dark brown face to my lap. “The day Akash was murdered, Jahnvi told me that Akash somehow got to know about our alleged affair and that he was getting the paperwork done to throw the two of us out of the company. Akash was also planning to trap the two of us into a money laundering scam.”
“Oh, I see.” 
Hegde’s brow furrowed as I lifted my stare up. He didn’t speak anything, but a shitty grin surfaced on his coal-black lips. 
“There was one more angle to it.” I again buried my stare down to the table between us.
“And what’s that?” Hegde asked.
“Zigma had got a lucrative deal a couple of months ago. World’s software giant Cyprus wanted to buy Zigma and was ready to pay anything for it. Akash never wanted to sell Zigma. Zigma was his dream. But Rajveer, Jahnvi, and to some extent, I also was tempted by the deal. We could cash the situation to separately start our own companies. Something all three of us desperately needed after enduring Akash’s dictatorship and unpredictable behavior for quite some time. Rajveer agreed to be a contributor to the crime because he also wanted the money. So we three planned to murder Akash the following night. But later, after reaching home, I got the news on TV that Akash was found dead in mysterious circumstances. The crime that we planned for the following night had already been committed.” I paused and cleared my throat. “It’s none other than Rajveer and Jahnvi who murdered him. I think they somehow got a hint that I can be a traitor. That I can spill the beans. That I will tell everything to Akash. So they did it on their own keeping me in the dark.”
Inspector Hegde exhaled a cold breath. He then brushed a hand over his head before putting his cap and adjusting it in place on his head full of black curly hair.
“You be here. I need all three of you on police remand. Did you get that?” Hegde slammed his fists on the table as he stood, his eyes meeting mine.

To Be Continued….

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Spotlight – “Simha International” by Sundari Venkatraman

(The Bansal Legacy #1)
Sundari Venkatraman
Rohit Bansal, the handsome and suave managing director of Simha International, is the envy of many—from a director of the hotel to an employee. 
A thief comes up with a simple modus operandi, believing that nobody’s really going to find out anything about the thefts taking place. But when a guest brings it to his notice, Rohit is determined to save the reputation of Simha International and ropes in a top-notch detective. Will Rohit be able to find who the thief is before time runs out?
The lovely and intelligent Tasha Sawant goes to work at Simha International as the duty manager. Her experience in the hotel industry only adds to the hotel’s excellent service. 
Tasha is attracted to Rohit and it would seem that he reciprocates her feelings. Well, the lady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship as it looks likes she’s already had an unpleasant experience. But then, what about the guy? Does Rohit want any kind of relationship with Tasha? 
*Simha International is the first book in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy.
Read an excerpt:
Tasha caught the movement in her peripheral as Rohit walked into the atrium along with Vignesh. She straightened from the desk in front of her to pay better attention. He was like her very own Prince Charming in modern apparel, minus the white charger.
Rohit walked across the reception as if he owned the place, a devil-may-care expression on his gorgeous features. Tasha felt something akin to a jolt of lightning strike her heart while she felt a buzzing reverberation like thunder, which muted all the other sounds in the hall. She just stared as Rohit moved towards her, her sherry brown eyes wide and her mouth open in a startled moue.
