How to Become an Accomplished Article Writer

Article writers are in great demand. As fresh and unique content is necessary for blogs, websites, newsletters, and business e-mails, the Internet offers immense opportunities for the article writers.

If you have an ability to research and compose your ideas into crisp and readable articles, you can think of article writing. It’s a decent source of income generation. To become a successful article composer, you need to understand your market and figure out where your writing abilities fit well.

How to be an Author and Make Money

Professional Writers

These people are skilled and highly efficient. They write for newspapers, magazines, and various other sorts of formal publications.  Professional writers are required to have a high level of aptitude and knowledge, earning more than $0.10 per word. They possess skills – writing about a particular topic and have plenty of years of writing experience about a particular subject.

Web optimization Writers or SEO Writers

Web optimization authors are at the base of the quality food chain. Search engine optimization includes utilizing specific words in a site’s content to help the site rank better in the search engines for that keyword. This type of content generation is focused more on the search engine indexing as compared to readers’ engagement. These articles are frequently slapped together and are deficient in quality, may contain poor sentence structure, and are regularly composed by somebody whose first language is not English.

How to Become a Successful writer onlineArticle Writers

These are the folks who fall right in the center between professional writers and SEO writers. Better writers will request rates that are higher, while the individuals who are naïve and building up their abilities will earn comparatively less. Rates will fluctuate anywhere from around $0.02 to $0.10 per word depending upon the subject and the skill quotient of the writer.

How to Become a Successful Writer Online

In the event that you want to become an article composer you have to find your customers, then you can begin. These customers can be found on various sites where website administrators go to search for services, as well as various online forums. Some of the most prominent websites to discover article composing work are:


You can even check and if you’re quite new at writing and want to make some money as you hone your writing skills.

Once you have acquired the job, you are supposed to compose an article in light of the criteria set out by the customer. You should ensure the article is of high quality, unique, and free of any spelling and grammar mistakes. Obviously, each one of your articles must be your own write-up. Plagiarism or stealing someone else’s content is a criminal offense. Also, spinning someone else’s work will earn you bad reputations, so be original and honest. Complete your task, send it off to the customer, and get paid. As your skills and knowledge increase and as you become recognized your business will also increase.

Happy Writing!


How to Become an Accomplished Content Writer

Content creation is a decent approach to bring home a living. In any case, to do that you should be good at it. This article will give you a clear insight about content creating jobs from home.

A content creator gets the opportunity to enjoy working from home while in the meantime have new and intriguing ideas to create content on a regular basis. If the idea of becoming a successful content composer sounds interesting and something you perhaps want to do then read on.

How to Start a Writing Career with no Experience

Freelance writing jobs from home involve rigorously exercising your skill and expertise. Reading and writing on an everyday basis generally help, but what helps the most is research and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Following are the points that will help you focusing your energy on the key aspects of becoming a freelance content creator.

Search for spots where you can submit your work for publishing: There is a wide range of sites and portals where you can publish your work and get paid for the same. A few places pay you a sum of money for the work you do, others share a certain percentage of their earnings they make from your content. This simply implies the better your content, the more they earn, and the more you earn.

Three topmost freelance content writing sites where you can publish your work and generate a decent income are:

Content Writer Jobs from HomeBut before you try publishing on any user-generated content, revenue-sharing website or websites that pay the contributors for sharing their content, it’s better you do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the sites where you are trying to submit your work. Discover what they do with the content that is provided to them. Find out what type of content these sites host and check out the demographic details of the visitors checking out these sites.

Now, the next step is making your content search-engine friendly. A great content composer will concentrate on great keywords or catch phrases. He will invest the necessary time in examining the keywords and then produce ideas for his content that brings targeted traffic to the site.

The next thing that most of the content generators essentially do is keeping a tab on the deadlines. To become an accomplished content composer you need to keep yourself organized and aware of the due dates if you are working with customers. There are many places where you can discover customers, and the prerequisites of every customer are not the same.

A good content creator will provide error-free content. It has been found many times that when a person whose first language is not English uses words and phrases in the wrong context. Misused and misspelled words, repetitive phrases, wordiness, and incorrect grammar are some other issues. So ensure proper usage of English Language. Brush up your grammar and vocabulary, take up a crash course in English writing if required, get some self-editing tools and software like Grammarly or ProwritingAid to help you write correctly. You got the thought.

