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The relationship between Russia and Ukraine witnessed a series of ups and downs with situations ranging from complex tensions and hostility to cooperation and mutual agreements. However, the terms were fairly cooperative under President’s Victor Yanukovych office from Feb 2010 to Feb 2014, after which the relations between 2 ethnic kins underwent a series of drastic events leading to massive destruction and mass desolation.

It is believed that the present day Ukraine crisis is an inflamed outcome of decade’s old conflict between the 2 countries that searched its roots back in the month of November of year 2013, when the pro-Russian president of Ukraine Mr. Victor Yanukovych rejected the integration agreement with EU and expressed his willingness to have closer ties with Russia. This resulted in an organized mass protest by Euromaidans who wanted Ukraine-Europe relations to be stronger for better cultural and economic reforms. They accused Yanukovych a corrupt autocrat and blamed him of obeying Russia’s orders and nothing but merely a puppet of Putin’s hands.

The peaceful protest turned violent when president Yanukovych deployed armed forces against the protestors. Euromaidan movement gained momentum culminating into February 2014 Ukraine revolution that resulted into the ousting of President Yankovych to Russia.

Following the removal of Yankovych, unrest developed in the eastern regions of Ukraine mainly in Donestk and Luhansk oblasts from where Yankovych gathered most of the support. Pro-Russian rebels took control of the Crimea resulting in Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula. Fighting started in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian forces and the pro-Russian insurgents demanding for autonomy of the Donbass region. The rebels lost most of the territory to the Ukrainian forces until the invasion of Russian military into the eastern region of the country backing pro-Russian insurgents against the Ukrainian forces. Proxy war that started between Russia backed rebels and Ukrainian armed troops destructed and devastated the entire Donbass region to the hilt leaving many civilians homeless, without food and even water. Many fled their houses to either Russia or to the western region of Ukraine because the unsuccessful implication of the shaky ceasefire that had been signed between the representatives of 2 countries in Belarus failed to stop the ongoing violent conflict and massive artillery use from both the sides confining civilians to live under the threats of constant shelling and bombardments of their residential areas and towns.

With the revival of the ceasefire agreement and with implication of new truce treaty, though least effective, Ukrainian troops retreated from the conflict zone, and the entire eastern Ukraine was considered to be under complete control of Pro-Russian separatists.

The most recent development in the Ukraine crisis is that the 2 important European allies of Ukrainian Government, France and Germany, have asked Mr. Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian president at present, to ensure partial self rule for the pro-Russian separatist east with efforts of bringing the ongoing conflict to its climax.


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