A trifle irritated when a phone buzzed, Tasha sounded breathless as she answered the call. A small frown knitted her smooth forehead and Akhil was startled to see her drumming her fingers in annoyance on her desk.
Tasha turned her head towards the two men who were deep in conversation as she placed the receiver back on its rest. Her heart beat a wild tattoo when she saw them walking in her direction. Her slender form thrummed in anticipation as she stepped out of the bay when Vignesh beckoned to her. Akhil could feel the tremors as she walked past him and a scowl puckered his forehead as he looked up to see what had caused the excitement. On seeing Rohit, he wiped his frown in a hurry and gave the other man a sheepish smile of greeting that didn’t quite reach his eyes.
Akhil hated his boss, passionately. Akhil was from a middle class family and had had to struggle throughout his twenty-four years to reach where he was, a management trainee on his way to becoming a duty officer in another nine months’ time subject to—a look of bitterness marred his good looks—the approval of the board of directors, especially Rohit Bansal. Whenever he looked at his young boss of thirty-three, Akhil felt the fire of jealousy consuming him. Rohit Bansal was so lucky—Akhil was absolutely sure of it—to have everything handed to him on a platter, a child born with a silver spoon, into a hotelier family. Rohit’s single-handed struggle and hard work to set up the 5-star hotel against so many odds didn’t enter Akhil’s mind. His patience and perseverance had no place in the employee’s thoughts. His narrow mind could only perceive Rohit, as he was today, a billionaire who held 22% of the total shares of Simha International.
Adding insult to injury was Tasha’s reaction to him. She had been gently firm in her refusal to date Akhil. The bitch! His lips drooped downward. Big money went a long way to pave one’s path, it seemed.
Tasha went to stand beside the FOM, waiting for him to do the introductions.
“Rohit,” said Vignesh, “Meet Tasha Sawant, the latest addition to the Simha family,” he smiled before he turned towards Tasha, “And Tasha, meet Rohit Bansal, our managing director.” He didn’t notice the shocked look on Tasha’s face as she stared at Rohit.
Sherry brown eyes clashed with obsidian black ones and sparks flew! Her small hand was engulfed in what could be termed only as a huge ‘paw’. Tasha forgot to breathe as she felt herself being sucked into the black depths of his eyes from where she never wanted to escape.
The flash of his smile drew her attention to his sculpted lips—the thin upper one and a luscious lower one—and the incredible set of white teeth was a dentist’s dream. She drew a deep breath before whispering, “Hello.” She couldn’t help but notice the deep cleft in his square chin. Sexy!
Rohit read her lips rather than heard her greeting and met the lovely doe-like eyes with his obsidian gaze. He closed one eyelid in a wink and grinned at her, hoping to ease the situation that was fraught with sensuality.
Unaware of the undercurrents, Vignesh Kumar excused himself to go about his work.
Rohit smiled at Tasha. “Welcome to Simha International, Tasha.” His black eyes studied her boldly, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes peeping from her low-heeled shoes. She was tall and slender and oh so perfect! He had a tough time keeping his right hand from moving to her velvety cheek. The dusky gold of her skin seemed to invite his caress. He wanted to gather her in his arms and kiss her sensational lips into oblivion. He saw her breasts move agitatedly as she took deep breaths to calm herself.
Pink flooded Tasha’s face that appeared gorgeous to the fascinated man. “I don’t bite,” he declared, his expression devilishly mischievous. His black eyes danced and sparkled, lighting up the area.