Content composition permits you to have a lot of flexibility about what you compose. It turns fascinating and remains like that over time. Compensation charges change depending on the quality of work, experience, topic, and customers. There are a number of sites where you can find customers, yet be cautious until you gained a recognition of a good content creator you perhaps need to work for significantly less. Be persistent – the compensation will grow as you gain experience transforming into a competent content composer over the period of time.

Disclaimer: The website addresses and the links in the post are for the readers’ convenience. I’m in no way endorsing neither the websites nor the hyperlinks.


5 Magic Ingredients That Will Help You Write Better

It’s a well-known fact that most writers procrastinate and ultimately give up even before penning a word down on the paper. In the event that you’re here going through this article, then you’re already there where you always wanted to be. Yes, you’re on the right road.

But you’ve chosen a tricky path. There will be numerous hurdles, diversions, bumps, and potholes leading to frustrations, dissatisfaction, and self-doubts. However, you have to push on if you want to become a better writer.

Let’s find out the 5 magic ingredients that will help you overcome the procrastination phase, beat the mental block, and make you sit and write – No matter what!!

Elements of a Good Book or Any Other Sort of Write-up

The magic ingredient equation looks something like this:

Passion + Clarity + Good Content + Easy to Read + Good Grammar = A Great Piece of Writing

Now, let’s discuss the efforts you need to put in to get all the magic ingredients at just the right places.

Join Groups: There are tons of extraordinary writing groups available on the internet, join them. One such awesome community is Goodreads. You can also look out for local writing communities and clubs that function in or near your place of stay.  Keep in mind that not every group is for everyone. Prioritize your needs, check out several, and then sign up for those that you think are right for you.

Inculcate the Habit of Reading: If you want to write – read as much as you can. If you’re not much into reading, start reading now. There’s no shortcut. The more you read the better writer you would be.

Physical Ingredients: Decide whether you want to use pen or paper or a computer. Keep a notebook or diary with you and note down every single thought in the form of short notes. This will help you in outlining your article or book even before you actually sit and start.

Keep the Momentum Building: Write regularly, on an everyday basis. If you’re not sure what topic you should choose, first find out your niche, for instance, fashion, cookery, or even politics. Find out what interests you most, what you feel strongly about. If you still find it difficult, there are huge numbers of writing courses available online. It’s better you check the authenticity of the course before joining any.

Get Feedback: The only way to become a better author is to have a critical assessment of your work. Hone your skills by getting feedbacks. There are several article directories and article banks where you can submit your work. Though they don’t pay you for that but you’ll get some awesome feedback from them. This will also help you in focusing on your weak areas. One such article bank is

Publish Your Work: Publishing articles on the article directories like gives you more than practice. It gives you credibility in your chosen niche and helps you networking with your potential readers. You can even have your own blog where you can regularly post your articles, short stories, chapters of a novel, or poems. You can even try communities like Wattpad to reach more and more readers.

There you have it – You know how to write now and become a better writer. So, what are you waiting for?

How to solve the biggest problems with trust

Love and trust always go hand in hand. If you love a person you must trust a person. Then, what is the major cause of trust issues? If a person who is in a relationship thinks that his or her partner is continuously sneaking around or keeping secrets or maybe has even been discovered being unfaithful, this can harm the trust in a relationship.

Many times in magazines or in groups, we read or hear someone say I have trust issues with my boyfriend or girlfriend. But, do we exactly know how to deal with trust issues and insecurity, especially if your partner has cheated on you. Well, the question is so easy to be asked, the answer is quite complicated.

Trusting each other can be the strongest reason for a healthy and loving bond between individuals. If at any stage of your relationship that trust is broken, not only it leaves the one partner feeling betrayed, heartbroken, and disappointed, the other partner also feels utterly terrible and guilty.

These signs of trust issues and negative feelings can prompt to different problems inside the relationship, including lack of communication and a deep feeling of insecurity.

Building a relationship and acquiring someone’s trust and respect require a significant amount of time, particularly after finding your partner involved in an alleged out of the relationship affair or hiding a lie from you. No one but you can know whether you find yourself strong enough to pardon a major rupture in trust.

