Ramatel's Vow

A Paranormal Romance – Ramatel’s Vow

Ramatel's Vow[yasr_overall_rating]

The book opens with Ramatel getting ready for a deadly combat with demons when a lightning struck behind him and a dainty girl emerged from it. She introduced herself as Clara and Ramatel was told that he has to take care of her.
Things started to steam up between the two. While Clara succumbed to her caretaker’s charms, Ramatel had to resist falling for his chinfon to abide by the rules and vows he had made to himself.
The book is hooking from the first chapter and Crofoot has succeeded in keeping the reader’s attention intact till the end.
The descriptions are vivid and not only the protagonists but all the characters are well fleshed out in this paranormal romance.
The two main characters of the book – angels – Ramatel and Clara both are likeable. Their chemistry was amazing. I loved the sweet romantic talks between the lead pair especially those on the rooftops.

“Do you really watch me undress?” He turned to look at her and she met his eyes.
“Yes,” she replied, although she felt herself blushing as she said it.
She arched her eyebrows and smiled. “Because I like what I see.”

Scene transitions are impeccable. While the love scenes are steamy and erotic the fight sequences are violent and deadly.

The plot is tightly woven and the story is fast paced, however the second half of the book did seem a bit of a drag to me especially the lengthy fight sequences between the angels, demons, and cronies. That said, the paranormal romance novella is a real page turner and an intriguing read with lots of passion, romance, tension, and excitement.

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