Grab your copy @


About the author
Sundari Venkatraman is an indie author who has 16 titles to her name, all Top 100 Bestsellers on Amazon India, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Australia in both romance as well as Asian Drama categories. Her latest hot romances have all been on #1Bestseller slot in Amazon India for over a month.
Even as a kid, Sundari absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end. 
Soon, into her teens, Sundari switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine. Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years. 
Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! And Sundari Venkatraman has never looked back.

Click here to check out all the titles by the author…

Sundari Venkatraman is a member of the panel of the #PentoPublish #contest on #AmazonIndia #KDP
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Romantic Short Story – Bloody Passion

Title: Bloody Passion

Episode 1 of 5 part romantic short story series

Warning: The story contains adult content.

My Limousine cruised through the solitary roads of the outskirts. Tiny drizzles of rain kissed the tiny hair of my stubble as I rolled down the window panes. It always rained in Bangalore.
 Rain drops flickered in the yellow street lamps as my vehicle penetrated the darkness of the silent night. The silence of the night somewhat seemed sinister as if marking the arrival of a raging storm.
 “We’re home, Sir.” Ravi, my driver, the poor chap who had been on my service since morning finally exhaled a bitter sigh.
 “Thanks, Ravi.” I grabbed the handle of my briefcase and slowly pushed my drooping body out.
 I entered my dark and lonely house. Maya had gone to her trip, and I was yet again all alone with my loneliness.
 This loneliness had been my true companion all through the time. But, it betrayed me and disappeared in the moist air of the wet city when Jahnvi joined us in the office.
 I stripped down my stale clothes. My toes scrunched on the cold marble flooring of the bathroom. The glass-paneled bathroom with a tub in the corner was Maya’s fantasy. But her being away from home and from me, it had been my man cave for the past several months.
 Being a TV journalist, she was always on the go. And being one of the founding members of Zigma Softwares, I had unconsciously got myself involved in so many things, typically out of my domain, that I didn’t get any time for myself, let alone whiling away it with my wife.
 I should have worked only as the head of the Production Team but Rajveer’s insistence and my growing desires for Jahnvi forced me to join the two in the Quality Control Department as well. While Akash headed the entire company because he was the prime investor of Zigma Softwares and it was his venture primarily, I, Rajveer, and Jahnvi looked after the various other departments of one of the leading IT companies of India.
Romantic Short Story - Bloody Passion, My cell phone buzzed in the bedroom. It must be Maya. Although she kept herself quite busy, she never missed a chance to call me once in the night. There was nothing romantic had left between us but still, she cared about me ignorant of the fact that I had been cheating on her for the past several months. That I was sleeping with my…
 Wrapping a towel around my waist, I rushed out of the bathroom and picked up the buzzing cell phone from the bedside table. A place Maya had assigned me for dropping my belongings such as my wallet, car keys, my wristwatch, and of course my Blackberry.
 A thrill of lust ran through my veins. It felt like all my nerve endings had started dancing when I looked at the glimmering screen of my cell phone.
 “Hey, how are you?” I spoke into the receiver with an apparent sexy husk.
 “I’m so happy, Sal. At last, you did it. It’s time to celebrate. Are you coming or shall I come to your place?” Jahnvi beamed on the other side. Her seductive voice started working, giving me goosebumps everywhere. I felt my manhood respond.
 I didn’t know what the woman had got in herself. But, she was a seductress, a sex goddess. She knew how to tame a man and make him serve like a slave in bed. Something Maya could never achieve in our five-year-old marriage, but Jahnvi excelled in mere six months of our relationship. Even when I was with Maya, I felt drawn to Jahnvi like a moth was drawn to the flame.
 “Have you guys got the deal? I’m so happy. It’s going to change our lives. Have you told this to Akash?” I exclaimed with joy.
 A deafening pause on the other side was long enough for me to realize there was something not so right.
 “What happened, sweetheart? Tell me what’s wrong?”
 “Just switch on your television, Salil,” she hissed.
 “What has happened? Tell me… what’s the matter?” Sweat streaks ran across my forehead.
 I waited for her reply but before that, the call got disconnected.
 “Shit. There’s always some signal problem with this fucking network.” I gritted my teeth tossing the mobile on the bedspread.
 The next moment, I was searching for the TV remote on the wall bracket. After searching for a good fifteen minutes, I finally located it on the bedside stool.
 City billionaire and the owner of Zigma Softwares was found dead in his office room.
 Sky fell on me. It felt like the earth shook under my feet finally taking me into a whirlpool of anger, resentment, and self-pity.
 How could I become the pawn of her game? She took me for granted. She made me kill her husband. She made me kill Akash, my friend, my well-wisher.

To Be Continued…

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Book Review – Dancing Stars by Sujata Morab

Shridhar and Vijaya Shastri feel their children are not their own. Have they taken births to settle their past lives’ karmic debt or is this a forewarning of some future event?

Suryansh and Ameta are well settled in their lives, succeeding in their respective chosen path when suddenly they are extracted and shown a destiny so fantastic that they fall to the temptation. Whether this aberration of theirs will raise them to unbelievable heights or destroy them? Why do they agree to the outrageous scheme?

A product so ingenious and powerful that it can either elevate the lives of people to next level or it can destroy the balance of the world?

Why is Guruji, a man of God, taking so much interest in worldly matters? Is he harbouring a separate agenda of his own?

Lives of many are unknowingly entwined because of whims of one person.

Set in cities of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, their final destinies await the reluctant players.

About the Author

Sujata Morab


in CHIPLUN, India

twitter – @SujataMorab


Dancing Stars as the name suggests is all about revolving planets and their effects on human beings. The books deals with some of the very complex and contradictory issues of human psychology, the effect of stars on our lives, the theories of physics and astronomy, and life circumstances of different individuals on the planet earth.

It also touches the most contradictory aspects of conspiracy theory. It even touches the subject how humans are brainwashed and made slaves of the system.

The book is basically written as a short story collection with each story describing the life condition of one or few individuals. The stories are interconnected together.