In the event that you do choose to forgive your partner and think of rebuilding the relationship, you should know that you’re not going to toss the rudeness back onto the face of your partner at every single chance. Once you’ve decided you’re forgiving your partner for his or her mistake, you should be very attentive about your actions. This shouldn’t be the case that you’re going to hurt them by reminding them of the past and sarcastically taunting them about their mistakes. These gestures of yours can further aggravate the problems instead of building the lost bond.

Repairing the Rift – How to Overcome Trust Issues After Being Cheated on

how to stop being insecure in a relationshipIn the event that the trust in your relationship has been broken down, attempting to stick to your boyfriend or girlfriend or not letting them out of your sight is not going to improve things. You’ll perhaps end up strangulating the other individual and making them feel choked. Your own insecurities and fears make the issue even more problematic leading to a lack of trust. This is a fatal situation, spiraling into a vicious cycle. It’s like you’ve broken my trust – now suffer or you’ve broken my trust now I’ll break yours. Your tit for tat strategy is not going to work when it comes to rebuilding the lost trust and flourishing the love bond once again in your relationship.

Holding resentment and reminding your accomplice about their conduct routinely is likewise a sign that you’re not willing to excuse and move forward. Your partner may start to feel just as it’s very hard in case you’re not willing to take a shot at more positive approaches to get past an awful situation.

Positive talks and emotional support are essential when you’re attempting to patch-up. To some extent, assume the best about your partner. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a benefit of doubt. If he or she is really sorry about the behavior and appears to be sincerely remorseful about it, then quite possibly it was a mistake and won’t be committed again.

Besides these, there are circumstances where perhaps it’s not quite possible to rebuild the trust. If such is the case, it’s better you decide whether you want to be in the relationship or not. At the end, only you can decide if you’re ready to forgive a breach of trust or walk out of the relationship.


Goa – How to Have a Fun-Filled Romantic Holiday on the Beach

A couple of years ago we were in Goa. That was the first time when I was so close to the ocean. I got to spend a lot of time with the beautiful and alluring Arabian Sea, gazing at it sitting on the shore.

I enjoyed each and every moment of my time spent there. It’s such a beautiful and romantic place, and I think every couple should visit the sea city once in a lifetime.

There’s something so peculiar about the rustic towns and villages of the state. The Konkani culture, the flavor bursting coastal cuisine, tourists flooded bright and charming streets, roadside restaurants serving all kinds of mouthwatering delicacies, both Indian and continental are the main Goa tourist attractions that shouldn’t be missed, not if you’re living in or visiting India.

So, guys if you love traveling and exploring the new culture, food, and lifestyle, I bet you won’t regret. In fact, you would be amazed seeing people drunk with the sheer spirit of fun and loads and loads of it. It’s in the air.

Goa – Lover’s Paradise, the Best Holiday Destination

Though the union territory is a hub spot of all sorts of fun activities and a romantic holiday destination for tourists from across the world, if you’re visiting the place for the first time, you need to do your homework and check for hotels in Goa. There is quite a lot of information available on the Internet. You can browse through any Goa travel guide.  You can even google – Goa tourist places or Goa trip package or something like Goa sightseeing or Goa tourism hotels for more information about lodging and boarding.

It’s better you plan your holidays in advance and keep things easy. It’s good if you make a hotel reservation in advance if you’re planning a trip during the peak season, i.e., somewhere from November to January. There are many affordable and luxurious resorts in Goa. You can check their packages and deals and any complimentary offers like breakfast in bed or ferry tour before making any reservations.

Goa hotelsGoa tourism industry has seen a tremendous boom in the recent years because the city serves as an affordable yet luxurious holiday destination for backpackers, honeymoon couples, families, and folks looking for some water sports.

The climate of the sea city is a year-round temperate climate, and days get really hot during summer months of April and May, so better you plan accordingly and pack your baggage depending on the season.

Since the state is known for its picturesque white sand beaches, the best thing to do once you’re in the coastal city is to spend as much time as you can near the ocean, soaking in the sun.

