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Isn’t it interesting? If you want to know who I am, don’t stop and read through…

Born and brought up in a traditional Indian family, I always dreamt the world where all my wishes come true. I created that imaginary world in my dreams, sometimes putting those emotions onto paper unaware that this will become my outlet one day. Being an introvert, I never talked much, so writing came as a medium of self-expression.

I don’t know whether it’s a myth or fact, but I do know that my logical brain often dominates over my creative brain. That’s when I tend to become a pessimist and think all the things that keep me entangled to the roots of self-loathing and self-doubt.

There were times when I always thought about constraints before trying my hands on anything. I wrote only for fun, just scribbled with words here and there during my girlhood days but never considered it as a full-time occupation.

I majored in Life Sciences and worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for six long years before ultimately settling down as a homemaker and a full-time mother. Till that time, I wasn’t aware of my self-worth, not realizing what I’m good at. Months and years passed by and I just whaled away time in watching soap operas and reality TV only to realize how much time I’d wasted in doing things that gave me nothing in return.

I had a happy and fulfilling life, but I always wanted to explore my writing skills. My family became my ultimate strength in helping me transform myself from a negative person to a strong woman determined to achieve her dreams.

When I Wrote For the First Time

I always loved to read and write but when I wrote for the first time, I had to struggle hard to overcome the writer’s block. I still remember how I sat with a notebook and a pen in my hand for several minutes even for hours. And then, I wrote the first word, the first sentence, and a page full of 300 words.

My first proper write-up was my bio. After that, I never stopped and continuously challenged myself to write about things and issues hidden within the tiny cells of my heart. I wrote my heart and soul out. I wrote everything from self-help articles to product and book reviews and contributed to websites and blogs during my first few years of writing. I even went a step ahead and earned the title of Ezinearticles.com certified Platinum Level Expert Author.

Not only this, I inculcated the habit of making myself aware of the outside world, far away from my dream world. I took interest in international news and world affairs and then challenged myself to pen down stories around each of the major global events of the present day world.

Still the Love Blooms, mariyamhasnain.com, About me, Romance

Still the Love Blooms is the first product of my imagination build on facts and current affairs. The book explores the intricacies of modern-age romance in its 12 fictional love shorts set against the backdrop of some of the major world events of our times. This book is a true mash-up of fiction and nonfiction with stories from US, Europe, Asia, African, and Gulf. Still the Love Blooms is an entertaining read with each recent world event depicted in the form of fictional love short.

Love Me Baby, About Me, MariyamHasnain.com, happiness

My second book Love me Baby, is a light-hearted romantic short story that will make you feel mushy and romantic. The love short explores the lives of three individuals – hot and handsome single dad Alan, his sexy model girlfriend Pixie, and his young and beautiful assistant Lily. It’s a triangular love story, one man and two women. This short and quick fun read is ideal for lunch break readers and travelers. Though the love book is for New Adult Romance Readers, people from any age group will find it entertaining. Last but not the least, this book is a clean, wholesome romance book, so even young readers can read this.

Camouflage - lost and found, mariyamhasnain.com, About me


Camouflage-Lost and Found is a story of Mark Statler, Bangkok-based author, who feels drawn towards a young Thai girl who is his neighbor. Life perfect to Mark overnight transforms into a maze full of twists and turns when Mark starts getting suspicious calls from an unknown caller who knows so much about him. Things get even murkier when Mark finds out that Sheina has another man in his life. He feels heartbroken yet determined to solve the mystery of his life and finding the true purpose of his existence.

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