Though all of the stories have a hidden message and leave an impact on the reader’s mind, the story named “Turning a New Leaf” touched my heart significantly. It shows how Ameta, a rich spoiled daughter of a  diamond merchant breaks the heart of a poor boy Amar. Amar who was least interested in Ameta couldn’t endure the pain and breaks down seeking refuge in drinking. The story shows how upbringing can impact the outlook of an individual, later in his or her life.

The book is written like a journal where each story seems like a journal entry and an easy read, however, at times, some of the stories are hard to follow and allow the user to take a break from reading.

The language is simple yet at certain places, the dialogues don’t flow very smoothly.

That being said, this was quite and engrossing read, and I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading crime thrillers with a generous sprinkle of mystery in it.

The book overall deserves no less than 4 stars because of its unique subject and originality. However, there’s room in the execution and presentation of the stories.

Click here for a closer look of Dancing Stars

Renegade is FREE Today. Grab It Before It’s Gone!!

RENEGADE – An Unfamiliar Love Story is available for FREE download for the next 24 hours. Grab it before it’s gone.

Just to mention RENEGADE is a 200 pages full-length contemporary romance novel that takes you back to your college life.

“The Ocean kept on changing its colors as day and night transformed into each other in the clear sky of the Mediterranean.

Rajeev acted like nothing had happened, but life had completely changed for me.

The house was calm. The TV was on, yet quite. Rajeev sat on the couch, flipping through the channels. I stood exactly at the highest point of stairs, looking down.

He hadn’t gone anywhere. Consistently, a similar schedule. He lay next to me on the bed each night, But i knew he never slept.
Both of us gazed into the obscurity, lost in the sullen silence. He hadn’t touched me, hadn’t attempted to touch me.

I was thankful. Composed.

Yet, I throbbed. I grieved the loss of his touch.

What had gone wrong with me?

He had broken me into two pieces- one part of me loved him, the other part hated him. ”

Only reading Renegade will connect the dots for you…

Who is Rajeev and why is Ruchika helpless in his charms?

Why is Rajeev acting so weird? Does he have a secret?

Will Rajeev and Ruchika finally overcome their state of discord?

How did Rajeev and Ruchika get into this mess in the first place?

There is only one way to find out….

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Portal Love – Episode 1

Year 2030,

ZETA Head Quarters,

San Lova, A Futuristic City, somewhere closer to the southern border of the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s gonna be fun trip… trust me.” Jay wobbled Harry’s shoulder sitting next to him in the conference room of ZETA.

“Fun, my foot. I’m getting married next week. Do you think Selena will ever agree on something like this?”

“Oh, come on, dude. Don’t be such a pussy. You know how to tackle her. And doesn’t she know what you do on the pretext of working as a travel writer?”

“What if we were asked to stay there longer?”

“Chill, bud… It won’t extend more than four days. Even I have a date next week with Jennifer. It’s been four weeks. And finally, when she said yes, I can’t miss the opportunity. You know.” Jay displayed a cocky smile as he rose from his chair.

“What are you saying, dude, I can’t believe you.” Harry’s eyes widened under his thick golden brows.

“You heard it right, bro.”

Unlike Harry who had been in a stable relationship with her childhood Sweetheart Selena for a long time, Jay had never taken things seriously. His relationships with women never lasted more than a week. Luring women into his bed was a game for him. He believed in several ongoing flings rather than sticking up with a single female.

“Congrats, but I’m jealous.”


“No, not at all when I’m truly in love with Selena, but I’m jealous that you can make any woman go crazy about you in a week’s time. Even a coveted one like Jennifer. And it took me two-and-a-half years to convince Selena for a date.”

“This is something that comes naturally to me.” A shitty grin surfaced on Jay’s thin pale lips.

“So, you think we’ll be back before the wedding.”

Jay grabbed Harry by the arm almost pulling him out of his chair and dragging him outside the conference hall. “Much before you say I Do.”

As senior teleporters for the ZETA (The Earth Space Exploration Program) Jay and Harry were always the first choice of the organization for any future exploration mission.

And this time as well when ZETA decided to explore the distant future, it requested its most trustworthy teleporters to sign their consents for the job.

To Be Continued….

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Copyrights©2017 Mariyam Hasnain