In my opinion, the best month to visit the romantic hot spot is December when there’s a little chill in the sea breeze. The two benefits of visiting the city in December is that you can leisurely spend plenty of time on the beach without getting sunburned plus you can be a part of the festive activities of Christmas and New Year that bustle every year during the months of December and January.

I visited the tiny town of Varca during the month of December, just after Christmas. We celebrated New Year there. Though it’s a different thing that instead of partying hard all night, we preferred to go for a candlelit dinner.

A few memories of my days spent in the tiny coastal state of India are still fresh in my mind, especially those I spent along the coast. And, now since I’ve started writing a blog, there wouldn’t be any better place to share those cherished reminiscences with my friends. So, here goes the poem that really makes me nostalgic about my visit to lover’s paradise.

The sun is going down. The sea is shimmering brown

If there’s any light – Your eyes shine so bright.

The depth of the ocean is great. The waves try to communicate.

If there’s any sound – Your heartbeat profound.

I hear it amidst the murmuring, collapsing waves

The dancing waves, the singing waves.

I hear it amidst the chirps of the birds and insects

The chattering sparrows and the serenading crickets

Soon, The wind blows hard and the sky turns red

But, I stand still on the wet sand bed

The trees kiss each other. The moonlight spreads its milky glow

Oh! dear wind please blow slow

For I want to freeze the moments in my eyes as the sea’s song is sung,

A salty taste lingers on my tongue as my day at the sea is done

But, with you baby – I’m still undone.



Hope you like what you read. If you do, please Leave a reply. I love to hear from you. 🙂

Love Tips for Girls and Boys – How to Overcome Insecurity and Weakness

Winning Over the Insecurity – Tips for Love Relationship

Insecurity can be detrimental to any relationship, no matter how healthy and loving bond you share. Moreover, it can turn disastrous if expressed in a wrong way.

A great number of people on the earth have sentiments of weakness and insecurities about some aspects of their lives; however, they regularly don’t permit it to crush loving bonds and relationships.

But in some cases, there are folks who think a little too much about these things and can put a strain on even the best of partnerships. If you think you’re the one, some simple love tips for girls and boys can help you unburden the load you’re unknowingly putting on your relationship.

All you need to do is to follow the best advice on love to rekindle the lost passion and bring back the old charm and enthusiasm in your romantic affair.

Love and Relationship Advice for Women and Men

Insecurities attack your brain in the form of various mental conflicts. The first and foremost of these conflicts are about your look and appearance. You often think you aren’t good looking or pretty enough for your partner. You tend to reflect this inner conflict through your body language and behavior. You appear irritable, unapproachable, shy, or hesitant around your loved one.

Love tips for girlsIf you tend to often exhibit this kind of behavior, there’s a huge likelihood that your boyfriend perhaps believes you’re repeatedly asking for compliments, needing him to reassure you all the time that you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are. A few men think about this as an indication of weakness and lack of self-confidence, which many times compel them to step out of your life as nobody wants to be with a person who constantly needs praising.

Another harmful part of feeling insecure is that it compels you to believe that your significant other is doing something useless or unimportant or whiling his time away with other women, especially, if he’s not with you. Your mind paints clear pictures of him seeing other ladies the minute he’s out of your sight. This happens because in some corner of your heart you think you’re not good enough for him.

When you go up against him about these envisioned instabilities, he’s stunned and insulted in light of the fact that he thought things were going so well. All he hears is that you doubt who he was with, what he was doing and demanding clarifications for things he hasn’t done wrong.

This form of mental conflict triggers a feeling of insecurity that has the potential of breaking even the most loving and strongest bond the two individuals share on earth.

Lack of Romance in a Relationship – How to Rekindle the Fire by Mending the Rift

In all likelihood, your accomplice would have been attracted to you since you appeared like a fun, cheerful, free individual. When you start to change and attempt to stick to him or her with an end goal to ensure they’re not going to abandon you, this can frequently enough to make them feel different about you.

The number one greatest thing you can do to settle a crack brought on by your insecure feelings is to invest some time building your self-confidence and your self-esteem on your own. It’s not your lover’s business to make you feel happy about the way you look, act, or dress. It’s not your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s job to make you feel good.

Those are your duties alone and only you’ve got the courage and resolve to give yourself consent to be happy and satisfied with the person you exactly are.

