An Author Interview of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy author T.a. Moorman

Mystic creatures, Angels, Demons, Vampires, witches, shifters, and werewolves. Mythical settings, gothic backdrops, magic, mayhem, crazy love, hot lust, sizzling romance and everything in between. Yes. you’re right today I’m taking you the enchanted magical world of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Yes, today I’m featuring bestselling urban fantasy and paranormal romance author T.a Moorman on my blog.

Oh Gosh! I can’t believe this. For a long time, I’ve been thinking of learning the basics of penning down a paranormal romance novel. And when I got a chance to have a candid chitchat with multi-talented UF and PNR author T.a Moorman, I feel myself flying to the sky.

Multi-talented I say because Ms. Moorman is not only a versatile fiction author but an artist, a violinist, a seamstress, a crafter, a blogger, a reviewer, a dark confidant and a darkly dangerous, fiercely protective friend.

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It was a great pleasure to have such a talented author on my blog today. Now, I’m not going to talk more and take you right to the interview session.

Here what T.a Moorman says about PNR, writing, and why PNR is so popular among the younger generations….

Me: What are the key points that you keep in mind while outlining or mind mapping your PNR novel?

T.a: Keeping the picture in your minds eye at all times. I don’t outline, Underlayes is literally a world I go to in my mind to escape. So while writing about it, I do my best to describe it as I ‘see’ it.

Me: Tell us something about the Underlayes Series.

T.a: It has every mythical creature you can think of. And while all of the stories tie together in one way or another, they each can be read as standalones.

Me: What are the things that make the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres so popular among younger generations? Often we find that the MCs in the books are young adults.

T.a: Life starts confusing when you become a young adult. The magic of childhood is stripped away, and the real world is suddenly there. Hormones kick your butt so bad you barely know which thoughts are your own and which are just brought by mood swings. And more often than not you wish you had a different family or parents. Paranormal and fantasy gives you that escape. For just a little while you can live within a world where magic truly does exist, you can pretend that maybe you have some magic in you that just hasn’t come online yet. Or that you’ll find yourself a fated mate to some alpha male that will worship you and take care of you. The possibilities become endless.

Me: Wow! That sounds so me when I was a teenager 🙂

Me: What writing advice you want to give to budding PNR writers.

T.a: Write something you actually want to read. Don’t write something so far fetched that even you would never believe in it. If you can enjoy it, chances are so will others. If you hate it…

Me: How challenging it is for you to keep up with writing while managing work and home.

T.a: Almost impossible!! That’s why some of my books are so short! But, they are still full stories, promise. Let’s just say I rarely sleep.

And she signs off….

Wasn’t it wonderful. I seriously enjoyed talking with her. How about you? If you want to know more about T.a. Moorman, her musings, her current WIPs, you can always stalk her on following social media platforms.

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T.a Moorman

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