Your partner wanted to be with you because he or she was attracted to your looks, to the person you are, to your personality. If you let your mental conflicts dominate the thinking abilities and emotions of your brain, you’ll be surprised by the disastrous outcome. You’ll be amazed by your own transformation from a fun loving happy person to a weak, nagging, irritable mess. You won’t be the same person anymore, the person with whom your partner fell in love with.

What is Online Dating

Internet Dating Finding Love Online

The very idea of web dating frightens a few people. While some of the folks look at it as a potential danger, others think that a person who can’t get a date elsewhere would ultimately end up looking for partners online. But, there’s a lot more behind these superficial assumptions and myths that perhaps scare any individual to seek partners online.

Today, since individuals are finding reality: these presumptions are false and can shield you from discovering affection and profound fellowship on the web. As web dating turns out to be phenomenally famous, it’s getting quite difficult for people to maintain a distance from it, regardless whether they trust the concept of finding love online or simply want to explore the truth.

What is Online DatingDiscover the Truth

If you don’t know much about seeking partners online because it has scared you a lot in the past and you didn’t find it trustworthy, the truth is that you’re not the only one on this planet.  However, if you’ve no success finding a dating partner through traditional ways, you can rethink your decision to avoid dating on the web.

Before you confer yourself to any one decision, it is better you assess the assumptions you have about dating on the Internet. If you think that web dating is unsafe, dispassionate, or just for the socially uncouth, examine these thoughts to figure out if they are actually true or mere speculations.

Converse with People

The most ideal approach to discover reality about web dating is to ask individuals who have attempted it. No doubt, you know more than one individual who has set up a profile on a web dating web page and spoke with a few people that way. You perhaps even know somebody who met a dating partner or even a life partner on the web. These are the individuals you’ll need to converse with.

It’s better and highly recommended that you get to talk to more than one or in fact quite a number of people and gather their opinion about web dating. This will not only help you debunking the myths associated with it but will also help in making your own decision.

One great or terrible experience can perhaps overshadow your perspective of web dating in a way that isn’t precise. You need to get a clear and concise view which is only possible when you talk to a number of people who’ve tried finding partners on the web.

Do Your Research

There’s nothing like getting viewpoints of people who are experienced but it’s always good that you do your own research as well. There are some extraordinary articles on the Internet, and books that can be particularly useful. Ensure that the data you collect should come from a balanced outlook, and that it relates to the particular kind of web dating you’re currently looking at.

Take a Bold Decision

Once you have studied and collected all the general and basic information, it’s decision time. Make your own decision and stand firmly on it. At last, it doesn’t make any difference what others think about your choice as far as you are content with it.

In the scenario that you zero in on online dating and explore the options available including online dating sites and matchmaking web portals as well as famous dating apps like Tinder and OKcupid, there’s a high likelihood you can meet your special someone on the web.

Investigate and assess Internet Dating pros and cons irrespective of what your friends and family members perhaps think. You may need to endure a few comments here and there, but people who question your decision will reconsider their opinions after they see you finding love online.


Lovers and Friends – How to Compliment a Girl You like

I’m writing this article for Lovers and Friends or more aptly for friends, especially males, who are looking for a companion or partner in their female friends.

If you feel a close connection with a girl and looking her more than just a friend then, there is a high possibility that you two perhaps get cozy in the due course of your friendship.

But, before straightening your tie and brushing your hair and taking long-legged strides towards your special someone, it’s better you judge the situation.

By judging the situation I mean you better understand whether your female friend has similar intentions like you or she is just playing with you.

So, the first step in the rule of dating is judging the situations, and if it goes in your favor, you can deemed yourself fit for taking the second step.

And, the second step is winning a woman’s heart. The best way to do this is by complimenting your crush. Well…that sounds easy, but the key lies in how effectively you utilize your articulating skills in praising a young lady you’re looking to date with.

Today, I’m telling you some of the most trusted yet subtle statements that you can use to compliment a girl – Subtle in the sense that it won’t lead you to any kind of embarrassing situations and yet you can leave an everlasting impression on a girl’s mind.

So, here is the list of some of the compliments that women can’t resist, and perhaps love to hear again and again.

Lovers and friends“You’re funny” – Telling your sweetheart you find her entertaining is generally best expressed by simply chuckling at her jokes (or reacting with the cry-giggle emoji to her funny messages), however can be strengthened once in a while by telling her real words (“you’re simply hilarious,” “you make me laugh” or “you have such a great sense of humor” etc).

“You’ve got beautiful eyes/lips/hair” – Women love to be adored and praised. Letting a girl know that she’s beautiful always makes her blush, so why not go a step ahead. Compliment her about her specific features, such as, hair, lips, eyes, or teeth.

This makes her think that you’re paying close attention to her, although try not to focus on weird areas like feet or ears. Also, avoid complimenting on sexual body parts (bosom and bottom) in the beginning. This you can try in the advanced stages of dating when you completely know that the woman is into you.

“You’re good at what you do” – Try to figure out what your crush is good at. It could be her organization skills, planning skills, punctuality, talkativeness, learning abilities. Even if she is a cleanliness freak don’t waste a single chance in praising her.

“You really make a good friend” – This is something every girl wants to listen without getting offended. So, this statement is the safest yet most touching compliment that you can ever make to a girl. You can touch your girl’s heart by simply telling her that she is trustworthy and you really cherish her friendship.

“You look great today” – If you observe that your girl is all dressed up and looking nice or hotter than ever before, don’t hesitate in telling her.  But instead of bluntly saying that you look hot or you look sexy try to communicate your feeling in a subtle and sophisticated way. You can say something like – You look great today or you look nice or this color (color of her dress) suits you like anything.

“You’re the one I really like spending time with” – The best way to make an everlasting How to compliment a girl you likeimpression on a girl’s heart and mind is to telling her the truth. So, If you like her company be bold and let her know. You can say something like – You’re my favorite person with whom I would love to spend my time or I like your company.

At the end, all I want to say that women like bold and confident men. Compliments are the best way to approach any woman confidently. Try subtle statements and confine your compliments to her skills and abilities at first and avoid complimenting about her looks and appeal. You can anyways make bold statements later, once you are quite sure that she’s truly into you.

Happy Dating!!


‘The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’

 So, I am talking about the dilemma hovering over the gun control issue of America.

Statistical data shows that only during the year 2015 the US has witnessed no less than 370 mass shootings incident, in which about 500 people lost their lives. So, is the US Government responsible for not taking appropriate action to tackle the issue of gun control or is it something that is not under the control of the US Administration and Law Enforcement agencies, first hand.

Now, here it is worthy to know that in America every citizen has a freedom of keeping firearms, and there are approximately 300 million guns in the US, one gun for every man, woman, and child. Many gun owners advocate that they keep firearms as they feel safe. Now, the question that strikes to everyone’s mind is what exactly is US afraid of?

And the answer is – the tragic mass shooting incidents that have shaken up the American soil over the past few years. The possession of lethal arms has increased many folds in the aftermath of these mishaps. These tragic incidents that claimed the lives of near and dear ones have forced many Americans to possess firearms, so that they can protect themselves and their families from the goons and miscreants responsible for creating havoc in their lives.

Though Americans feel safer by possessing firearms, the reality is far away from what exactly the assumptions are. Studies have suggested that people are actually less safe when they have arms as compared to when they don’t. Reason – Because now people are at greater risk of suicides, homicides, domestic violence. Studies have also shown rise in the cases of violence against the police and the law enforcement workers in the US of late, all because of the legal possession of guns by the US citizens.

So, what’s the solution that can keep a check on the possession of lethal arms? Well…this is an easier question to ask the tougher to answer. According to the Executive Director of Texas Gun Sense – an organization pushing for stricter gun control, Ms. Andrea Brauer, a collective momentum should be built by the gun control organizations, the US Government, and the citizens of the states to put pressure on the NRA to change its policies.

But that’s not gonna likely happen in US, under Trump administration. President Trump has taken an aggressive approach in taking immediate action on the pledges he made to the Americans during his election campaign. After taking aggressive stance on immigration process and visa norms, the next drastic action from him could be the reinforcement of the fact that law abiding Americans have the right to carry guns for personal protection, hunting, and for sports. This repeals former President’s Obama’s actions that compromised American rights to legally possess and bear arms and strengthens the NRA’s idealogy of ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’